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161 The Pizza Company
162 Sbarro

Sbarro is amazing! Just kidding, I have no idea what this is, but it was last place so I gave it a vote!

Really good pizza, definitely better than Pizza Hut. Just unknown which is why it's last. Also slightly pricey.

Infamous for being so disgusting and unhealthy

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163 Karinderya Ni Aling Bebang
164 Fred's BBQ
165 Tony's
166 Swensons
167 China 1

Best chinese food in rolling meadows

168 Donut Man

Freshest, tastiest donuts to bad I'm in northern california

169 Tasty Goody

Best chinese fast food ever

170 Rally's

They have awesome food, but I went to one with TERRIBLE service once. My family and cousins had to go to Taco Bell instead. - Powerfulgirl10

Los angeles is the place to have it

171 Village Pizza
172 Burgerville

Small market Oregon and SW Washington. Fresh not frozen hamburgers and great fish and chips.

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173 Kedai Mamak
174 Gatti's Pizza
175 Moe's Burger
176 Blimpie
177 Jake's
178 Mr. Sub

These subs are the best subs on my watch even good enough to at least have it with a glass of coke or any other optional drink. This fast food restaurant should be in first besides Subway.

You can never make a bad choice at Mr. Sub.

I would rather eat poo then mr sup

179 Pizza 73

Great tasting, low cost pizza, always amaizing coupon offers. 967-11-11 in Toronto.

180 Wing Kingdom

Isn't this supposed to be that fictional restaurant from Regular Show? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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