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21 Roddy White Roddy White

Extremely good player, injuries have been affecting him lately sadly. He is often overlooked because he plays beside such talented wide outs, Julio jones and tiny Gonzales but is Atlantas greatest wide receiver of all time

Best offensive player in falcons history

Why is Roddy White even being considered?


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22 Paul Warfield

Paul Warfield is the best wide receiver in NFL History. An ultimate weapon, he had 85 touchdowns on teams that ran the ball first. He averaged 20 yds a catch over his career. His receptions to touchdowns ratio is one of the highest in NFL History. He was instumental in helping his teams great running games by being a great blocker and keeping defences from stacking up against the run because of his big play ability. He went over the middle with no fear and played during an era where defensive backs knocked receivers all over the place.

He was a track star in college in the sprints and long jump. He had an unbelievable 20 yards per reception career average. He was incredible to watch. Great hands, great leaping ability, and beautiful pass routes. Should be rated in the top ten.

I saw him play his entire career including 72 season, should be top 5 easy!, best route runner and by far leaping ability and great hands even across the middle

Top ten easily

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23 Raymond Berry

One of the most precise route runners of all times. The younger guys don't know but he out thought and out worked the defenses. He also, worked with Unitas to set up plays based on the tendencies of the offense. He is a top 10 all time.

He was a pioneer that paved the way for others to follow who improved the position with analytical preparation that enhanced his natural abilities.

Unitas to Berry. The main target for John Unitas and they won a lot of Championships together.


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24 Chad Ochocinco Chad Ochocinco

Chad Johnson is one of the top 5 withe receivers in the NFL right now maybe top 10 all-time. His athletic talent is unbelievable. The dude is tall, amazing quickness and nice cuts. He outran a race horse, like seriously. He is not as fast as Randy Moss, does not have as great route running ability or hands such as Marvin Harrison, and does not have the consistency of Jerry Rice. He is a step or two under all those categories but that is still amazing considering the aforementioned players are the best in NFL history at those crafts. Playing alongside a future Hall of Famer quarterback such as Carson Palmer doesn't hurt. As long as the guy doesn't get traded (nor Palmer) and doesn't have season or career ending injuries (or Palmer) he will rack up stats that might put him in top ten categories when it comes to receptions, yards, and touchdowns all-time. He also has some of the best touchdown dances ever and the dude doesn't care if he is fined for it, he'll continue it and that's why ...more - yougnr1116

He has hands. Look up the video "ocho cinco can't be touched"

Chad is the total package he has amazing catches and the best touchdown celebrations of all time above anyone - wolffwalker

He is an unbeilable great wr

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25 Hines Ward

Not only does he excell as a receiver but he's a team player who doesn't hesitate to block for his teammates or do whatever it takes to advance the Steelers as a whole.

Not as big of an athletic talent as some of the names on this list, but he knew how to get open, had excellent hands, blocked better than any receiver, and was tough as they come. The thing I loved most about watching him play was to see him take a bone-rattling hit and just pop up off the ground with a big smile on his face.

Hines Ward and Isaac Bruce are both VERY underrated, they are two of the best of all time. Jerry Rice I agree number one easy. T.O. should not be that high up at all, I don't care what stats show, he needs to stop eating the popcorn it gives him, wait for it... Butter fingers. - steelerfan_1743

Absolutely GREAT! When this receiver retired the NFl lost one of the very best. Couldn't imagine a man of his isze doing a better job

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26 Dez Bryant Dez Bryant Desmond Demond "Dez" Bryant Sr. is an American football wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

By the end of his career he will be a HOF WR and known as one of the greatest receivers of all time! Mark my Words...

One of the best up and coming receivers. Next Cowboy great.

Soon to be best cowboy wide receiver of all time

He's a beast

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27 Art Monk

It's a real shame that Roddy White and Dez Bryant are ahead of Art Monk. I would take monk over almost all of the players ahead of him. A class act player who was the epitome of clutch. There is not a player today that I would rather have than Monk on my team. He would make the biggest catches at the biggest moments.

