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1 Marceline x Princess Bubblegum

They're opposites! According to the Canon, they used to date, but broke up because of Princess Bubblegum's work. It's because of Marceline that made Bonnie realize of how selfish and busy she actually was. And at the mini-series of "Stakes," PB tried to kill the Dark Cloud for her, since she was miserable and hopeless. Isn't that love?

It's really sad that this ship is not allowed to be aired in some countries because of same-sex laws. I love them so much together! I believe they should be accepted in the show, in order for children to know gay isn't wrong.

After all of the history & all of the evidence in the show, they are right on the edge of Canon just ready to blow at any minute. Their chemistry & compatibility are pretty much undeniable. They are the ship that makes the most sense out of the entire show, in my opinion. It feels like the most well developed, with two of the most complex characters on the show, & it has been an incredible ride watching this relationship evolve. I can't wait to see where it goes in the end.

Gosh I have never really deeply thought about why I love this pairing so much... they just fit really well together and to me they make a lot of sense. I enjoy all of their interactions in the show and both of their personalities are so different! Opposites attract right?

It's canon, my guys.

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2 Finn x P.Bubblegum

Finn's obsession with her could've been a hilarious running gag for the rest of the series. Like with Helga and Arnold in Hey Arnold, but instead they decided to go an add in Flame Princess for the sake of a contrived love story. Its beyond me why they had to go and do that, I guess to satisfy 12 year old fan-girls or something.

Pb loves Finn and Finn loves pb flame princess is just so he can get his mind off pb because remember once fp and Finn broke up he went right back to pb pb would be Finn girlfriend but has a kingdom to run and has a butt load of responsibilities

Cute couple VOTE PLEASE - HiroMer

I very very very love couple

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3 Finn x Flame Princess

Come on guys, seriously, 7th place, Finn and flame princess KISS!, and in my opinion is the best couple

They make the most sense. Bubblegum is too old for Finn. FP and Finn are a cute teen power couple, they are seriously made for each other. Plus as someone already said FP and Finn share a kiss. :-)

They are a perfect, cute couple and they deserve each other!

Great ship - Lunala

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4 Fiona x Marshall Lee

Why is this couple the fifth?.-. This is the best Adventure time couple (in my opinion). I mean, they are perfect for each other, Fionna is a tomboy, and she seems pretty comfortable around Marshall, she doesn't have to act girly or things like that... I really think that Marshall likes Fionna, when he stole Cake he only wanted Fionna to notice him...

This ship somehow prevails above all others in the series. Fionna is a strong hero, who needs someone to not hold her down. Gumball is to weak for her. In Bad Little Boy, Fionna can LITERALLY let her hair down when she's around Marshall Lee. You can tell that she's having fun.

I think that they've shown the most hints in the Fionna and Cake short series (2 episodes unless they make a new one) They're really cute together and I don't think that Fionna and PG make that good of a couple.

They're just so cute! Not to mention Marshall teases Fionna about liking him. Each are the opposites of each other but it gives off this teenage love thing when a bad boy is smitten with his childhood crush, still wanting to act cool.

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5 Finn x Marceline

Oh my gosh this needs to be higher! At least higher than FinnFlame! That couple was so random how they got together and is close to love at first sight. They new close to nothing about each other but got together anyway. They couldn't even do adventures together because they didn't like how the other adventured.

It's always cool how different Finn and Marceline are, but yet have some similarities and always liked those kind of couples. People who are cloned in personalities just seems not only lazy, but how the heck would they complete and perfect each other? Though those on two different levels on everything are not only NOT get along, but have no similar interest what-so-ever. I find Finneline both makes it so they can have fun together as shown in previous episodes and have similar interest, but also they can help each other out with each others weakness which is cool. Forever will ship Finnceline - Mariosprincessesfan

They are the best because they both are really into adventure and excitement. Also, Marceline is the closest thing to another human than any of Finn's other options. And don't forget that the gender bend episode "Bad Little Boy" is written by Marceline, and it's about how her and Finn's gender opposites like each other. So that sort of tells you Marceline might actually have a thing for Finn.

Finn and Marceline are so different, but when when they them are definitely the best couple in Adventure Time.

They have great chemistry and I could see them actually happening in the show.

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6 Jake x Lady Ranicorn

They're canon and so cute together

Come on guys. This ship is the true and original Adventure Time couple.

If it's canon, I ship it, if it's not, I don't ship it. But since this is canon... I ship it. I ship it so hard. THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!

This is canon. Its also a good pairing - Lunala

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7 Princess Bubblegum x Marshall Lee

PB is the most beautiful girln in adventure time and Marshallare the same... I love this couple!

