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Ezio has the most interesting story, I could say. I have finished all 3 of his games and it was just great.

Ezio was clearly the best! he had the mind and the skills of an assassin! He took on his fathers legacy and continued it with the most amazing story lines we have seen. and come on, he clearly is the best because ubisoft made 3 games with him as the main protagonist. no assassin has been played more than once. AND they always have Ezio's assassin costume in every game as an to unlock.

Most people think it's ezio, he is amazing but although I chose him the only reason was because he's my favourite. But actually Altair is the best because he was by himself with no one to help and was the one who passed down the message not only that he is merciful and fair and well pacey. Respected people which pout him on the top he forgave.

Altair may have wisdom and Conner may have skill but Ezio has a mixture. He has had three games to learn and become one of the wisest assassins of all time and coming from no training, he compares to Conner. And of course he compares to Edward in his general life. We have seen this man from birth to death over the span of three games and a half hour animation.

I really felt like I could identify with Ezio and his story. While I was playing the game I could almost feel what he was feeling. To me he is by far the most heroic, down to earth, badass and stealthy assassin in the franchise. He does things his way, even if it isn't always the easy way. Props to my boy for getting it done right

Ezio was the most powerful in terms of combat. His weapons were powerful and he could take down several armored guards in seconds. He was simply unstoppable on the battlefield. He was also one of the best at parkour. In addition, he was the wealthiest assassin, and even owned the colosseum for a short time. His achievments are also the most impressive. He saved the roman assassins brotherhood, destroyed the Templar order TWICE in two differant countries, trained the legendary assassin shao jun, and discovered altair's codex. He was also quite wise in his older years.

The story revolving around Ezio is the most interesting one when compared to all the other assassins. It comes from his childhood days as a normal person transforming into an assassin. The quietest and the bravest assassin ever known...

"Ezio just has the best story as its known that he lost his father and his brothers during his teen years and then later in life he loses his uncle and he doesn't give up on getting revenge on the Borgia and he completes that goal.

I love his story, his struggles and his way of getting stuff done. He seems almost like a real person that you could connect with on an emotional level. His story in general really made him stand out from the other assassin's. Plus it helps that he's hot...

Ezio has my favorite weapons throughout the games and the large arsenal in brotherhood was amassing or making bombs in revelations also I think that Ezio is a grand master in revelations so playing as a grand master is epic.

If there is someone who doesn't think he's badass, search Pax Romana assassins creed brotherhood. And if you're not convinced, you're mentally insane. - Therandom

Ezio has the best character, story, and if Ubisoft didn't see him rising in popularity, then why would they make three games about the same person? Fan favorite and personal favorite, this assassin ranks above all others

Ezio because he has the longest story and streak of kills, he has a sad story, as in half his family murdered, Plus He was the first to use twin hidden blades,And he found the apple of eden, even though he only did most of it for revenge, he still saved people with is charm, you even get to see him born and later die... You pretty much see his whole life, that's why I voted for Ezio!

He is a beast running around with his hidden blades and swan diving of cliffs. he is the coolest assassin in history

Ezio is a teenager with out half of his family he is brash in assassin creed 2 and is killing templars for revenge but in revelations he is mature and find out why his father died and does what his father tried to do

Ezio is so different from the other characters, he has a story and a reason why he's against the templars, he's not just some good looking guy that jumps around on buildings and kills people (well he is but hey... It's different and u know it)
You got to see him grow, mature from a ignorant spoiled brat to a warrior ready to sacrifice his life for others.

Ezio sucks. The guy just knows how to climb rooftops. Also, he puts on the outfit, and then he's suddenly an Assassin himself. Doesn't make sense. Not to mention I never cared for his bland story or his snotty attitude at times. He's basically an older Damian Wayne. And I'd choose Damian over Ezio. So that's saying something, given my hate for him.

I love how Ezio gets the job done without a major flaw! He's stealthy, quite, and very efficient as well! He has a very interesting storyline as well, plus strong as well. My favourite Assassin!

He is my favorite character I have the skin of ezio on my Minecraft game my friend has oconner on Minecraft but on black flag I have his suit I just am assessed to ezio best person yet he is also old kinda I mean he was in the first game so when I had first sight of ezio in the game I thought to myself he is the coolest

Honestly I wanted to vote for Altair or Haytham cause I think they should be above Edward (sorry, don't like him). But had to go with Ezio, really, he's just the best.

He is the best player in the game

The ultimate hero of Assassins Creed. His character development is fantastic, and he is someone you can respect. - EvilAngel

He is pretty amazing. Ezio a perfect assassin and is very good at stealth and looks super cool when putting his hood on. I like him so much

No one had that skills and powers which ezio had. He learned all the war machine of the vinci. He had learned to decode codex. He discovered the ruins of wolf's and obtained the mighty shield of Romulus. He had used two apples(pieces of Eden). He learned use of bombs, advanced hidden blade.

Ezio I think is the nicest because he wont just kill u and move on. He would be cool enough to say rest in peace and a lesson after they die