Auburn vs. Alabama


Sorry Michigan and Ohio State fans... you may have more fans in your fan bases, but the rivalry between the University of Alabama and Auburn University is probably the rivalry filled with the most anger, hatred, and passion behind them. Ruined marriages, houses burned down, murders, you name it. On Iron Bowl game day there is no grey area, you are either Auburn, or Alabama and you don't talk to the fans of the other team until after the game is over. If you have never lived in the state of Alabama you would never understand. The University of Alabama alone has been the home of 2 of the best college football coaches that college football has ever seen. No coach has as much bragging rights as the late Paul Bear Bryant and the genius that Nick Saban is today.

Our rivalry is a MUCH bigger deal than the Ohio Stats vs Michigan game. Our rivalry was so intense, Alabama and Auburn weren't allowed to play against each other from 1908 to 1947. Ya never saw that kind of tension between something like Ohio State & Michigan or Army & Navy have ya? I certainly haven't. Since I'm an Alabama fan, I'll always hate the ending to the 2013 Iron Bowl. But I can say that plays like that are what makes our rivalry so special. The Iron Bowl is the TRUE most intense rivalry in College Football. ROLL TIDE ROLL! - Mattman0914

I don't care what you all say, Alabama vs. Auburn has got to be the top. You don't see many people rivalries when the people start talking about that one game after the last game they played! It has to be the tide and the tigers

Gotta love the Tide. Roll Tide Roll - T3nFromdaSouth

My husband is ex military, he's lived in Michigan, Ohio and Alabama for 2 or more years each. He will tell you there's nothing like the rivalry in Alabama. I was raised in it, but moved a few years ago. Imagine my surprise that everybody else gets together for Thanksgiving in November. I thought it was to watch the game.

Alabama vs. Auburn is the best rivalry out there by far! Alabama is amazing and I support them fully, but Auburn has been doing good the past couple years. Even though I KNOW Alabama is going to win this year it's the #1 rivalry out there! Alabama leads the series and hopefully that continues! 1 Roll Tide!

Hands down, biggest rivalry. Two great SEC teams fighting out, sometimes to see who goes to the SEC Championship. SEC has won 7 years of National Championships in a row. We've gone 8 years in a row. When was the last time Michigan or Ohio State went to the National Championship? Or when was the last time you won one? The next best Rivalry is Army vs Navy. They should be #1 and then us, and then Michigan vs Ohio State. Texas vs Oklahoma should be at 5. Roll Tide - MorrisBetter

When I was growing up, people used to always ask are you an Alabama fan or an Auburn fan when they first met you. The Friday before the game kids would come to school in their Alabama and Auburn paraphernalia. Teachers used to ask us who would win the game and by how much.

Not many people understand how serious people are about this rivalry. One of my friends cut himself because Alabama was losing so much to Auburn. This game is the Battle for Alabama and not many people know how serious it is. - Tivo

Not a fan of either teams, be I watch the Iron Bowl because of how competitive the games are. Some of the greatest moments in college football history have happened in the Iron Bowl (kick six to name one). - PackFan2005

This rivalry is intense and awesome! Both teams are good but one must win. In 2013, a guy from Auburn named Chris Davis got a field goal return at the last second. One of my favorite rivalry of all time!

In Alabama you are classified as either an Auburn fan or a Bama fan. They absolutely hate each other! Now that both teams have become so dominant, the rivalry is even stronger!

No college football game can match the passion is this game. Both teams are typically highly ranked & this game determines the SEC & national title.

As a man living in Alabama... I know that this is the biggest rivalry. Their have been fights at my school over it, deaths across the state as well as poisoned trees and an Auburn player getting run over. that's really not even scratching the surface of whats happened in riots over this matchup.

This rivalry contains so much hatred between the two fan bases. This rivalry is by far the best in college football, and one of the best in all of sports

They aren't near as many graduates, but the bad blood between these two runs far deeper than michigan v. ohio state and it's not dependant on being highly ranked.

Don't get confused between the biggest and the nastiest. I live in California and have lived in many areas of the country including Alabama. The Auburn V. Bama rivalry is the nastiest, polarizing, sickening, etc. They actually should not play each other. Word's do not do it justice. Think Pakistan V. India, but worse. Now that being said, I hope Auburn beats the piss out of the Gumps. Bama fans for the most part (excluding the actual graduates, which are few relative to fans) are pathetic idiots (think the jerk who poisoned Auburn's historic trees) and give the graduates a bad name.

Rival here is like fighting a battle. It's amazing and I wouldn't have I any other way.

Weagle weagle war damn Eagle.

Number 2. Haha I am cracking up. All the votes for anyone else need to go to Alabama for a few min. And see for themselves

This rivalry may not be the longest but it is the more historic ones because any thing can happen in the iron bowl.

Unlike Ohio St. and Michigan, it doesn't matter how good either of these teams are to make the blood boil.

Being any lower than number 2 or 1 on this list is an insult to college football fans everywhere. This game isn't a 1 day event, it's year long.

In the South, college football just means more. The passions run deeper and the disdain is more intense between teams & fanbases in the SEC. In the state of Alabama, this is even more so because these are the only two sports teams in the state because there are no professional teams. No two schools and fanbases utterly revile one other more than Alabama and Auburn do. Nobody. The Iron Bowl is #1. Case closed.

Living in Alabama you tend to see the rivalry a lot but the tension is prominent outside the state. Though Bama is dominant over Auburn (roll tide) there still is grave danger in talking to a fan on the other team on Iron Bowl day - Terroredneck

Not only is the game surprising every year, but a rivalry in the same state! Nothing can beat that

The Iron Bowl is a game where ANYTHING can happen. Just look at 2013, nobody saw that final play coming. - RebelGamer