Best Names for a White Horse

The Top Ten Best Names for a White Horse

1 Winter
2 Snow Ball

This is such a cute name for a white horse! xxx The only white horse I have ever met up close was called Pride and is so cute! xxx - cutiepiestarlight

3 Snow White
4 Freedom
5 White
6 Angel
7 Flower
8 White Rose

It seems like a really good and creative name for such a beautiful creature!

9 Monday
10 Saturday

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? Phoenix

The Contenders

11 White Horse

I would have NEVER thought of this! - cutiepiestarlight

For this name we need lot of fantasy =P

Haha very creative I must say...

12 Dream
13 Peppermint

I think peppermint is a great name for a good horse!

14 Elsa
15 Shadowfax
16 Winter Star
17 Bianca

Italian for "white, fair"

18 Diamond
19 Opal
20 Cloud
21 Starbeam
22 Moonbeam
23 Snowdrop
24 Vanilla
25 Snowflake
26 Mist
27 Snow Storm
28 Snohvit

The norwegian way of saying "Snowwhite". I think its adorable.

29 Domino

I think its just the best name ever, on any horse.

30 Pride
31 Mambo

I think it’s a great name for a black horse

32 Cloud Runner

I named my horses Thunder Storn Rayne and Cliud Runner

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