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1 Skrillex Skrillex is an American (Born in 1988, in Los Angeles, California) EDM producer who is known for popularizing dubstep. He is part of the bands Jack Ü (DJ) and From First To Last (Lead Singer). His album Recess debuted at 4 on the BB200, tying him with Zedd for the highest debut for an EDM album on more.

I love this guy. He is the artist that got me into dustep. None of the artists below have nothing on him. Skrillex is magnificent in many ways. Soony Moore thank you for your magic. Your music live on forever in dubstep history. Guy with the comment below is right Skrillex is the KING OF DUBSTEP. Gonna give you a thumbs up.

This guy totally deserves the number 1 spot, he is the one who brought me to dubstep. SKRILLEX IS THE DUBSTEP KING, just like Michael Jackson is the king of pop and Eminem king of hip-hop.

Skrillex is the king of dubstep and always be... He's all songs is awesome.!

Sonny is just a great musician overall, he's more than just a dubstep producer

2 Knife Party Knife Party are an Australian electronic music duo comprising Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, two members of the drum and bass band Pendulum.

I find knife party to be better then Skrillex. Centipede is my favored dubstep song. - KRX

I will give credit to Skrillex simply because "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" introduced me to the world of dubstep. But the more I explored, searching for bigger and better dubstep, I stumbled upon a website talking about up and coming dubstep producers. Knife Party was on the list, shockingly as number four of five bands, and they recommended Centipede by Knife Party to listen to. Needless to say, that song dramatically blew my mind and they have continued to do so with almost every song they have produced. Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are absolute musical masterminds. They were when they were in Pendulum, they are now in Knife Party, and they will continue to be hopefully for a while longer. Knife Party for life!

God, I used to hate dubstep, skrillex was just not good. I had a friend who is really into dubstep who showed me centipede, and that's where it started. Some of knife party's best tracks in my opinion are Rage Valley, Unison (knife party remix), bonfire, centipede piledriver feat. Steve aoki, and zoology with skrillex. Needless to say, after you've heard one of knife party's tracks, they are clearly the best out there. No questions asked

Knife Party's songs are good but not better than Flux pavilion's. Knife Party's songs are too busy so that I feel they scratch my brain. But they had a great song that I always listen to it named "Zoology". The most awesome song that I have ever heard of Knife Party... But anyway they are good... It's obvious that Skrillex is the first but in my opinion Knife Party should have been the third after Skrillex and Pavilion...

3 Nero Nero are an English electronic music trio, specialising in dark vocal dubstep, electro, drum & bass and drumstep, consisting of Daniel Stephens, Joseph Ray and Alana Stephens (née Watson). They are well known for creating a wide variety of styles of dubstep and drum and bass, combining deep vocals more.

To this day, only Nero has been able to bring out a side to dubstep that has kept me hooked since the first time I heard them. Almost every single one of their tracks has an emotional and uplifting energy that has been replicated by no other.

Not always dubstep, but Nero has consistently made quality tracks that have such a dark vibe to them. If I want to go to a club, Nero is what I want to hear on the loudspeakers.

Nero I think has their own type of music. Revolutionized dubstep!

Have to agree that Nero are different from all other dubstep, by far the best in my opinion

4 Flux Pavilion

I remember I first started listening to dubstep because of these songs in the top twenty on my radio, and Skrillex had been the producer of some songs that I found that had nice rhythms and beats. I started to search pandora for Dubstep, Pendulum (I liked that band also- check out the island part 2), Skrillex, Nero, and a little more. I believe I had come across Flux through the remix of Gold Dust which is so great and I have loved all his other music ever since then. The real track that I could listen to 24/7 is I Can't Stop which is undoubtedly my absolute favorite dubstep track right now along with all of his other music. I say Flux would beat out Skrillex any day. People who voted Skrillex should check out I Can't Stop.

