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1 Ezio Ezio

Ezio is amazing because he is super stealthy, he brought back the trend of twin hidden blades, he has years of experience with the first ever hidden pistol, (Altair created it but only used it for a short time after creating the first model, while ezio used it almost through this assassin career), he can easily take out 30 guards all by himself (game mechanic but still good to think about in terms of his abilities), and ezio is also my favourite character of assassin his story is tragic but he can still keep a hold of his charm throughout his life, and only a few days before his death he still manages to help fight a gang of Templars in his home with the help of the Chinese assassin (now featured in assassins creed chronicles) while at roughly the same age as Altair and still doing that while Altair at the age of 90 could only fight using the apple of Eden, definitely the best assassin ever

TWIN HIDDEN BLADES ARE AMAZING! And then they took em away. I also like double pistol in Black Flag. - P-Bro-N-J

Ezio downright, is the best assassin of all time. He is deadliest, most stealthy, and quietest assassin ever. Unlike connor, ezio actually gets his work done in right way. He does everything simple, not like connor who wastes time doing stuff his way which is fighting out in the open rather than being discrete and blending with the crowd. Ezio without doubt is far better than any other assassin including connor.

Ezio is by far the best he has the most emotional impact on me because he just has the saddest backstory. He's is also the most humble. He never denied help when he needed it like most other proud assassins, but I'm not shaming Altier I just think that in order to be great you need to have the ability to know when help is needed. Real strength is not being able to kill a ton of Templars by yourself but receiving help from others and that may not make much sense but it kinda dose in a way. I mean going into danger without a second thought may be courageous to some people but to me it is just plain selfish, there are people that would care if you had been killed, and I think Ezio REALLY understood that. Plus he just awesome

O ezio gamamei re papares

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2 Edward Kenway Edward Kenway

Edward is fully deserving of second place. While he is not as stealthy as Ezio, and certainly conforms least to the morals of the creed, we must remember that actions speak louder than words. The most accurate way to measure an Assasin's worth is by his actions, and for this, Edward would normally come in first as 'best assassin ever'. Edward single handedly killed a master assassin with no former training, and assumed the identity of said assassin. When the time came to maintain his cover as an assassin, he was able to demonstrate skill as a member of the creed with no former training knowledge, or practice with such skills. After infiltrating Governor Loreanno Torres' estate, a feat no other assassin had ever succeeded in doing, he then escaped capture, single handedly took over a ship, destroyed Torres' treasure fleet, collected a crew, instrumentally freed Nassau from British rule, assassinated Lawrence Prinsa slaver the assassins were trying to kill for years, killed Templar ...more

Edward Kenway was a very interesting character. He started with having no regard for anyone, he just wanted to make money, which is a very interesting take on an individual in assassin's creed, but later on in the game, you see change in Edward as he shows remorse and sympathy and becomes a loving father. Furthermore, he is confident and daring and is quite the bad-ass since he has no fears. Also, he has a huge variety of skills; he has the coolest looking counters, when two guards attack edward at once, Edward finishes them off in style, he also is a captain of one of the most feared ships in the Caribbean seas, he also carries 4 guns, 2 swords, 2 hidden blades, sleeping darts, bezerk darts, etc. He can also swim away from sharks, dive, defeat many powerful people, which includes a sage. Also, not to mention the fact that he wasn't ever racist to his buddy on the Jackdaw and that he developed his skills with no mentoring, which is remarkable since his moves are most impressive. He is ...more

I hate that whiny Indian so much. Edward is so much better. He can climb tree's too and I like his character. He has duel wielding swords and he's a pirate. Can't get much better than that. - DunnaNunnaBatman

Actions speak louder than words, perfect description for Edward.

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3 Altair

Altair is clearly the best assassin of all time. Just look at what he has done. He achieved the master assassin rank 25, which is the youngest age that an assassin has ever gained that title. He brought the order out of corruption, not once, not twice, but three times. He is the reason that the assassins went around the world starting bureaus, so that they are not vulnerable to attack and so that they could spread the ways of their order. He created the codex, came up with new technology, and is the only person to understand the apple of eden as well as he did. He is the renowned father of the order and is a total badass assassin. I am not dissing on Ezio here, but you just can't go up against Altair's skill, wisdom, and legacy. He has clearly affected the order the most in a good way. Altair is the model for all assassins everywhere. Altair was active during the crusades! Thousands of years later, he is still looked upon by everyone as the greatest assassin there ever was. Don't ...more

Altair is a wise guy to me he questioned his master and even demanded answers from him when he could have killed him so he's pretty bold too and the fact that he killed 10 people in his journey for his rank and redeem in the brotherhood (by the way I said 10 and the people who played it know what I mean if anyone haven't played it I'm not gonna spoil it)

