I am shocked that Up isn't even in the top 5! What on earth?! This movie is amazing! And beautiful! It portrays actual adventure and friendship! Especially adventure! If you are an adventure-lover like myself, vote for this movie! This movie's incredible! And I love the all music they offer there. Especially the theme song! Whenever I hear the theme song of this movie, I imagine balloons floating up in the blue clouded skies through the sunlight!

Sad, adorable and knows how to be both depressing and adorable. Just like a good game of Mother 3. Definitely my favorite animated and Disney movie. Ever. - Mewbosses

It is tough to say that any other animated movie has appealed to all ages in the way Up has. My toddlers love it. My Grandma loves it. I love it. The visuals were great and the story was top-notch. Certainly deserves to be considered one of the greatest animated films of all-time.

Currently 11th on the list, the only way is 'Up' and that is were it should stay. The opening montage itself is a stand alone piece of magic, it's an animated classic, that not only entertains adults and children a like, but it doesn't allow adults to lose site of the child inside them, whilst also allowing children to engage in adult concerns, in a funny, poignant and engaging way. Surely Top 10 worthy.

Up was one of my favorites when I was little. I remember laughing at the characters and loving the plot of the story. After watching it I wished that I could fly my house around and see the world. Such a great story.

This movie was a hilarious, heartwarming, film. It has everything a film needs: character development, great plot, amazing animation, excellent voice cast, funny moments, and just plain cute! This movie is an instant classic and one of the finest movies ever!

Up is my all-time favorite animated movie. There's just something about it the makes me feel good. It's a special movie, in the way that you know it's amazing but aren't sure exactly why.

An adventurous, heart-warming, and sad movie. It amazes me how the montage of Carl and Ellie growing older is able to tell a story and make you feel different emotions without using any dialogue. - Greedo

I usually can't stand kid's movies, but this is a masterpiece. Only movie I have ever cried watching and I well up every time I watch it. Some of those classics are deserving, but I have to give it to Up.

There is something fabulous in this movie for everyone. It is the best

Up reminds us that magic does indeed exist, that comes in the form of a Disney Pixar partnership. The movie's opening montage reminds the adults of their inner child and teaches children values of life; such as adventure, love and friendship. It's an animated film that anybody can relate to. 11th? Time to move 'Up'. Adventure is out there!

What's this nonsense that this movie should be ranked 7th or 8th. It is one of the most riveting clever and touching movies ever, ever made. Number one, hands down. - Pfeifferpfan

Once upon a time a grown man (me) cried his eyes out at this movie. It's no Beauty and the Beast but it is such a great story

This movie hit me emotional when I was a kid when the wife died but besides that it was funny and good. And I love the dog SQUIRREL

I love this animated movie. Its has something for all ages. And has the main components you need for a movie. Antagonist. Protagonist. Comedy. Action. Etc

One of the few Disney movies I will watch, it hardly feels like a kid's movie. Amazing film, full of touching moments and humor. I'd recommend it to anyone. - rubyxxox

What? I think we have a problem... Why isn't THIS in the top ten? Such a hilarious, memorable movie that will go to waste clocking in at 16 now

Up isn't really a "classic" Disney movie, so I can understand why it ended up here, but the story really is touching and should honestly get more votes.

To me, up should be number 1! It is the best combination of humor and sadness, (but mostly humor)... "Hi there, my name is dug. You are my master and I LOVE you! "

This movie is a brilliant family movie. It will make you think of the people in your life. AND WHY isn't IT UP THERE IN TOP10!

This is one of the best movies ever made on so many different levels

Up is a very awesome movie! Its funny and it is about adventure. There are happy times and also sad times. "Up" should at least be up on the top list.

My favorite movie I love the music and the opening sequence is so amazing but sad :) I LOVE Russel and Dug I love this movie SQUIRREL

The only thing that comes close to this movie is the great mouse detective but yeah I didn't see that one

I thought it would be higher on the list. Its actually awesome. If you didn't watch it then you are really missing out on life