Cause he flux

His dubstep is great.
Catchy, nice beat.
But the thing is it needs more flavor.
More variation.
The synths he uses are mostly the same.
It's a few oscillators and probably a saw and a pulse wave and he makes chords.

I love his music though.

Flux Pavilion is much better than Skrillex.
I'm not a Skrillex hater, I listen to his music, too, but Flux Pavilion's dubstep is awesome.

5 Excision

Excision is so underrated!

cool music

True dubstep! - KRX

When I went to find more dubstep producers, I got interested in Excision and I looked up to search up.Man, I love the form that he put elements of Heavy Metal and a lot of usage of syntetizers and incluse on a song. Dubstep or not dubstep, Excision is the actual Dubstep king!

6 Deadmau5 Joel Thomas Zimmerman (a.k.a. deadmau5) is a Canadian DJ producer, formerly a web developer, who produces a wide variety of electronic musical genres, such as electro and dubstep, but is best known for popularizing work in the areas of progressive house and electrohouse, along with the genres themselves. more.

Dude this is Deadmau5 were talking about here I have no need to argue for him, his music already did.

I like deadmau5 as much as the next guy, but why is he even an entry on this list at all? He has publicly stated that he hates dubstep... I don't believe he's ever made any, or at least not released. - HeyheyIzDaKaykay

Not real dubstep, but just the best of all electro DJ's.

Deadmau5 is just pure gold

7 Zomboy

Superb dubstep

Possibly the best dubstep producer of our time mainly because of his creativity, finesse and skill which is not found with most other dubstep artists. And unlike Skrillex, who is recently beginning to struggle to produce quality dubstep tracks, Zomboy has consistently produced quality dubstep through all of his tracks even up to his most recent work. He has the amazing ability to combine beauty and heavy drops (City 2 City is a good example) better than anyone I have ever heard. And above all, his music is just so much fun. Unlike other dubstep artists who's music sounds angry or cold a lot of the time, Zomboy is always a pleasure to listen to. He is truly incredible and deserves at least the number 2 spot.

He should be in the top 15 at least

Probably the best dubstep I have ever heard in my life. not to discredit people like skrillex and whatnot but the inconsistency in their work doesn't hold a candle to the non stop rage that Zomboy can throw together

8 Bassnectar Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar, is an electronic music producer from Santa Cruz, California, who specialises in dark dubstep and trap, using elements of downtempo, drum and bass, and ambient; describing his music as "amorphous and ever-changing". Notable tracks include the haunting "Underwater", more.

Bassnectar introduced me to the world of Dubstep and it is amazing what you can do with music. His album Noise vs. Beauty is different from all other albums. Bassnectar is a total different world of music.

Bassnectar is like no other. He isn't't just a bunch of random monsters rar rars put together and call it musik. Bassnectar has a style that no other dj could pull off. Listen to ugly ft Amp Live and you'll know what I'm talking about. BASSNECTAR 4LiFE!

Number 6?! Really?! Sorry Skrillex, Flux, but Bassnectar deserves the first spot. Then Knife Party, Excision and Tiesto. Where is Tiesto anyway?

Lo makes the most unique and interesting music I've ever heard. His music has so much style and finesse to it, it's astounding he's only #7 on here.

9 Doctor P

Doctor P is a genius. He sees other songs in a way no other person does, just listen to some of his remixes (Last Ones Standing, Love Goes Down). Also his original stuff is so different from the others and still is awesomer (big boss, watch out, sweet shop).

I think that this guy is number 4 on the charts.

Man this dude is awesome give him some credit for number one

SKRILLEX SUCKS! He can not make any good songs. All his songs are are a bunch of random noises put together with no beat whatsoever. Doctor P on the other hand, knows how to make good dubstep. - HarCher

10 Modestep

Absolutely awesome, has a great mix of songs with different genres mixed in. With songs like Paradise proving that the band has some strong vocals.

One of my favourite bands. Their music is very mixed, and I simply LOVE the beats. It's actually something I can move to, not just a couple off sounds here and there.

