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21 Bob Huggins
22 Tom Izzo
23 Phog Allan

Started his career as the assistant to Dr. James Naismith.

The John Wooden of his era. A good coach leaves his legacy. And he really left his legacy at Kansas. Allen Feildhouse,Beware of the Phog, etc. Really the first good coach. Set the path for legends to follow. He was a legendary coach. Needs to be top 3 behind Coach K and John Wooden.

24 Phog Allen

Allen Fieldhouse. Pay heed all who enter beware of the Phog. Not only was he a legendary coach but he became a KU basketball icon. They named their homecourt after him. Part of being a great coach is leaving your legacy and Phog Allen did that. He was the John Wooden of his era. He needs to be top 3 behind coach K and John Wooden.

Phong Allen was the first good coach. He invented March Madness. He was a legend. He set the stage for future legendary coaches like Coach K,John Wooden,Dean Smith,Roy Williams,and so on. So beware of the Phog.

25 Mark Turgeon
26 Lorenzo Romar
27 John Thompson
28 Brad Stevens
29 Steve Fisher
30 James Naismith

He is the one who created the game. He should be #1

Inventor of the game. Do I have to go on

31 Gregg Marshall

Considering how he turned the Wichita State basketball program around he deserves to be higher - Randomator

He has made Wichita State into a great basketball team. Final four,unbeaten season,league titles. Greatest coach at Wichita State.

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