Assassin's Creed III


I like this game because all of the games made before this has not have features like this such as the rear of the horse, a lot of weapons that we can carry, although this game has the fastest parkour and free run is amazing, we control two protagonists such as Haytham and then Conner, and the story line of the game in very good. I think Conner is the best assassin after Ezio auditore, because all the assassins creed games have mature assassins but this game has a young assassin "Conner". I believe that Conner did not used his mind a lot because he killed charles lee, haytham kenway, his friend etc. But best game of the series.Enjoy!

Assassin's Creed III certainly has some problems with pacing, and its main character is not as charming as Ezio, but Assassin's Creed's setting is a thrill to explore, its combat was the best in the series up to that point, and there were tons of excellent new features, including ship combat and other side missions in the frontier. Assassin's Creed III isn't perfect, but it was innovative and a lot of fun. That's a lot more than what we can say about an Assassin's Creed game in a long time.

Best game in my opinion, I feel that combat in this game is superior to it's predecessors and successors (unity's was bland and repetitive). The story line was amazing (plus I'm British and I wasn't upset about killing ted coats but I did prefer fighting colonials :D) also I like that it included the naval combat whilst not being the main focus of the game (black flag grew tiresome with it naval theme). One of my favorite elements was the homestead, I liked the idea of building your own "village" from the ground up unlike AC 2 where you inherit a pre existing one but upgrade it over time. Another thing was the bayoneted muskets, one of my all time favorite weapons (which to my horror was left out of ac unity). Another thing I enjoyed was the way to make money, I found trading things from tea and furniture to weapons a nice addition. Thus I would place this game as the greatest assassins creed of all time.

This is the best game of the year hands down
Nothing comes close it would be 5 years in a row

I loved this game which is an unpopular opinion. The landscape felt very real, and the mechanics were spot on. I did like the full on battlefields that this game had to offer. But the only downfall is that the characters (besides connor) had no personality. I didn't tear up like I did in ac2 when someone died. The only character I felt bad for was davenport. Probably because of the digging scene

Here are the facts:
- This game has more features than any previous Assassin's Creed game
- It's had, tied with the first Assassin's Creed, the longest development
- Tied with Assassin's Creed II, longest storyline

Many say that this game is really bad but I think that it is pretty good. Naval exploration is introduced for the first time in the series. Well it is set in American soil which is a plus point. There are some important personalities like Ben Franklin and George Washington. It is a bit lengthy. Overall it is a great game. Should be higher than brotherhood.

This game is the least assassin game of all Assassins Creed games but that's what makes it best. There is so much diversity. One moment you are hunting in the forest, next you are the captain of the ship. Its big and epic. There are some flaws: few glitches, performance issues (pc), but the good eclipse the bad. I enjoyed it most of the time, the only thing they could've add is more targets. Everything else is good. 9/10

I enjoyed the fact that there were more weapons to choose from like the first few, unlike black flag and rogue. I also loved the brand new fighting and playing style. Amazing storyline but the bow and gun was hard to use and the you couldn't use the ship ( which was so much fun) after all the naval missions

Desmond I'm happy your dead. I hated the present day storyline. All of the sections that you play as Desmond in the first 5 games were extremely annoying. Assassins Creed would be better without aliens or any present day story. I thought AC3 was actually a pretty good game. The combat is extremely fun and the setting was good. The game took way to long to actually get started though. The story is pretty good and I liked Connor as a protagonist.

This is a great game with by far the best combat system in the series, the best visuals, and it was one of the most enjoyable times I have ever had playing a game. The ship levels were also amazing, which they are improving on in the next game, but they still did a great job with that.

Assassins creed brotherhood was the game that started the side campaigns such as the templar agents missions helping the the mercenary theives and courtesans and also included the fast travel tunnels in the city while keeping the assassination contracts open, The game also gave us the chance to try out crossbows and poison darts, while keeping us interested with the the Vinci missions as we'll.

The reason why I think this is the best it's because of the introduction to the naval warfare and new gameplay and fighting style also the fact that it's set in the american revolution. This doesn't not mean the other games are bad.

A lot of people hate on Connor because he was arrogant and made mistakes. That is why I love him. He is a more realistic character who doesn't always choose the right course of action. Plus he had a lot of new weapons and other stuff

This is the #1 game I want. I also want the hardened edition for black ops 2. But did you even see the trailer? It looks awesome! This is #1, #2 Assassins Creed, #3 Assassins Creed Brotherhood. - Alpha101

I loved Assassins's creed 2 but assassins creed 3 really evolved the series and added more features and even though there are a lot of bugs, the gameplay overshadows it.Now back to conor

Good starting, Good ending and whats more, it is the the best Assassin Game I've ever played till now. I recommend others to play this game too. It's the best!

This should be first it is 1000 times better than brotherhood and 2 this you can climb trees duel wield better gameplay. Can't wait to get it on thursday yeah

Wow this at least deserves above revelations right? I really liked the game, it was very fluid and fun to play, even if a little buggy. If not my #1 then at least a close second too assassins creed 2.

This game is a perfect example of an underrated game unlike Pokemon gen 4. The difference is that in gen 4 people say they hate it but only few do. But ac3 only few people like it. In my opinion (which is fact to me) this game had the best everything and if you don't agree then you are wrong because this the Internet, and opinions aren't allowed.

Best storyline. Best controls. Plus, you really got to know the side characters. Which I appreciated. The Homestead missions were underrated.

Nice Graphics and nice combat and nice characters and nice story

AC3 was the potential that never happened. Much like AC1 this game only scratched the surface of what it should have been. Instead of being the incredible, perfected assassin game with perfected fluid movement, combat, and story, AC3 is glitched and unfinished to the point it's embarrassing. Developers went absolutely bonkers on frivolous side missions that have little to no bearing on the story. These missions ate untold amounts of developer time and effort as well as disc space that should have been dedicated to improving gameplay, speeding load times, writing a decent story, developing a character, fixing the ridiculous amounts of graphics glitches, and maybe creating a game where my skilled assassin can actually navigate the city without touching the ground (isn't that essentially the over-simplified "wow factor" of the AC games? )

Bottom line. Ubisoft nailed AC2 and Ezio. Why couldn't they bring their better engine to all the great things they did in Ezio's 3 games? I am ...more

Epic game with the best parkour (maybe better than Black Flag) Characters are cool and I like the time period. Black Flag is not assassin based. it's based on pirates

Offers an incredible environment and takes what was done right in previous installations whilst creating some and memorable experiences for players.