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21 Haunter vs Kadabra

Truly epic. This episode is a huge favourite of mine!

My personal favorite, this one's too funny!

22 Hoenn Alone
23 The Song of Jigglypuff

I love Jigglypuff. Another episode I love is when Ash goes t get the fire badge and the gym leader is disguised and tells them all riddles. It even has Jigglypuff in it!

Easily the best. Team Rockets song was awesome.

Jigglypuff is awesome with that marker. Haha

24 Memories Are Made of Bliss

Marked the end to the best Pokemon series ever and it did it in style. Such an awesome episode and my personal favourite.

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25 Electric Shock Showdown

Pikachu vs raichu one of ash's well earned gym badge in the first season because most of them were earned by helping out the gym leader but this he fought and did it well beating he's evolution

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26 Gotta Catch Em All

Saw it when I was 9 and still the best

It's the motto of ash. Well, kind of

Unfortunately I have to vote to tell you you're wrong.

First is always the best!

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27 The Tower of Terror

Tower of terror is great, especially when ash scares misty and brock with a mask and when ash was a ghost! It should be first!

I thought this would be scary because its lavender town but it ended up being very funny

This is the best episode ever awesome humor, story etc. This is my favourite Pokemon episode there are many others but this is in my perspective the best
(note I have not seen to many episodes more for the games

NOSTALGIA. This is the word to explain this episode!

28 Pokemon Shipwreck

Well, it's kinda funny because everyone thought that Ash, Brock, Misty, James and Jessie were dead because of the sinking ship, also, James's legendary Magikarp... I almost died laughing. - RueSapphireShiverpool

What the magikarp. Lol seriously JAMES

Oh my god this was hilarious. ALL HAIL THE KING OF KARP and Pikachu shakes hands with Meowth and electricutes him. And Goldeen's face when she found Team Rocket drowning - Goatworlds

29 The Endless Zero! Until The Day We Meet Again!

Why Serena? Why? The reason you started your journey, the reason, we all love you *sob sob*. One of the MOST memorable episodes

Feels! FEELS! When Serena left, I was so sad! - Absolite

This is the Japanese name. In English, it's "Till We Compete Again! "

30 Snow Way Out!

The reason I love this episode is because it shows how much Ash truly cares for his Pokemon. For example, he saves Pikachu in a blizzard and makes sure his Pokemon are warm and safe at the cost of his own warmth and safety.

This episode shows how much Ash truly cares about his Pokemon. Upon getting separated from Pikachu in a blizzard he follows quickly getting seperated from Brock and Misty in the blizzard. When reunited with Pikachu he uses Charmander to make an ice cave and uses his other Pokemon to help block the entrance. When he sees that his Pokemon seem weak and cold he recalls them into their pokeballs and wraps them up in his jacket. When part of the entrances breaks he covers it with his body to keep his Pokemon safe and warm. They come out of their pokeballs and huddle with him and Pikachu to keep each other warm.

I love this episode so much! Pikachu, charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur and even pidgeotto showed how much they care about ash. "You win, Guess we'll all be cold together".

Hey, there's a Loud House episode with this name. It's about Lana.

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31 Round One...Begin!

This episode shows how powerful Ash's Krabby/Kingler really is. Plus, it demonstrates that Ash is no amateur trainer since he wins the battle with one Pokemon. The name's pretty attractive too!

32 Holy Matrimony

Best episode ever, I love James's fake story, James's real story, and the humor in this episode is amazing

You have to say this was great. One of the best ever!

My favourite episode! Hilarious watching James' reaction to Jessiebelle and Jessie and Meowth's terrible 'camouflage' outfit. One of the first episodes that mainly focused on Team Rocket.

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33 Seeking Shelter From the Storm

Don't remind me! This episode just had so many FEELS! - Absolite

People don't pay enough attention to this episode. It made me cry the whole time especially when Espurr was holding the flower and dropped it.

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34 The Misty Mermaid

I thought it was a great Misty centered episode! Her sisters are really funny, and it was great to see great qualities in Misty that she'd later showcase as the official Cerulean City gym leader.

Was always my favourite! I love water Pokemon and the battle between Seel/Dewgong and Team Rocket was epic. Also the ditzy commentary from Misty's sisters, haha

It shows off so much about Misty and this is the first real time we get to see how strong she is on her own

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35 Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu!

Simply awesome and packed with epic scenes of battles and the renowned capture styler
(you even get to see it in action! )

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome

I love riolu because it evolves into lucario

36 The Bicker the Better

The episode was funny and it was good with the non-stop bickering

One of the best written episodes. Episode 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, Whiscash and Ash, and A Real Rival Rouser are the only episodes on the same level.

Whhat? Why is this in the top 40? I thought this was one of the worst episodes.

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37 Abra and the Psychic Showdown
38 Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest

I cried during this episode because sewaddle was so adorable and annoying/hard to stop crying type of thing.

39 Computer Soldier Porygon

Episode 38 only aired once in Japan. Nearly seven hundred Japanese children suffered seizures. This episode also gave the Pokémon anime the dubious title of "Most Photosensitive Epileptic Seizures Caused by a Television Show" from The Guinness Book of World Records. It is also the reason why porygon 2 or porygon Z will never be seen in the anime,

This episode can cause seizures evil Pikachu kills 600 kids - Goatworlds

What's wrong with Pokemon in Japan

40 Ignorance is Blissey

One of my favorite episodes, based around my all time favorite character. It really makes you feel horrible for Jessie, and shows her in a totally different light. this should be way higher up on the list.

Such a sweet episode!

Good cute funny episode - Serena

Just, Just amazing

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