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1 Roar of Time

Sorry, but this move should be in the bottom barrel!

Never ever use this, no matter how tempting it is (unless you want to nuke the opponent's last Pokemon), it's just Hyper Beam with a different name!

God noobs are everywhere I tell you, this list seriously needs to be revamped! - VioletParr89

This is dialgas move isn't it

Frustrating for the opponent

Well I guess dialga knows it so yeah it's the best I mean a legendary knows it and I don't know hell why there is no judgement on this list so if judgement is not on this list the it's the best

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2 Aura Sphere

Best move ever

Lucario, Togekiss, Mewtwo, you guys are lucky ducks.

Lucky emboar

Has a base power of 80 rather than 60 like most never miss moves so its pretty good

That is why I hate moves like Swift, Shock Wave, and Magical Leaf. - Goatworlds

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3 Stealth Rock

A very potent hazard which is used by most teams in competitive

Meta defining move.

This, small insignificant children, is what the boogeyman checks under his bed for, and what death is to afraid to tell it that it died 20 years ago. If there was an ability such as snow warning with stealth rock, pray to raptor Jesus.

Destroys sash, flying types, bug types, fire types and a lot of other stuff. Magic Guard and Rapid Spin may ignore/remove it, but those are the only ways to not take damage.

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4 Earthquake

One shots every Pokèmon in the game

Amazing and super strong attack.

Amazing attack

Earthquake is a amazing attack especially when your opponent is in his dig stage plus even if it is not in its dig stage, it still is one of the most powerful moves

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5 Shell Smash

Minior+white herb with shell smash is op. make sure the minion is shiny because why not?

Why does everyone always talk about Shell Smash + White Herb? People, people...! Focus Sash. Although, White Herb Sturdy Shell Smash Crustle is terrifying to deal with, even if it isn't an amazing pokemon.

Especially with a White Herb, this move gives you a great stat boost and is one of the few moves on this list that is here due to strategy instead of raw power.

Along with stealth rock, this is the only move in this top 10 worthy of being here. - brichards719

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6 Extreme Speed


Arceus, swords dance, extreme speed. Spammers awareness

This move is very fast and better and faster than quick attack. nearly no-one can dodge this powerful move

It does very good damage and can sweep when paired with a status boosting move

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7 Flame Thrower

The classic go-to-move for any Fire type or strong special attacking Pokemon, also Charizard's former signature move! - VioletParr89

Its just classic

In gen 1 it was the BEST

Flame thrower is a marijuana strain not a pokemon move idiots it's Flamethrower durr

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8 Sticky Web

Well, in-game it might be rubbish, but competitively it's kinda neat.

Pretty decent in certain competitive matchups

No need for scarf! specs or band for more damage!

This move is only helpful in the beganing of a game when speed actually matters. When you get high leveled slowing a mega raquaza,or other fast Pokemon, a little doesn't make a difference.

9 Sheer Cold

Mind reader then sheer cold your dead

Sheer cold go with articunio that's why I like it

Hate Glacia's Stallrein with this.

Sorry accuracy, even you can't stop this monstrosity when mind reader is in play. Add some other moves to add some punch

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10 Toxic Spikes

Toxic Spikes Stack => Swap Pokemon => Snorlax => Rest

This is such a fun move, as long as your opponent can't absorb the spikes.

My absol had Magic bounce and bounced them right back at my friend. LOL!

"No Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument"

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The Newcomers

? Spectral Thief

Best move ever. Can steal opponent's stat boosts and attack them at the same time. - POKEGAMERZ

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11 Boomburst


Boomburst is arguably the most powerful move in the game. All of the moves that have more than 140 power have a significant drawback. Like Hyper Beam's recharge, Overheat's special attack reduction ( Overheat is actually only 140 power), Eruption's variable damage, and the suicidal Explosion. Boomburst's only drawback is that it is not super-effective against anything. It's area-of-effect ability is actually advantageous if your partner Pokemon are either Ghost-types, or their abilities are either Soundproof or Telepathy.

Boomburst is by far the most powerful move for a Pokemon to use. Only drawback is that, as a Normal-Type move, it can't be supereffective against anything (Although you can obtain STAB damage if you train Exploud to use it). Plus, I believe the reason it isn't higher on this list is 1) it's not widely known and 2) Only 5 Pokemon can be taught how to use this move

I agree, Boomburst is far better than Hyper Beam. The only downside is it hits your allies in Double and Triple Battles.

