The Fox and the Hound


Astounding and beautiful. It is one of the few Disney movies that has a strong lesson about life and something that you can't exactly fix, and moving on. This movie is strongly emotional in the impacts (mainly from middle to end). If you want a different twist in Disney taste and an upsetting story on childhood friends becoming enemies, this movie is for you.

When young Todd and Copper are asking each other if they will always be friends, I cry. It's such a great scene. Also at the end when Copper saves Todd and Copper has to leave I cry. It's such a great and bittersweet ending to the movie. It's so underrated, and is a really great movie, especially because of the time it was made.

The saddest movie I have ever seen. Beautiful music too!

This is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. I love its tale of friendship and forgiveness. And even though the ending is bittersweet, its still a good ending (not corny like other endings).

It was a moving story about how what would normally be mortal enemies became the closest of friends and also brought too people together. It's a beautiful movie with a damn good story.

I love this movie! It was one of my favorites growing up and now watching it again I remember why! It tells an amazing story of friendship and trust. It always makes me cry.

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I love this movie and honestly think it should be first. I am a 16 year old and I cry like a baby every time I watch it. I HEART TODD AND COPPER! They are both so cute and foxes are my favorite animals so go Fox and Hound!

I love this film. It makes me cry. I love the fox and dog's friendship, they are so sweet. I think this is my favourite film. This is one of the best films in the world.

If only the world wouldn't get in the way,
If only people would just let you play.
They say you're both being fools.
You're breaking all the rules.
They can't understand
The magic of your wonderland.

Number 23 are you kidding me? I love this film its brilliant! It deserves to be much further up the listings! Brilliant film very sad but bloody brilliant!

This is the best movie of all time! It never gets old and it always makes me smile too see the two friends together.

Personally I think this movie should be ranked in the top ten because its telling you even if you're different then somebody else you can still be friends.

I like funny moments was bummer the woodpecker say oh sucks I bend my be be beck

i'm 13 and i've been crying because of this movie since i was like 2!!!! i love this movie so much.

this movie made me cry when i was younger and i bet if i watched it right now i would still cry!

i'm 15, and, call me anything you want, but, this is the greatest movie ever made

A story about how good friendships last forever! Definitely one of the best!

Are you kidding me crappy movies like tangled ahead of The Fox And The Hound

I watched it again this week, and had to cry all the way through. I'm 30 years old.

Really heartwarming. I almost cried watching some parts of the movie

This is a masterpiece of Disney! Stands out over the rest. (maybe together with the lion king.. )


Beautiful film but underrated.

Very underrated and by far one of the best classic animated films in history. Every time I watch it I litterally cry. And it's hard to get me crying when it comes to watching films. This defiantly needs to be higher. Period