Best Place for a Holiday In Greece

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1 Crete

It's Amzing island in the southen greece, the blue waters the people everything


2 Sadorini


I am from Greece too.

I am from Cypr... Greece! Cyprus is Greece greetings from Cyprus!

3 Corfu
4 Pilio

Well Pilio is a really wonderful mountain suitable both for a relaxing holiday in a hotel or for hiking and trips! At the Northen end themountain faces the Agean. Also this with the combimation of Volos ( the city which is located near Pilio ) provide a nice holoday experience. I love in Volos so whoever wants to spend a vacation in Greece mustnt miss this place!

5 Rodos

Excellent international tourist destination! The autonomous state of Rhodes absolutely awesome

Rodos is the best island

6 Zakynthos

Great beaches everywhere including the famous Navagio Beach. Beautiful sunsets! Night life! Venetian castles, fantastic views, Sea turtle encounters, sailing, parasailing and great local food experiences. Try their local Il Gusto pizza. What a vacation!


7 Mykonos
8 Thesaloniki
9 Athens Athens

Good and Safe place

10 Skiathos

The Contenders

11 Kerkyra

Wonderful scenery, wonderfully trustworthy people and friendly and welcoming too - I love it

12 Naxos
13 Thassos

Go to Thassos and you will go again and again and again.

14 Chalkidiki

Beautiful place wonderful beaches extraordinary scenery incredible history beautiful people delicious food what more can you say about halkidiki Macedonia Greece

15 Kavala
16 Ithaki
17 Volos

I've never seen more beautiful place and girls laugh out loud :DD

18 Ikaria
19 Lefkada
20 Milos
21 Samos
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