Check out how many catches this Redskin had, during Super Bowl years.

Art Monk was the best at what he did. He did it within the regular season, post-season or superbowls. He was the best of his era. He caught many balls during the seasons he played and stood out as a quiet leader.

Art Monk was the man. Check the record books and move him up the list quite a few spots.

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28 Sterling Sharp

I always felt that if not for the neck injury, we would be talking about Sterling has the best receiver to ever play the game. He had better speed than Rice, he was stronger & more physical than Rice, & he had incredible hands like Rice. He'll always be one of my all-time favorites long after people have forgotten about him as far as the record books show

Better stats then a lot of players on list for such a short career. Put his numbers next to Rice 1st 7 years in league and while rice has better numbers Sterling is not far behind.

He was the only good receiver on the team, everyone on the defense knew the ball was coming to him, and he still caught a record number of passes.

His name is Sharpe. I also think Sterling would have been viewed better if he didn't play at the same time as Jerry Rice.

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29 Fred Biletnikoff

I'm a Rams fan but Fred could do something these youngsters can't - catch everything thrown to him - he is definitely top ten. This poll is skewed by the younger voters.

Freddie B from FSU was the main reason stick-um was banned from NFL. Damn that southern boy could play... - damersh

Fred played at Florida, and Lester Hayes was responsible for the stickum, after he had 3 picks and the Raiders routed the Steelers in the 76 AFC CG. - Garebare48

... this is absolutely the most ridiculous rating of receivers imaginable. Listing Fred Biletnikoff off the Top 10 of all time, is like listing Seattle Slew off the Top 10 list of greatest thoroughbreds...
The man never dropped a pass, always made himself an easy target for every QB he played with, with moves so subtle and precise that he made the defenders look like they were stuck in the mud... with 1 last drive left to win the game, this is the man I'd want out there... He's Top 5 in my book... do your research guys and study a little history...

Best hands ever.

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30 James Lofton

"Arguably the best deep threat of all time. An eight time pro bowler and maybe the best long range speed and hands combination ever. Held the all-time receiving record at time of retirement. "Overcame extreme adversity and renewed his image in the NFL. Possibly the most inspirational play as a veteran ever by having over a thousand yards at the age of 35 although playing in an arsenal of wide receivers such as Andre Reed on the Buffalo Bills in the early nineties. " - uhprodigy80

Best Long Range Speed and hands combination ever . Doesn't have
as much credit as he deserves because of early altercations in his career. 14,004 career yards multiple plays of 70 yards or more in career. - uhprodigy80

Lofton deserves to be in the top 10. Never even in a pass oriented offense but was a hard nosed, ultra talented football player with the stats to match.

Wow 36? How burnt is this list? Hines Ward and Donald Driver are jokes take them off this list.

31 John Stallworth

Higher up on the list... #30 is way too low!

I can not believe in good conscience Stalworth was not in the top ten.GO STEELERS!!! - shirllene828

Why is this guy number 30 in the list he should absolutely be in the top 5

This man was in my opinion better than Lynn Swan. Way underrated.

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32 Charlie Joyner

Excellent route runner! Great hands, good speed. Big heart! Finish from my high school, W.O. Boston, member of my church, all in Lake Charles, LA. Attended my favorite college Grambling St ^^ one of the greatest coaches ever Coach Eddie Robinson! Also LONGEVITY! Great humanbeing!

33 Jordy Nelson Jordy Nelson Jordy Ray Nelson is an American football wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League. Nelson was drafted in the 2nd round as the thirty sixth overall pick to the Green bay Packers in 2008

If he can avoid injuries for 10 years there's no question he'll be at the top of the list. Just look at his stats for every year since his rookie season, excluding 2012 when he was out for most of the season and played injured the rest of that season. He's as fast as a cheetah (went to college on a track scholarship, not a football scholarship) hard to tackle, great hands, great ball control, impeccable timing, leaps like a gazel, always has his head in the game and makes great blocks when he's not receiving. Oh, and plus, he is absolutely amazing on special teams when there's an onside kick; 9 times out of 10 he's the one who comes up with the ball.

