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1 Stallord

Stallord is a fantastic boss who has an epic design and has a very unique boss setup that it is considered one of the most unique and best boss fights in the entire Zelda franchise, overall. The key to winning this fight is of course by using the spinner against Stallord himself. This fight already feels like you're in for a ride until the second phase comes and now you're in for a real treat!

You use the best item in the game and hit is face with it AWESOME

I enjoyed Stallord, but one time, when I was gonna fight Deathsword, a glitch happened and he was waiting for me and he was going to attack me right after I entered the room. That's not how the battle begins! First, you'll see a sword that has ropes attached to it. Cut one of them and Deathsword will appear.

2 Zant Zant

Stallord may have been the best in item use. But in combat and funess, sang is the boss for you!

3 Argorok

My favourite Twilight Princess boss coming from my favourite Zelda dungeon of all time! To defeat Argorok, you have to fly through the clouds using the dual clawshot throughout a massive thunderstorm while avoiding the dragon's flames, as well as getting to pounce on Argorok with your sword tearing his armour off! This boss ranges from everything to difficulty to epicness. (Note: Why is it that whenever Nintendo provides a dragon boss for a Zelda game, it's always tremendously awesome? )

Fantastic! Who dos'nt want to fight an armour dragon in a floating city with grappling hooks?

4 Bilzzeta

I enjoyed Blizzeta because this boss is a great addition to the list of bosses in the Zelda series. I just wish the battle was harder, but overall, very good boss and battle. But what I liked the best was the boss theme.

5 Morpheel

This boss is pretty descent at first and it feels like a callback to Morpha from Ocarina Of Time. But then everything changes and the boss does nothing and not even at least tries to kill you!

This boss is, very amazing, but so dumb. He like doesn't even attack U. Doesn't anyone else notice that like seriously.

6 Ganondorf Horseback
7 Dark Lord Ganon

Best final boss in the Zelda franchise. How do people compare demise to gannondorf, all four of his forms are amazing

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8 Diababa

Diababa is a very great boss for being the first big enemy that you encounter in the game. It is challenging enough, has a great design, and has a great soundtrack to the boss fight itself.

9 Dark Beast Ganon
10 Puppet Zelda

Please this is the worst "boss" ever...

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11 Armogohma

For being the sixth boss in the entire game between enemies such as Blizzeta, Argorok, and Stallord, this boss looks almost like an embarrassment. This boss could easily take the place of Diababa for being the very first boss in the game. Just disappointing... the soundtrack's good though.

Very creepy looking! I have arachnophobia, so when I first saw the boss, I screamed. I was terrified of it, which was great.

12 Fyrus

For an enormous fire golem who could crush you with his chains in a matter of seconds, he is disappointingly weak.

This one definitely wins in the intimidation factor. When I first saw it I was like "hollly crap."

13 Ganondorf Ganondorf Ganon (Referred to as Ganondorf in human form) is a fictional character and the central antagonist of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. He is a power-hungry Gerudo who possesses the Triforce of Power and aims to conquer Hyrule with the remaining Triforce parts.
14 Darknut
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