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181 BurgerFuel

Free-range meat, freshly cooked food every order, real ingredients and flavor that comes from herbs and cooking, not sugar and flavoring. This should be #1, because McDonalds is absolutely disgusting poo.

THIS should be Number 1! Sorry Americans, but you're missing out on great free-range food!

182 The Groovy Smoothie
183 Mary Brown's

Chicken is way better than kfc. And there taters are amazing

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184 Outback

Outback isn't actually authentic Australian food, but I still love to eat here. - Pony

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185 Chickos V 1 Comment
186 Lucky Star
187 The Burger's Priest

Over here they have really good burgers! You can try all of them in one bite if you would like but only if I could do that, that will be a supreme burger blast! Again these burgers are definitely not the worst!

188 Bob Evans
189 Greggs

In Greggs you can eat in or out, they're food is fabulous ( I'm especially fond of the cheese and bacon wrap) and when you buy it, it's not food from yesterday because they make new batches every single day.

190 Exki

Quality fast food from Belgium. Love this place! - thetoptens21

191 Cumberland House of Pizza - CHOP'S Pub
192 Spur
193 Greco Pizza
194 The Habit Burger Grill V 1 Comment
195 Dixie Lee
196 Mang Inasal
197 PDQ V 1 Comment
198 Hing Fat
199 Chicken Hut
200 RAX
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