Best Disney Princess Movies

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1 Tangled

I loved this movie because

1. It's hilarious. I have a weakness for comedies.

2. Rapunzel's in it. She's intelligent, cute, spunky, and talented, and she is the princess I most resemble personality wise.

3. Eugene Fitzherbert develops so much as a character. It's touching to see him go from bad boy to a more selfless man.

4. Rapunzel and Eugene have SO MUCH chemistry, and it all seemed very natural, not forced and rushed like in some other princess movies.

5. The animation is awesome. Lanterns, anyone?

6. The animals and Rapunzel's Parents convey so much with just expressions - no words are needed.

7. The plot is solid. Unlike Frozen, which was riddled with plot holes and some wobbly characters like the duke and Olaf and yes, Elsa. (Although Let it Go is definitely a showstopper.)

8. Mother Gothel, one of the worst Disney villains (up there with Scar and Cruella De Vil) has been posing as Rapunzel's parental figure. So much ...more

So magical and romantic, the story was beautiful, perfect characters, wasn't rushed but not boring, enticing scenes, funny, sweet, so much better than a movie such as frozen!

It is so good for me. The characters are really great. And the movie is magical and romantic

Tangled: 2/10 stars.

Beauty and the Beast: 4/10 stars.

Frozen gets 3/10 stars.

Mulan gets 4/10 stars.

The Little Mermaid gets 6/10 stars.

Aladdin gets 8/10 stars.

Snow White & the Seven Dwarves gets 3/10 stars.

Cinderela gets 3/10 stars.

Sleeping Beauty gets 5/10 stars.

The Princess and the Frog gets 6/10 stars.

2 Beauty and the Beast

My top 10:
1-beauty and the beast
8-the litle mermaid
9-snow white and the seven dwarfs

Yeah, I agree... I totally understand Belle! She was courageous and willing to give up her life for her father. She was understanding and kind. Also, I am definitely glad she didn't fall for the jerk face Gaston. Though I love that he's in the movie- because he was in it, Belle managed to show that she was not going to fall in love with an idiot just because of his looks. Belle is loving and cared for all of the enchanted utensils, and plus, you have got to admit her singing voice was one the sweetest ever (I also love the songs, classic! )!

Belle is unlike any of the other princesses! She falls in love with the beast for whom he is on the inside; many of the other princesses claimed to have fallen in love with their princes before they even met them. Belle is also into reading, which sheds light on how important reading is! This is an amazing movie with even better characters!

Th Beast is cute! Yes Gaston, the BEAST IS CUTER THAN YOU!

I kinda think he's cuter as a BEAST than human... but hey! Who said THAT one wasn't cute.

Belle is so lucky. If I live in France I'd "borrow" her dress and hope my dad is dub enough to pick the creepy paf!

3 Mulan

I really loved this movie because I really broke the gender stereotypes and as a child, it really opened my eyes on what women are capable of.

Because this movie goes angainst the stereotypes that this world really needs.

No, she is not a princess but her story rocks! (I'm not much of a Disney princess fan! ) - rainbowdashrules

A character so cool they literally changed the rules for becoming a Disney princess just to make her one

4 The Little Mermaid

She is the best Disney princess I have ever seen and I love her.

It's a classic! I love Ariel and the other characters. Such a great movie for all ages! It also has a ton of great songs.

I think that the little mermaid should be the best princess because she is so courageous and better then everyone else and she has a wonderful voice

This is the best Disney princess movie ever! And Ariel is so adorable

5 Aladdin

Aladdin is the best disney princess movie ever Jasmine is intelligent, kind and down to earth and aladdin and jasmine are the BEST disney couple they have SO MUCH chemistry how dare this movie be fifth tangled's a great movie but aladdin should be first oh yeah and can I mention she is the first disney princess of colour and SHE WEARS PANTS also the soundtrack is phenomenal whole new world is the best disney song EVER MUCH BETTER than frozen.

This movie is the best Disney princess movie. it is the only one were the main character is not the princess but the prince a lowly street rat who finds a genie in a lamp that makes his dreams come true. Speaking of the genie he is hands down the most funny animated disney character known to man - Oter

Better then the most overrated movie EVER Frozen. But Tangled was great! I watch it when I'm bored. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Princess Jasmine is such a fun princess! This movie is my favorite because of her! Her hair is great too.

6 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I love be this movie, but personally I'm more like belle than snow white.

This is the best Disney Movie. Classic Disney movies are the best! Snow whtite is the best Disney princess and the first Disney movie RULES! The villain is really spooky as well. best movie ever

This movie is so great. You should know that without Snow White, there wouldn't be any Disney princesses.