Listen Ezio, I played all these guys and its easiest to play with him. He is obvious for #1 but hear me out this guy ALTAIR SPARKED IT ALL! Come on I mean he is the smartest easy way of getting past the group he is deserving of tieing with Edward why, Because he had something called eagle vision and although they all had it he definitely can use it the best. Edward is a cheap tactic user he will get the job done but not better than the former, or Ezio. These two are the best and if Altair isn't the best he certainly is the greatest in my opinion

Altair is my favorite assassin in the whole series. He is not only a skilled assassin, but a wise mentor as well. Altair gains many weapons and abilities throughout the first game, such as the hidden blade, sword, throwing knives, short blade, and I think he even had a crossbow. Other than that there is no other reason why he should be in first place.

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4 Haytham Kenway

Best character in Assassins Creed 3. - DunnaNunnaBatman

Who doesn't love Grand master Sass, shame his son wasn't more interesting.

He was a great man despite only having Hidden Blade, Flintlock pistol and sword, but he fought very polite like what he said

Haytham and the Colonial Templars are definitely the best antogonists of the series. Not just because of the characters, but also in their beliefs. Every time you assassinate a Templar, you always question if killing them was right after their true intentions were revealed. AC 3 and Rogue show how the Assassins are just as bad as the Templars, and could be considered worse because of how stubborn the Assassins are while Templars listen to reason. - Cosmic558

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5 Desmond

I miss him in the series so much. He was a great guy. I understand why he abandoned the creed when he was younger. Dude, he doesn't wanted to fight oé hurt everyone, he was always forced to make part of something he never wanted for. He just wished a normal life nothing less or more. The guy doesn't had even a decent childhood or perhaps a life. For me, he is a very strong guy may not the best character, but I don't agree that Ezio is the best. Dude, I mean, think. Desmond was a animus subject, so, he had all his ancestors skills also, Altair+Ezio+Connor= Desmond's assassin skills. And now I ask two things for you: 1- HOW in the earth Ezio could defeat someone with his same abilities and the double because of Altair and Connor? / 2- if you voted in ezio, did you make this because he is the more badass according to other opinions, OR because AC2 and ACB are considered the best games in the series also both with him protagonizing?

Desmond surely is the strongest, he is the most powerful assassin there is, having learnt all the skill of Altair, Ezio and Connor, no one stands a chance before him, and also for his sacrifice, no one is nobler than him, perhaps except Altair

Why did they need to kill poor Desmond he was so cool now we are playing as a mute idiot.

Alexis’s is terrible, here comes the real deal. - BlackBlaster

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6 Shay Cormac

Shay for me is probably one of the most interesting characters next to altair. He had his reasons for abandoning the creed and with good reasons too not to mention they tried to kill him and left him for dead. Also it takes a very strong, intelligent, cunning and determined person to become a hunter of hunters so

"Life's hardest choices are the ones that force you to question your own moral codes. My choice has led me here, standing against those I once called brothers. History may brand me traitor, rebel, or renegade. But in the end, it doesn't matter how history remembers me. What matters, is that I followed my own creed." - Best line ever

Just love the guy so much...He was a good man with good intentions. Leaving the brotherhood may not seem right but was actually the right thing to do. Simply loved how he nearly wiped out the brotherhood. Being able to use his skills to hunt down those who taught him in the first place, simply epic...Plus Assassin's creed Rogue was my first game I played out of the franchise so I seriously like Shay Patrick Cormac.

The most badass ac character

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7 Connor Connor

Connor is a great example of something in society called "the demonization of the introvert." Connor is good character, and assassin. Most people seem not to like him "because he isn't Ezio." Connor speaks louder through his actions than his words. He is an introvert, and had a hard time accepting his role as a leader in the assassins and the lifestyle they live. Just look at his life. Everyone who he has put faith in has either died, been killed by him, or stabbed him in the back, and after all of it he continues to carry on in the assassins. He had no support system of reliable people growing up, and because of that, he relied more on himself in the beginning. This can be seen when Connor spares the life of a Templar, despite Achilles telling him to kill him. However, Connor learns from the tragedies that befall him and begins to examine the philosophies of the Assassins and embrace them. This can be seen in Assassin's Creed: Liberation when he follows his orders ...more

So underrated- His whole life was a struggle. He lost his family, his tribe, his mother, his mentor, his trust in many and he suffered from many shocks like when he realised Washington burned his village. He had to grow up fatherless and had always known his father was a traitor and evil etc. A civil war was taking place as well and after supporting one side he learned the truth and realised that BOTH sides were evil and were in his way. On top of all this the burden of saving the assassins in the colonies was huge as they were all killed by his father. He then had to go assassinate the whole templar order in the colonies. Alone. His tribe's warriors were manipulated by templars and he then had to kill his best friend. AND AFTER ALL THAT he was nearly killed by his own father. After the story is finished his tribe abandoned him and Achilles dies. It is said he gets married and has kids- but they leave him unjustly and he is left wondering why his life went so tragic. AND AFTER ALL OF ...more

