Toy Story 3


It's one of the few sequels, (or trilogies) that doesn't suck. Hopefully Toy Story 4 doesn't disappoint.

The best animated movie of all time. Period. One of the best movies of all time. This is an amazing movie and it should be at the top of this list. Hands down one of my favorite movies of all time. there is one scene that even if I think about it, I will cry.

Crying cause I wasted my time watching it. Why do people like these movies. I find them uninventive, unoriginal and mundane. Oh well. To each his own.

Not only my favorite Toy Story film, It's my favorite animated movie of all time! Yeah, Toy Story (first) has been great in all. But, this is the best in my opinion! - MostTalented_BoyX

So this is number 15? Well I guess it only made grown men cry, it was nominated for Best Picture, and it wrapped up the trilogy in the best way possible and nothing can ever be better than that. So yeah I guess it shouldn't be number 1.

I grew up with toy story and the third one delivered! Great plot and very emotional it did not miss a step in teaching us about the bondage between kids and their beloved toys.

Very touching movie! Love it very much!

This is one of the best film I ever saw in my entire life! I look crazy while watching this movie, it made laugh, cry, pissed and scared at most of the times...

I love this movie. The ending was quite sad indeed. I was glad that Woody ended up staying with his beloved friends. This is truly one of my favorite cartoon movies. :D

I love this animated movie in all of the other movie because it made me cry, when Andy will leave his toys especially his best buddy, woody.

Toy Story 3 is kinda boring and long. I hate all Toy Story films and Toy Story 4 looks bad.

one of the most memorable movies of all time, great movie for all ages, made a lot of people cry. The best Toy Story to date - roblist

Best Disney movie ever period only shrek is as good as it. Buzz and woody were better than ever go toy story 3 and lotso

I'm an adult and this movie made me cry... This movie is about bond.. But I can't accept this... It is not on the top?

The toy story franchise honestly doesn't deserve to be in the top tens it's really good though

Toy Story 3 is the 2nd best movie I've seen in 2010 (1. inception), this movie was also surprisingly dark, but I thought it was perfect for it's tone because the toy's are at their lowest in this film. This movie was a perfect conclusion that I actually don't want a Toy Story 4, because PIXAR was not what it used to be when Cars 2 came out, (I mean I loved Inside Out, and Finding Dory was good, but the rest is just.crud.)

Why this one is not on the 1st?
At Least in top ten...
Because this is such a great movie!
The toys are so cute and funny!
And the ending is so touching! I think I may cry once and once when ever I watch it again!
A GOOD Cartoon! No, that's even better than some of the movie!

Such a great movie.Almost cried when Andy waves them goodbye and says 'thanks guys'.Awesome

Was it really that bad did it lack that toy story feel to it... Maybe that's why it's number 8

The Caterpillar room was creepy

This is just as good as the first Toy Story, but maybe a little better in some ways.

A very emotional movie.. Anyone can relate because it happened to everyone..

I LOVE THE TOY STORY MOVIES! I like the ending... But its kinda sad :(

The perfect ending for toy story trilogy!

Only 9 this is 1 the best movie ever made anyone can like this movie