Best Philippine Broadway Musical Singers / Actresses

Who do you think is the best in Broadway musical? Choose the one that is good in singing and acting. Vote wisely! Choose an amazing Broadway Musical Singers/Actress(Female)!

The Top Ten

1 Lea Salonga Lea Salonga

No one can beat her!

Because I like like like her.

Why isn't she at number 1?
This is so unfair!
I want her to be on top

2 Karylle Tatlonghari
3 Rachelle Ann Go
4 K-la Rivera
5 Joanna Ampil

Awarded musical theater actress =D - SuperIanSoliman

6 Cris Villonco
7 Rachel Alejandro
8 Emy Alcid-Trinidad
9 Aicelle Santos

Amazing singer and included in the shortlists for miss saigon! - SuperIanSoliman

10 Franceska Farr

Get Miss Saigon Callbacks - SuperIanSoliman

The Contenders

11 Maja Salvador

She has a very great voice, she knows how to dance and motivate people, I really wish I could even see her real life she's so pretty.

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