Modestep is the best according to me!

This band is the best band I've heard. They rose to the number one spot faster then any band could. And there songs are so perfect. They deserve better then 17.

The Contenders

11 Zedd Zedd is a Russian- German DJ known for his hits such as Clarity, Transmission, and Break Free. He is best known for his album True Colors, which has the highest debut on the Billboard 200 for an EDM album (tied with Skrillex's Recess). He is one the the richest EDM artists in the industry.


Nope - KRX

His remix of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is awesome! It's almost as good as the original!

I like skrillex's dubstep better!

12 Virtual Riot

This artist is legendary, some of the best music ever

His music is too good do be true.

Virtual Riot is a God!

How does he do it? - KRX

13 xKore

I love his signature bass! His stuff is crazy heavy and loud

Just check out this track (Rogue Status) and you'll go xkore crazy...

At least this guy is somewhere near where he should be...

14 Kill the Noise

Better than the ones after No. 2. - KRX

KTN deserves the number 1 spot

One of the best dub step artists out there, definitely deserves to be in the top ten

Kill the noise is one if the heaviest bass monsters ever. Just look at tracks like thumbs up and jump ya body. KTN knows how to combine killer beats with ear shattering bass drops and he does it in a way that no other dubstep artist has shown me yet

15 Chase & Status
16 Datsik

Was really good until the um... incident.
Still, separating the artist from his art... still wasn't exactly my favorite, to be honest. - HeyheyIzDaKaykay

I like the intencity

Do you Datsik is more better than Skrillex? It damn sick!
Listen to Datsik - Fully Brown
Then you know it

I listen to many different artists and producers, but Datsik has always been my favourite. Some of his tracks are immensely well made, and I feel he needs more recognition.

17 Feed Me

Feed Me is a musical genius. His songs have changed many things about dubstep, and hopefully her will continue to do so. I also encourage you to listen to One Click Headshot. That song really shows what Feed Me is made of.

He is one of the EXTREMELY few artists who tries his hands at various electro genres at a single time and does so perfectly. He also roams the world as two electronic artists. Name someone else like this!

Love One CLick Headshot, one of the best! - BigNate

Three words...One Click Headshot - Nick-brick8

18 Pegboard Nerds

They make good songs even with monstercat.


Dude they are fantastic. here it comes is one of my favorites

These guys are awesome, they have their own sound and are constantly evolving. Love every track they produce!

19 StrachAttack

The god of 110 BPM right here.

20 Stephen Walking

He has very simple, but awesome dubstep

His tracks are awesome!

Stephen introduced me to edm with top of the world and he's been one of my favorite artists of all time since.

21 Klippa
22 Xtrullor

3 words: Sheol, first drop

I don't understand why people haven't realised yet that he is the best dubstep artist of all time, clearly better than skrillex and has the most brutal and harsh dubstep INCLUDING the most emotional dubstep

Dex Arson wasn't on the list, so I voted for another legend. I don't need to say more than one word: corrosive

He needs to be higher! I love this guy more than skrillex! - InfernoTopTenners

23 Noisia

I love the Remix that noisia made in the Song "Smack my bitch up "

24 Tristam

Best artist, hands down.

Worthy of the top 10

Best songs are : Tristam - Friend & Tristam - I Remember, I know real dubstep lovers listen to a another artist instead of skrillex

Why is my favorite dubstep artist not anywhere near the top ten? - valkyrie24_7

25 DotEXE


Eh... ok but.. only have ONE good song. (monster DotEXE remix.)

26 Flutter Rex
27 Borgore

Best dubstep artist ever

Borgore place 32 look up syrup

Wub Wub Wub. He makes me happy!

1. borgore
2. schoolboy
3. bassnectar
4. knife party
5. datsik
6. excision
7. nero
8. tut tut child
9. flux pavillion
10. skrillex

28 Blackmill

Black mill is an amazing artist for those who love the sound of sick beats and nature combined!