Connor is a very skilled assassin, yes many people hate him and like Ezio but forget about the looks for ONE moment. You have to see what each character has been through and personally, I think Connor has been through hell the most. He had to watch his mother burn alive at only 4 years old, kill his own father and watch all of the people he had faith in, die. Connor is also the best and skilled fighter out of all the assassins, don't believe me? Watch the Assassin's Creed 3 trailer and see him taking out an entire army. After all of the struggle, he got married and had kids, but they left him alone with nobody. Connor had to spend the rest of his life by himself, but did he become angry? Did he become upset? NO. HE STAYED CALM. HE HAD NO ONE BUT STILL STAYED CALM. Connor needs to be in the top 3, he shouldn't have had to go through all of that stress. Ubisoft didn't make the mistake, we did. So snap back to reality, have a good look at Connor and see that he is the most caring, ...more

Terrible. - BlackBlaster

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8 Arno

He loved a Templar like Altair and joined the brotherhood for revenge like Ezio. He is determined to do what is right like Connor and he is determined to achieve something great like Edward. He betrayed the brotherhood for the sake of others like Shay and and is willing to sacrifice for the greater good like Desmond.

If you like Altair and him betraying the creed well so dose Arno but he only joined the assassins for redemption!

Arno is a very skilled assassin. He's good with handling swords and his stealth skills are amazing. He could sneak into restricted areas and he can blend in with crowds, and he's also got the phantom blade. He's got nice fresh outfit and he's quite charming.

He is the most skilled assassin in the assassin's creed franchise.

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9 Jacob Frye

Jacob is harder to like because he was in the last game before the timeline went back to the start. Syndicate was released in dark times for the franchise and thus was seen as a lesser game on quality, one of the high points was half of the main characters Jacob Frye. Jacob has a ruthless yet comedic attitude to his profession, he brings a completely original character to the franchise instead of the more common trope of having a troubled past.

I really dislike Evie, her personality put a bad taste in my mouth. But Jacob? Yes please! He's one of my all time favorites and I love his personality, his sarcasm is incredible and I wish there was more of it!

Jacob and evie are the best perfection, a humorous and funny assassin is very likely to be the best. His attitude and style of hat and hood exchange is really good. I love funny guys.

Your right he was a good and funny character, shame we didn't get to see more of him though.

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10 Leonardo Da Vinci

I Like Leonardo he's A Really Old Friend Of Ezio, He Decodes Codex Page, Made Weapons Etc... Nothing To Say But He's The Best!

I laughed when he pretended to cut Ezio's ring finger off

Who could not love Leonardo the Vinci

Yiu have fair

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11 Evie Frye

Not the best but she is clearly an amazing assassin who thinks clearly, analyzes situations and acts the best way possible in order to achieve her goal while not endangering the life of others and she even fixes the screw-ups of her twin brother Jacob who recklessly makes decisions and doesn't completely care about the effects of his actions. Evie is great when it comes to stealth and is smart, following in the footsteps of her late father(who Evie described to be the ideal assassin.) Overrall Evie Frye is a great assassin when it comes to stealth, strategy, and combat.

She is great with Stealth, as well as being very precise and well planned. She's the one to always clean up Jacob's mess.

She is one of the best assassin's ever only guys like ezio and altair can match her

Matches 100% of the real Assassin description, stealthy and deadly, favourite character of AC series for me

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12 Cesare Borgia

Just for bants

He's a fgt that got rekt by Ezio

Best villiant in assassins creed ever,ac brotherhood.

13 Stede Bonnet

In the first mission, Steve looks like he wants to kill Edward. Proof? Look when Edward rescued Steve

He's such a great guy, he should be top 10

He is some jolly guy. I like him. Although I am saying this doesn't he become a pirate?!?!

He's my octual great gradnfather

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14 Adewale

It was a shame you had to kill him in Rogue

He is the best because he actually represents something

He is a great assassin and the only assassin that's born into slavery

Adewale is underrated

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15 Lucy

She was definitely one of the best modern day characters - 2storm

I was shocked by the revelation of her alliegence and that Desmond said he CHOSE to kill her. - Therandom

Why isn’t Rebecca on top of her? - lukemcnamara72

16 Al Mualim

Best AC villain. - BlackBlaster

he's cool

17 Edward Thatch (Blackbeard)

He's a legend in real life! Come on people!?

