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121 Troy Williamson

He was much better than Randy Moss. The Vikings got the right man in the draft.

122 Brian Hartline

Boss he never drops the ball and is super fast brian hardline is boss and is way better golden tate how did hardline get up here?!

123 Mike Wallace Mike Wallace

I hate Mike Wallace known. When he used to play for Pittsburgh he was awesome. Wallace went from Pittsburgh to Miami to Minnesota

Super fast, good hands, deep threat.

Alright Stefon Diggs is better than him anyway. Yes 10 year olds can love football.

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124 Aaron Dobson
125 Gary Collins

Three touchdown receptions in the 1964 championship game where the underdog Cleveland Browns beat the Baltimore Colts 27-0. Greater than most on the list. Should be in HOF. Great punter too.

126 Henry Ellard V 1 Comment
127 Brandin Cooks Brandin Cooks Brandin Cooks is an American football wide receiver and return specialist for the New England Patriots of the National Football League.

He is one of the best, next to Marques Colston.

128 Lionel Taylor

How is it even possible the Lionel Taylor is not even on this list. During an era that if you caught 60 balls and had 800-1000 yards you were considered elite. Taylor averaged 84 receptions and 1070 yards from 1960-65. In addition he was the first ever wide receiver to catch 100 passes in a year. I am not saying he was the best of all-time but if he played for the colts or packers during that time fram he would probably be in the Hall of Fame.

129 Mohamed Sanu Mohamed Sanu Mohamed Sanu is an American football wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League.

Not top 150...But this guy is getting a lot better.

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130 Travis Benjamin Travis Benjamin Travis Jammal Benjamin is an American football wide receiver and return specialist for the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League. V 1 Comment
131 Michael Crabtree Michael Crabtree Michael Alex Crabtree, Jr. is an American football wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

Made 9 touchdowns last season, also one in the Super Bowl each time he catches a ball he does his best to juke or break tackles just like jerry rice did

Not enough respect.. 94 is a terrible ranking for him..

He's a beast he's one the greatest and he was a big time college player

132 Demaryius Thomas Demaryius Thomas Demaryius Antwan Thomas is an American football wide receiver for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. Thomas was drafted twenty second overall to the Broncos in 2010.

How is Thomas ranked 115th that is a crime. Since Thomas came into the league all he has done is dominate every year. Even when he had Tebow throwing to him he was putting up big numbers. Thomas is big fast strong and going to rank in the top five all-time by the the time he reitires. Unlike Moss he will block and runs every route even when he is not the primary target.

How did he get up here he is one of the best wide receivers in the league he is boss he is way better than hardline and nelson he is BOSShe should be in the top 30 the least he is fast strong and jukes like a BOSS he is so good an catches almost all the catches in the world he is a BOSS

He is amazing should be top 25 just don't look at this year's record for him.

pretty lit

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133 Bob Hayes

The reason for zone pass defences.

Not the greatest hands but had the biggest impact. He is HOFF for a reason.

The fastest person to ever play the game of football, and probably the only person in history who could have beaten Usain Bolt in his prime.
His anchor leg of the 4X100 Relay in the 1964 Olympics is the fastest any human being has ever run under their own power on level ground.
His hands were indeed average at best, but his speed was super-human.
Sadly, he did not have a happy "post-football" retirement life.
RIP to "The World's Fastest Human".

134 Santonio Holmes

Great catch in the Super Bowl against the Cardinals. I think this guy is very underrated. If they would only add him a little more in the offense, then they would be a one-two punch with Ward and him. - FootballDog61

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135 Julio Jones Julio Jones Quintorris Lopez "Julio" Jones is a current wide receiver who plays for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League. Jones was selected sixth overall in 2011 to the Atlanta Falcons, and since made it to one Super Bowl.

Best rookie season for a falcon in a long time!

This guy one day will be top 10 greatest of all time.

Number 3 who ever made this must have Ben high

Jesus this list is a joke

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136 John Gilliam

My favorite Vikings receiver growing up during the Tarkenton years.

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137 Devin Hester

Crack is an awful drug and to put Devin Hester any where on this list, you must be smoking a fair amount daily! Who's next Dante Hall. Please!

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138 Keyshawn Johnson

"If you have a problem with Keyshawn, you have a problem with yourself." - Keyshawn Johnson


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139 Bernard Berrian V 1 Comment
140 T. J. Houshmandzadeh

He is a beast and catches dang near everything that comes his way he is strong fast has excellent hands and he can take a hit unlike chad johnson could be a starting receiver for a team but is currently playing as a second receiver behind chad johnson who he out shined big time this season

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