No she's not. Marceline is the prettiest girl on adventure time.

Beautiful couple! Bubblee 4 ever!

Come on.. BUBBLEE. They 're perfect.

Really a great pair for each other..Bubblee 4 life

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8 Simon Petrikov x Betty

These two would do literally anything for each other. With just a few hours to live, Simon created a wormhole (which not even Bubblegum has been able to do) just to apologize to her. Betty then leaped 1000 years into the future and fought an eldritch monster to save his life, and proceeded to risk her life and her sanity to try to break his curse. After everything they've been through, Simon and Betty deserve a happy ending more than anyone else.

They are star crossed lovers! They are separated by the evil of the crown and Betty is trying to save him! It may not be the best couple but it sure is a beautiful couple

Definitely a big yes. Time and space - get dunked in face of true love and determination!

Canon, they would do so much for each other. The clear definition of shipping.

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9 Fiona x P. Gumball

Well, they're adorable~ please Vote - HiroMer

Just PB and finn that's why I like it

I think we know where PB came from

This is the only, THE ONLY (notice the caps there), genderbent AT ship that I like. Mainly because they are adorable, and Fionna deserves to be with him. Screw FinnxBubblegum. This one's better.

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10 Maceline x Marshall Lee

They are SO perfect together! Everything I could aid just... PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM! - HiroMer

They are the best I mean seriously I wish they make an episode where Marcelene goes into the opposite universe where Marshall lee is they are the best coup le ever ;3 awesome hope it happens gotta love them.

Marceline and Marshall are the cutest couples ever! M/

I like it - Lunala

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11 Cake x Lord Monochromicorn

Come on, Lord monochromicorn is so epic! Cake is a fun loving cat. What could be better?

Who doesn't love lord monochromicorn?

I accept this pairing, just like I accept JakexRainicorn. This one's just as adorable, and Cake... Cake... She's SO CUTE!


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12 Flame Princess x Cinnamon Bun

In my opinion, I don't like this couple ( because they're ruining Finn x Flame princess' relationship : ) ) but other people like them together because they understand each others problems - Happyderry

I love this couple a lot! Sure, Finn x Flame Princess is nice. But the the whole world would collapse because of them. It is fates' way of saying Flaminn is not meant to be, even the Cosmic Owl warned Finn about it. FlameBun though? Cinnamon Bun is the only character in Adventure Time nonchalant and calm enough to be with wrecked Flame Princess. They don't have to be deep and intense; Just as long as both of them are happy and serve love to each other, they are a good couple. In fact, I can see Bun-Bun being their DNA child.

This should really be higher. I don't see why the rushed and train-wrecked relationship of FinnFlame is so popular anyways. CB respects Flame much more than Finn ever did and helped Flame get confidence in herself and Flame helped CB become fully cooked, took him seriously when nobody else did, and gave him a more respectable responsibility than he ever had.

Totally underrated while FinnFlame is EXTREMELY overrated. - Mariosprincessesfan

Ugly ship that nobody likes x-(

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I love them together! SO CUTE!

Cuteness in pure form

This place smells like butter, bacon, sausage and juice. GONNA MESS WITH BREAKFAST PRINCESS 'CAUSE SHE CALLED ME PIMPLE MOOSE! Ha Ha LOL

14 Flame Princess X Marceline
15 Marshall Lee x P.Gumball

This should be at the top of the list or second but anyways they are just so perfect I mean they just seem to belong together and plus their like hits everywhere (aka their gender counter parts really help with this ship making it close to being canon)

I don't understand why this is so low- There are lots of hints towards it in the comics, plus they're absolutely adorable together! I guess people have opinions, but this will always be my favorite AT ship.

They seem most alike in the way they're physical type is I don't know and they look good together like I just see two souls together and it looks right

Just � -

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16 Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) and Brad Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) and Brad Lumpy Space Princess is a character in Adventure Time. She first appears in Trouble In Lumpy Space. She is the the daughter of Lumpy Space King and Queen.

They are really cute when they are together, they make a great couple. I hope they marry by the time the series ends.

Brad is a good character. He should be in Adventure Time more.

17 Finn x Fionna

It's the cutest couple ever. - AnonymousChick

I wish more people shipped Finn and Fionna, and Jake with Cake. They are perfect relationships.

Why #21? This should be #8


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18 Cherry Cream Soda x Starchy
19 Finn x Roselinen
20 BMO x Bubble

It's so adorable... that's all I can say on the matter... - seerOfmind

Is Bubble/Air a boy or girl?

YES - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Very cute. - Stevenuniversefangirl

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