Best College Football Tailgating Weekends

The Top Ten

1 Wisconsin

Simply the best - great atmosphere, fabulous food, beautiful people!

Every weekend in Death Valley - catt

Food, drink, scenery, incredible atmosphere--LSU has it all.

Never been to one of their tailgates but LSU rocks! - Alpha101

3 Iowa
4 Michigan

107,000 ++ students at a game, sell out crowds since pre 1970. Every week in the big ten a rival game, ending with the greatest rivally of all Ohio St. What more needs to be said!

5 Ohio State
6 Penn State

You can't beat tailgating at PSU! It's the best in the Country (including SEC Country)! Nothing beats a cool October morning in central PA, with a 3:30 kickoff. Drinking beers and eating everything, tossing the football and chanting We Are... Penn State!

Miles and miles of people in the penn state shirts having a cook out and playing football. There's a huge lot for RVs too - andrewerdna100

On Game Days Happy Valley becomes the 3rd largest city in Pennsylvania! Never miss a game! A Group of us all pitched in and bought an RV Specifically for Penn State Football. We have food and beer for days. We also have a DJ at every event! Go State!

If you haven't done it, go do it. Nothing like it.

7 Alabama

The smell and the fans is all this argument needs.

8 West Virginia

But the traffic afterwards sucks

Morgantown is a huge party on game days, no matter what part of town you're in there will be great people playing music, with great food, and plenty of beer. It is said that WVU fans Tailgate harder than other schools party. BUT that is something that you would have to find out for yourself.

9 Georgia
10 Oklahoma

The Contenders

11 Texas
12 Notre Dame
13 Tennessee
14 Florida
15 Arkansas

Razorback football is the most important aspect of any Arkansas citizen's life. Every Saturday is a holiday

16 Texas A&M

the strong traditions of this university serve as the epitome of autumn and the return of collegiate football. now if they could only win...

17 Ole Miss

Are you kidding, not even in the top ten. This should be in the top two for sure

The Grove with the

No way Ole Miss should be this low. Top 5 easily.

18 Clemson
19 Auburn
20 South Carolina
21 Missouri
22 Miami
23 Kansas
24 BYU
25 Mississippi State

MS is easily the best! Watching the game under a tent. Eating chicken and drinking soda, watching everyone playing football in the fields and more... That's the life! - Alpha101

26 Oregon
27 Michigan State

Prettiest Campus, great environment.

28 Nebraska
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