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101 Mr. Goodcents

Their sandwiches are far and above anything Subway puts out... double the meat with extra jalepanos is a delight

102 Brodies
103 Submarina
104 Runza

They're burgers are always fresh and the runzas are handmade every morning! You can't expect fast food any better then that!

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105 Al Baik V 2 Comments
106 Dairy Barn
107 Tops Pizza

I like the pizza toppings the put on the pizza! It is really a mouthwatering taste to the pizza.

108 Oporto
109 Goli
110 Raising Cane's

Raising Cane's should at least be in the top 10! I was surprised it wasn't on here. They have good chicken fingers, fries, Texas toast, and dipping sauces.

The food is delicious and the sauce is amazing!

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111 Hot Dog on a Stick

Mmm, if you like lemonade, this is the place to go, and their cheese on a stick are pure unhealty yummyness

112 Local Burger

The burgers they sell here are not the worst! They have really good burgers there and they always have my taste buds ready for one more burger!

113 Taco Del Mar

The Mexican food Subway, can't beat that.

oh man, I just can't stop lovin' them burritos! - Oreanta

Their burritos are cold

114 Curry Cottage
115 Taco-Villa
116 Mike's Fast Food & Bar
117 Ashton

ONLY FOUND IN QUEBEC BUT IT IS THE BEST POUTINE EVER! for americans that don't know what's poutine it's fries with cheese cubes and a special brown sauce! Yummy!

I agree this fast food is kingdom.

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118 Mr. Hero Restaurants
119 Purple Cow

Get an intiminator and youll see what I mean it's a size of a friken plate for just 6 bucks. - russian

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120 Telepizza


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