Best Celebrity Fitness Trainers


The Top Ten

1 Dave Scooter Honig
2 David Buer
3 Gunner Perterson
4 Jay Cardiello
5 Valerie Waters
6 Jackie Warner
7 Teddy Bass
8 Steve Zim
9 Joe Dowdell
10 Jillian Micheals

Jillian is so great. I use her workout plans all the time.
She has been on the biggest loser almost every time, except for when that blondie came. Also she wasnt this year, because she adopted a baby girl.

The Contenders

11 Harley Pasternak
12 Billy Blanks

How in the world can you not have this man on the list? Tae Bo® is one the the BEST selling videos on the market!

13 Chris Powell
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