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61 Willie Gault

I'm speedy willi and I'm world clase I like runnin but I love 2 get the pass I practice all day and dance all night I gotta get ready 4 the sunday fight now I'm as smoth as a chocklet swirl moves so slick so watch me girl there anit number 1 else can do it like me my super bowl shuffle will set you free!

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62 Richard Sherman Richard Sherman Richard Kevin Sherman is an American football cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.

Not a wide receiver he's cornerback

That dude is beast boo patriots

Dude what the crap this guy is a corner not a reciever

He's not wide receiver he's cornerback - lucassass

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63 Mark Clayton

Yards; 8,974 Dolphins all time receiver in receptions (582), and touchdowns (84)-5 time pro bowler

64 Randall Cobb Randall Cobb Randall Ladonald Cobb II is an American football wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

Green bay has a great history with one of the best coaches there is and in present time the team leaders are Aaron Rodgers, Eddie lacy, Randall Cobb, Clay Mathews, and Julius Peppers and with Randall Cobb one of them shows a lot of potential by Randall Cobb

Is this a joke he should not be on this list larry is better retard

Did we forget about larry

One of Green bays finest - lucassass

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65 Sammy Watkins Sammy Watkins Sammy Watkins is an American football wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League. Watkins was drafted 4th overall to the Buffalo Bills. His known for having injury prone problems on multiple occasions in Buffalo since coming into the league in 2014.

Really good for the buffalo bills not a number 1 though but defiantly a top 15 - lucassass

He should be number 2 or 3

He is so better


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66 Darrel Green

This is ridiculous. How could he not be in the top 51? Mushin Muhammad is above him, WHAT!? Yeah, uh, crazy.
He may not have had the best hands, but he is the fastest American football player EVER. Almost ran a 4. 00 40-yard dash. At 40 years old, he was the fastest person on his old team with a 4. 2 40. Played for the Redskins, great receiver. - Malorian

Darrel green is one of if not the greatest corners of all time. he is the fastest player in NFL history and has more picks and tackles than Deion Sanders. a hall of fame corner with two rings, not a receiver!

He played cornerback, not receiver. Top 5 at his position, I don't think he ever lined up on offense

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67 Mushin Muhammad V 3 Comments
68 Elroy Crazy Legs Hirsch

Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsh had 1495 yards and 17 touchdowns in a 12 game season. Ochocinco, TO and Driver never had that many yards in 16 game season; Rice and Moss never had a season where they averaged that many yards in a game. In 1951 Hirsch had the greatest season by a receiver in the history of the NFL. Find me a better season. I don't think you can. Now the question is does one season define a career? No it doesn't but he had many great seasons including the greatest of all time.

Nice name laugh out loud

He should be second - 2storm

Name is beastly

69 Julian Edelman Julian Edelman Julian Francis Edelman is an American football wide receiver for the New England Patriots of the National Football League. more.

Dez Bryant does not deserve to be higher than Julian Edelman no matter what! BOO COWBOYS!

Julian Edelman is way better than that

Should be in top 20

Making a name for hime self is defiantly top 20 worthy - lucassass

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70 Roy Willams

Best receiver in the game today

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71 Harold Carmichael

Tall and lanky, solid and strong.

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72 Dwayne Jarrett

Greatest receiver of all time by far. Who is Jerry Rice? He is horrible pathetic excuse for a player. Jarret is what the nfl is all about and will always be about! The Big J is the greatest player of all time.

73 Cris Collinsworth

He is was the best white Rec ever

His announcing is worth minus 10 spots

His announcing is far better than Phil Simms or John Gruden!

Ok WR, sucks as a commentator. - htoutlaws2012

74 Gary Clark

Underrated... Size & quickness and toughness were his forte. Solid receiver who always gave 100% In today's offensive schemes would be a Wes Welker type.

The play maker of the fun bunch witch along with Ricky Sanders and Art Monk were Joe Gibbs primary weapon that sent the redskins to four super bowls.

This guy is a beast

75 Golden Tate Golden Tate Golden Tate III is an American football wide receiver and punt returner for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League.

Yah I think Golden Tate 111 should go in the top ten

His not better than Holt come on - htoutlaws2012

I think he should at least make it to the top ten

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76 Amari Cooper Amari Cooper Amari Cooper is an American football wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League. Cooper was drafted 4th overall to the Oakland Raiders.

My first name is Cooper. Amari is the best

My favorite

He is a beast


77 Joe Horn

This guy is the man. He was the go-to guy when you needed points. - Baltimore1993

78 Webster Slaughter

Easily one of the fastest wr of all time I'm not saying he should be in the hall of fame or nothing like that but he was fun to watch.

Fast off the line as all get out, breaking DB's ankles and tough as nails and who could forget the painted ORANGE shoes!

79 D.J. Hackett
80 Max McGee

Not the best of all time but 85 he made
NFL history with the first touchdown in super
Bowl history 85 come on

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