Toy Story


This has to be in the top instead of Lion King. I came cross a forum, but it was the best Disney shows, and Phineas and Ferb was 5th place, and I couldn't believe it, because Hannah Montana was first! People get the wrong idea with shows like Hannah Montana, especially kids.

I am in love with this movie. A great thing about it is that it even has good sequels. Sequels are never good! But the Toy Story ones are!

Why the heck does everybody think this movie is the best?! It is not! The second and third films of Toy Story are better than this one! This film sucks! When you watch this film it makes you lost and will not let you connect with the characters, that what I always feel by it! Toy story 2 was better, I connected with the characters perfectly. Toy story 3, even better.

Many people sadly think that this movie was a movie who did a revolution in the movies, but don't realize the fact that this movie isn't just that. I had seen several movies from Ghibli to pixar to Disney, but this is the best in animated movie. What is good about the movie is that it is a movie for people who hates "friendship" or "love", and also for people who like that too. I am more for the "hate friendship theme in movies" side, but, it didn't bother me. This movie's entertainment is enough to forget the audience about the theme. This movie is plain genius. IF you don't think this movie is better than the third one(although the third one is a very great movie), I need to have a talk with you. The third will never go over the 1st or the 2nd.

The best Disney Movie and my favorite growing up. Who can forget Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Slinky, Bo Peep, Hamm, and Andy? They are the coolest characters ever. Great Movie! - MrGmo7

This is a very hard choice. I loved the Lion King, in fact, I could watch this movie once or twice a month it was very emotional for me, but Toy Story is a classic it's the first computer generated movie, and just fun to watch. Make no mistake though Choosing between the Lion King and Toy Story is huge.

Best due to the animation quality at the time, blew everyone away.

Actually, I don't really like Toy Story. But there's a very handsome guy at my school, he's Australian, well he's my teacher. But he's just 24 years old. He LOVES Toy Story, and because of he loves Toy Story, now I love Toy Story

One of the greatest movies I've ever watched. I actually watched the Arabic version and I wish I could watch the original version. Because I am going to enjoy for a very long time.

This is the Most Quality Movie I ever WATCHED..! Because it have meaning about friend, Team work, so the kids can make a Good things by Watched this movie... :

This movie is my favourite and I'm 16! It means so much to me since I was 4 years old when I watch it for the first time lion king is good but my memories are with woody and buzz!

NOT A DISNEY MOVIE! This is a Pixar movie, Disney only distributed it. Give credit where due. Pixar set out specifically to avoid the Disney formula and stubbornly resisted Disney's pressure to conform to it.

A Groundbreaking classic. It will be watched even a thousand years from now.

How is this not number 1? The characters are so human. I could watch this movie over and over! I get something out of the film every time I watch it. - tuckrayl

OMG, I HAVE LOVED THIS MOVIE SINCE IT CAME OUT LIKE 16 years a go, I've watched it hundreds of times! W00t for toy story! - theTwister

This is by far the best Disney Movie ever. My little brother had everything Disney. It is through him that I fell in love with this movie

Lion King was a classic movie, but toy story is one that you will always remember. YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME...

Can't stand these Toy Story movies. Just don't get them. Not clever enough.

Wow sucks! I don't have to go out and about a year earlier and I don't have to go out to my house and my dad and my sister just

This is a great, funny and brilliant movie to be enjoyed not just for kids but for the whole family, and also feautures some comedy in it - roblist

This should be number 1, The Lion King is way too overrated!

The best animated movie ever some kid that goes to my school got a prize pack at the first ever release of toy story 3 he was lucky

This is coming from a HUGE Disney Fanatic... This is one of my least favorite Disney Movies. I don't think it deserves to be number 2.

Oh My God! This is incredible // It's Amazing // How can it be no. 2 // It should be no. 1 // I'm a fan of this movie from childhood

this movie is such a memory from when I was 4 years old and this is still not only my favorite animated but favorite of all!
- lhairsoft