The only reason he's not nearer the top of this list is he's still new to the league and missed most of the 2012 season. Check back in 10 years and he'll be in the top 10. Rodgers to Nelson is a better power duo than Bradshaw to Swan.

He deserves better in madden NFL I won't stop passing to him

Why is he so low he should be in top 20

Jordy nelson is betterthan most of these recivers

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34 Wesley Walker

Use to give the Dolphins nightmares. Had some of his biggest games against them.

He should be ranked higher along with Stallworth and Morgan. Wesley is the reason I began watching the NFL in '78. He ran by dbs like the weren't there. I saw him in 87 on mnf vs a your corner from Patriots that he left 20 yards behind and had to stop and wait for the pass from Ken O'Brien to get to him... He was awesome!

35 Tory Holt

Ranks #1 All-Time in yards per game which is over ten yards more then randy moss is was second, only player in history to have 1300+ yards 6 years in a row, best route runner in the game, on pace to rank in top 5 all-time in yards, catches and touchdowns, better hands then T.O could dream of (T.O lead the league in drops in 2006) and he is doing all this while sharing the load with issac bruce and steven jackson. Will end up in the Hall of Fame and ranked in top 5 all time in my opinion. Hes also a superbowl champion.

Holt Holt Holt....defently top 5, owns probowl best hands 5 years in a row, 7 thousand yards seasons and has better hands then anybody...must of cought bricks whn he was a kid, makes 70mph balls slamming into his hands look easy!

Torry Holt is a deep threat..he is great...a good WR..and he will be a future hall of famer.

Holt is the face of the Rams franchise.

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36 A. J. Green A. J. Green Adriel Jeremiah "A. J." Green is an American football wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League.

Greatest of all time, young, fast, tall and a 5;8 wingspan it just don't get any better than that. I almost forgot the best one, future super bowl MVP!

He's the new kid on the block doing it big..

I know all about him he was my student teachers cousin he should be 16

Extremely versatile and has good foot movement as well making him one of the best wr out there - lucassass

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37 Victor Cruz Victor Cruz Victor Michael Cruz is an American football wide receiver for the New York Giants of the National Football League.

He is a beast you are crazy if you don't rank him top 20.

I think AJ Green, Odell Beckham Jr, Wes Welker, and a lot more are better. But still a crazy good receiver.

I like OBJ better but he's good to!

Cruz is A BEAST

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38 Greg Jennings

Most underrated player in NFL history... LOOK AT HIM, future hall of famer.

Greg Jennings and Chris carter are the best I have witness ed in my life

You can't say he is in the top 30 but he is GOOD

Greg should be number 16

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39 Rod Smith

Rod's story is an inspiring one. It really is something to look up to. An he put up great numbers. He was a big time producer, eight 1000 yard receiving years and was a winner, 2 super bowl wins. He deserves to be much higher than Ocho, steve smith, and some of the guys still playing

are you kidding me? rod is not higher? lets see.. he is the all time leader in yards, rec, rec td's among all NON DRAFTED PLAYERS EVER! come on now..

He should deserve more recognition for his greatness

Should be higher..

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40 Isaac Curtis

Before Chad Johnson (Or whatever his name is these days) There was Issac Curtis. Chad Johnson has had a good career with the Bengals, but so did Eddie Brown. But Issac Curtis in my opion is the best receiver in Bengals history. Ask Ken Anderson, who also happens to be the best quarterback in Bengals history.

If it wernt but for Isaac curtis most receivers wouldn't have the records they have now because of the 5 yard bump rule! He should be in the top 5!

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