It has a good story, good role model, good villian. Everything a Disney movie needs. Snow is bad if every woman in media is like her, but as a lone 14 year old girl, she is kind, brave and resourceful.

7 The Princess and the Frog

The music of this movie is far better than the music of every other movie on this list. This film is a love letter to American, and especially black American, culture and for me that will always make it better than every other plain old European princess movie.

How is it not higher on the list... I was expecting it to at least be above Frozen. (Frozen is great, don't get me wrong, but I don't feel that it beats this)

She is such a inspiration and so cool I just want to live in that movie

It has a wonderful storyline and it's not like the rest of the princess movies... She actually stands up for herself

8 Sleeping Beauty

The animators say that they have worked year's to complete such a big budget movie at that time. It was Walt Disney's dream project that made this movie stands out. Every scn was so detailed and has this unique beauty of perfection that you can pause it and frame it on the wall. It was the last hand made animation with so much beauty of art. If you are seeing this movie you could feel the magic of art. Every still in the movie is a magical art. They said that no movie could match it's artistic power of beauty. It is a masterpiece in the history of Disney World

One of my favourite movie, I really enjoy this movie

This is my favorite movie! It is so dreamy and beautiful.

This is just so dreamy and romantic and awesome.

9 Cinderella

A real classic! I love this movie, it's so cute and innocent. - Sjinkiie

Who ever said Cinderella is lame You just described yourself!

I love Cinderella. I've seen the first one, the second one, and the third one. It teaches young girls to have courage and be kind even when other's aren't. Anastasia and Drizella are supper funny.Lady Termaine has a deep character and shows who she really is. But there's one thing I just don't get. I mean sure Cinderella was the one that lost her slipper while running away, but the prince shouldn't go around the kingdom looking for the right girl. He should've remembered how Cinderella looks like. It's just weird, but the rest of the movie was so great and awesome.BY THE WAY IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE CINDERELLA 2015 CHECK IT OUT! IT'S A GREAT MOVIE

Higher than snow

10 Pocahontas

I'm voting for Pocahontas because she doesn't deserve to be so low. Moana deserves to be higher also. People hate Pocahontas due to it being historically inaccurate but who cares? They took a historical figure and made her in to a disney princess and they did a fine good job of it. She's able to send a strong and powerful message in the movie. "If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew! " Telling us a book can't be judged by it's cover. Instead of looking up to Elsa. Little girls should have role models like Belle, Tiana, Mulan and Pocahontas (Disney Princess Franchise)

My favourite movie

I 100% agree with the comment below mine. This was (and still is) my favourite Disney movie growing up. People wake up! Who cares if it’s historically inaccurate it has stunning animation, beautiful songs and great characters. I wish this movie had better rates cause it’s so good. Like the person below me said, why appreciate characters like Elsa when you can have great role models like Pocahontas and Mulan.

The Contenders

11 Moana

The vocals are on point for the entire movie not to mention the amazing visuals the movie offers. The soundtrack is well made and varies from jovial tracks like "You're Welcome" to more heart felt songs such as "I Am Moans". We see considerable character development in Maui and Moana is undoubtedly her own hero, she is "MOANA! ".

This is literally the best Disney movie EVER! I thought the water animation was AMAZING. I loved that she wasn't afraid of adventure and that she didn't need a prince to save her. "This queen don't need a king! "

I really really love the songs all the voices actually I never heard the rock/ dwayne johnson sing love the plotline also the guy from hamilton is here

Complete Masterpiece. Only one flaw and it was a small cliche. But I can look past that.

12 Beauty and the Beast (2017)
13 Brave

No thanks, Merida doesn't need love interest! I like the way she doesn't care about that. Forever independent it is. Kick out all the prince!

Brave is by far one of my two favorite Disney princess movies. It deserves top ten. - doctorman

This is the best Disney Princess movie ever!

I hope they make a Brave 2 and Merida has a love interest. She doesn't deserve to be alone.

14 The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

It is the better movie ever
The little mermaid

15 Cinderella (2015)

Such an amazing film!

so magic

It's sooo good, and it reminds you to be kind, have courage, and believe in a little bit of magic:) I've watched it a million times...

16 Mulan II

One of the best movies in Disney history

17 Cinderella II: Dreams Come True
18 Disney Princess Stories (Volume 2)
19 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

The tight corset scene made Pocahontas extremely uncomfortable. The formal gown scene made Pocahontas extremely heavy. - welliewishersfan78

20 The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
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