It's BlackBeard Guys! He need to be a bit up.

Ed Teach is an old friend of edward and is possibly one of the best

Pro god

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18 Caroline Scott-Kenway
19 Caterina Sforza

I was very sad when I see her leave Rome in ac brotherhood

She wasa boss ass bitch. Loved her

20 Bayek

Bayek should at least be top ten a best - 2storm

Not only was he the founder of the creed, he's clearly one of the most determined. Yes he was blinded by his need for revenge, but its what pushed him to make the creed. It made him see the corruption in the world around him

Duh the founder of the Assassins

His character was deep and vengeful

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21 Mary Read

She's my all time fave next to Edward. I wish there would be a story about her daughter discovering who her mother was. Could be a really good story.

Top class character who was the whole reason edward did what he did. If she hadn't of died he never would have done what he did

I cried when she died. She was my all time fave.

Definitely one of the best AC 4 characters. I really liked that mysterious air around her, plus she is based of equally badass historicial characters of the same name, y'know Mary Read really existed and was an amazing pirate. *Spoiler* I wonder what happened to her child...

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22 Rodrigo Borgia Rodrigo Borgia
23 Yusuf Tazim

He was on of the best friends of ezio and he was really very nicely skilled

My Mum wants to marry him lol.

Cute friend.

24 Hope Jensen

-Hope: (to Shay) Pity... You had so much potential.

Funny. That's exactly what I said when I finished playing the game.

She's not the best but I liked her she's awesome I hated killing her - 2storm

She is badass bitch

25 Sean Hastings
26 Sofia Sartor

She is an underrated character. So intelligent and kind. a perfect match for Ezio

Is this this ezios middle aged girlfriend when he is 60 years and older what she is just ezios sex toy and great friend / girlfriend

Probably the only woman Ezio ever met (other than his sister) who wasn’t some damsel in destress - lukemcnamara72

This guys a bitch ok it was me ezio is the best he is so awesome so I guess any friend of ezio is a friend of mine.

27 Elise

She is a woman with guts and honour. Her charisma, her complete and utter determination, her stubbornness, even her arrogance and haughtiness. I bloody love everything about that woman.

She's the reason why I bought Unity

I'd put here Achilles Davenport since he is a awesome character in both Rogue and III.He trained many and basically was a very famous mentor in the colonial brotherhood of Assassins.

She is ugly

28 Mario Auditore

It's easy to forget his part in assassin's creed 2 his part was really helpful to ezio he trained him the skills he had needed to survive with

He defeated Bowser and saved Peach!

"You don't recognize me? It's a me, Mario! "Best line in the entire series (if you don't count the more philosophical ones)

Yeaaahhh Mario should be in here

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29 Bartolomeo d'Alviano
30 Ulfric Stormcloak

Really helped free narnia from the clutches of the evil galactic empire

Nobody can match him. He is truly the greatest assassin of all time.

In my opinion probably the greatest and most fierce sea creature to ever live

The Greatest jedi

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31 La Volpe

He is also a pedo just like your mum he is trying to get up in ezio face but charles dickens the assassin is having non of it and busted room having a good time with la vople in his bedroom


32 Ah Tabai

Ah Tabai is the worst in the world! God I hate him

33 Shaun Hastings

He is very funny who could not vote fot a guy who is serious yet funny like in mash

34 Christopher Gist
35 George Monro
36 Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was an American polymath and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Franklin was a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, humorist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.

Better than Alexios - BlackBlaster

37 Melanie Lemay

She is beast and kinda hot - 2storm

Oooh god she shouldn't be here

38 Aveline

Why is she not far more up, she was an amazing assassin and A WOMAN.

She got that 4.0 forty time

Aveline is awesome!

Her game was the first ac game I played and is still my second favorite, my first being black flag

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39 Arbaaz Mir

An awesome assassin from India, with a hidden blade that separates to make three blades

He is the best and sexy character

40 Maria

Loved her character. Felt so bad for her as well.

41 Je KK Moeder
42 Giovanni Auditore
43 Federico Auditore
44 Shao Jun

Pretty good character. They need to make a game for her, but better than Liberation. Let's be honest I mean Liberation got a 62/100 Metascore.

45 Hattori Hanzo

How is hattori hanzo a assassins creed character that's the person who forget kill bills katana

46 Nikolai Orelov
47 Charles Dickens

I think he is a good assassi


48 Claudia

Claudia was ezios sister and he always looked after As after her. Claudia. Was a good character and had a big part of assasins creed 2 and Brother hood

49 Yusuf

Yusuf should be around where Achilles is in my opion

50 George Washington George Washington George Washington was the first President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

A truly master assassin

A patriotic saint who defended the underworld from govermental attack.

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