This is the best of the early Disney movies. It's hand-drawn animation is so detailed and beautiful. The opening scenes with all the toys and clocks are just amazing. All the characters are great developed - even the cat Figaro and the fish Cleo. Jiminy Cricket is one of the best side-kicks ever to walk an animated movie. The story is emotional and has some valuable lessons to give. And the songs are great.
It absolutely deserves to be in the top ten!

That's ridiculous how movies like nemo and wall-e came before this. Greatest Disney movie of all time hands down. Wonderful story, characters, etc. Plus it's different, it teaches that good doesn't always prevail over evil. Not many movies let the bad guy get away and in this they did. This aughta move up about 43 spaces

The animation quality nowadays doesn't come close. This always was and still is the best Disney movie! - Freak_Show1

Very underrated. In my mind, this one stands as one of the best animated movies ever made. Gotta listen When You Wish Upon a Star again though.

I can not believe this is so far down the list! I am 56 and enjoyed this immensely as a girl, but of course children now don't get to see this Disney film as much. They watch the computer generated ones.
It was a little 'dark' with naughty boys being turned into donkeys! But totally agree with the vote below and the drawings are exquisite. Back then they didn't have the technology that we have now and had to painstakingly draw every moment that we see. Agree the clock scene is fantastic and Jiminy Cricket was great sidekick and I liked him as much as Pinocchio!
Mind you I was scared of that Fox and Stromboli (the Puppet man) who put Pinocchio in a cage!
But the film has plenty of more positive moments too.

All you parents please buy this and encourage your kids to watch this great film!

Everyone will learn that lying really doesn't pay laugh out loud

Please bring this movie back, we have a whole new generation out their that would enjoy the old animation like Peter Pan, Alice in wonderland

I have really loved this cartoon since I was a child and now I am 17 and I still love it. it gives us morals and lessons in life. It should be number 1

I sort of feel sick to see that Pinocchio is 31st on the list. It actually made my stomach churn a bit. - BKAllmighty

Watching this movie makes me wish I was a real boy

If you know what I mean - Ajkloth

Children smoking and drinking and shooting pool! - how can this not be number ONE?

Saw this movie recently and never realized how dark it was. And I loved it!

Also surprised this is so far down the list - this is a true classic

It Also Teaches Kids Not To Trust Strangers

Lilo and Stitch 21 and this 32. I am about to yell across my room in anger. - 445956

I vote this movie for the Blue Fairy!

Nobody couldn't do a fairytale presented with diney's magical animation like the one and only Walt Disney in that time

Ok, now this movie is 32nd? How is it so low? There isn't a sole alive (or dead) that has watched this movie and not loved it. - BKAllmighty

There are too many kids on the interwebs. They're affecting polls like these from having legit turnouts. I mean, the lion king at #1? Okay, that's understandable, but pinoccio is still better in my opinion.

Jimmy crekit my favortie funny Disney character all time and I like his songs he sing is give the wistsile song and he sing I no fool from the house of mouse