29 KDrew

Only popular for bullseye

I don't know, Last train to paradise and signals are pretty good. - Nick-brick8

Personally, I love Circles.

My favorite artist by far as of right now.

He is 1 of the best

30 Bar9

I don't need to say anything but just download shaolin style (nero rmx)'
Piano tune (VIP) & Bloodbath (original).

31 Delta Heavy Delta Heavy is a British electronic music production duo from London. The duo consists of Ben Hall and Simon James.

Delta heavy is amazing


32 Fall of Icarus
33 Adventure Club

Need your heart :') At par with scary monsters in my opinion. Must listen artist. you will surely not regret for listening to songs like Need your heart, Rise and fall, Gold. Soft dubstep at its best!

There are so many diverse emotions that erupt in Adventure Club's music; they use unique vocals, accompanied by hard style dramatic sounds, over subtle classical melodies to create a powerful, beautiful noise.

Such an incredible sound and feel for every song

Ac is awesome! Love their songs RISE AND FALL!

34 Alex Clare Alexander George "Alex" Clare is a British singer and songwriter. Clare adopted his current stage name, Alex Clare, in 2010.
35 Skream

Pioneer of dubstep

The man who INVENTS dubstep gets a #32 spot? Shame, shame.

The Godfather of dub step, genius

The king of Dubstep

36 Omnipony
37 Dub FX
38 Traxione

Traxione's music is so brilliantly complex. He is a musical genius.

Best dubstep artiist ever! So underrated!

I really don't know who this is


39 The Glitch Mob

Unconventional but amazing music

Creative and amazing, it really got me into the genre

Excellent mix to keep focused.

First comment

40 Dex Arson

The coolest dubstep artist ever..

This guy is cool.-TheCoolGuy1

41 Snails
42 Benny Benassi

I agree with that. He's not a dubstep artist. He did the lyrics for Cinema, yes... But that song was mixed by skrillex.

Benny benassi has nothing to do with dubstep why is he on this list?

43 Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead creates great songs with great rhythm, I especially like their two songs Eyes on Fire and Out for Blood

Demon gave me love for dubstep

Skrillex has nothing on this guy and also Excision. Sonny Moore is very creative and good at what he does, but Zeds Dead's material surpasses Skrillz any day.

Zeds Dead has a sound that no one dusbstep artist have.. he is original and makes no only dubstep music but also other genres.. and he is amazing also on these!

44 ArtAttack
45 Rusko

Not hating, but has anyone realised how most of Rusko's good stuff comes from other artist's remixes. Netsky's remix of Everyday, Sub Focus' version of Hold On & Sigma's remix of Somebody To Love to name a few.

Should be in the top 5. Definitely one of the best to ever live in the world of dubstep. I cannot believe his position is this low. The top should be skream, benga, digital mystiks, rusko, trolley snatcha, caspa, datsik, skrillex and doctor p just to name a few

He should be in the top 5. He created the brostep genre and he included other styles of music into the dub step genre. He I the reason we have the dubstep we have today.

He's one of the creators of dubstep

46 12th Planet

He's supposed to be at least 20 places up

Super original. The E.N. D Pt. 2

47 Spag Heddy

This artist must be in 1st place because he is better than skrillex,mind blowing drops and he loves PASTA. And skrillex must be in 2nd place.

He made the song in popularmmos’ intro

I don't know why no one has posted him yet his music is awesome

All his songs have such amazing bass line, they just make you feel so happy inside! WHATS HE DOING IN THE NUMBER 36 SPOT?

48 Mistabishi
49 F3nning
50 Savant

Savant is love. Savant is life.

A real stand-out in the whole dance/electronica genre, a true musical prodigy

Probably only a original dubstep artist

His music is amazing... Simply amazing, he puts so much detail and originalitty in his music its mind blowing, his music is simply deadmau5 level, in other words a creative genius

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