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12 Blast Burn

Just a fire-type version of Hyper Beam! Along with Roar of Time and Hyper Beam, this should be in the bottom barrel of the listing!

Never ever use this (unless you want to nuke the last Pokemon you're facing), same goes for other bad signature moves with the same effect (Hydro Cannon (Water Variant), Frenzy Plant (Grass Variant), Prismatic Laser (Psychic Variant which is 160 Base power and only Necrozma can learn it) and then of course Roar of Time (Dragon Variant and only Diagla can learn it).

Never use moves with horrible side effects, they will kill you. - VioletParr89

In the show blast burn is an earthquake with fire. Actually effective against water types despite it being a fire type move. Definitely should be higher on the list

How the hell is this not higher a fire type move that is CLEARLY the exact SAME as hydro cannon personally I love fire types but when only starters can learn this move it makes my Emboar even more special.

Fire types are my favorite since gen 1 and since gen 3 I've always choose fire types

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13 Draco Meteor

This makes mega rayquaza even more broken

It should be a lot higher

It's a strong move

I got a zekrom and will teach Draco meteor to him because than he will be powerful

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14 Hyper Beam

How is this second? Hyper beam is a poor move, it appeals to people because it has a big attack power but if you try using this competitively online you'll get destroyed. There's no chance of it being super effective and you have to recharge after it's used, so you're leaving your opponent free to use focus punch or switch in to a Pokemon that is strong against yours, knowing full well you aren't going to be able to punish the switch with an attack. Using a power 80 move twice is a better choice since that's 160 in total compared to the 150 you get every 2 turns for hyper beam and you don't get to advertise a free turn to your opponent.

OOFFF all pokemon that r attacked by this move

Why does everyone hate Hyper Beam so much? It's not that bad at all! I mean, it's no Roar of Time or Aura Sphere, but it's not all that bad!
Sure, it's no effective against some Pokemon, but it's better than it's given credit for!

This move is actually horrible. First of all the recharge has it having the same base power as a 75 power move. Second it's a normal type move which is super effective against nothing. Third it has a chance to miss making it as useful as a 67.5 base power move. Fourth most pokemon who get STAB on this move are physical attackers there are litterly some pokemon who are better off using tackle than this. Lastly because of the recharge the opponent can do a sething up and you will get destroyed. So my message is don't use this move. You'll get destroyed.

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15 Metronome

Metronome is random and maybe OP, good PP and can use MANY MANY strong moves in the game and five pokemon can use as of gen 7. Mew, Munchlax (if kept when evolves to snorlax), and Aipom (if kept when evolves)

Metronome battle.

I LOVE This Move! Sure there are chances of Self-Destruct, Explosion and Memento, But Metronome still has chances to Become a Legendary's Signature Move! Had Happened to me Twice, My Togepi completely Owned Morty's Gengar When Metronome Suddenly Became Psycho Boost (Sorry if I'm wrong with the name)!

Sure, its risky, but this move is the best because...when I am writing this, hyper beam is #1 on this list. The thing is, metronome can even use better moves than that. I prefer Solar Beam over Hyper Beam, but it holds the same truth, metronome is the best because it can use all the moves on this list and more.

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16 Ice Beam

Love it, killing rayquaza and more overrated dragons like dragonnite is cool lmao - aboywithligma

Not that great of a move on its own. However, add the fact that this is super effective against grass types to the fact that so many water types use it, and you have the answer to why water type is so overpowered.

I find this move a bit annoying when I'm fighting and some one uses it against me as the Pokemon I like are not strong against Ice type moves

Ice beam is good against ground, grass, dragon, flying, has a power of 100, I believe an accuracy of 100, it's an overall great move

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17 Hydro Cannon

I hate hyper beam. It is not that strong being normal type, in competitive play and also makes you charge a turn which basically makes it useless practically. Hydro cannon isn't that good either.

Its good for a early game for blastoise it will be really good move especially against fire types

This move isn't that great to be honest but it is quite powerful

Isn't hydro cannon technically the same as hydro pump?

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18 Thunder

Pair this up with a Pokemon that has Drizzle (Kyorge, especially Primal Kyorge), Compound Eyes (Galvantula) or No Guard and your accuracy problems will disappear!

Same with Hurricane, Blizzard (if you're using Snow Warning), Fire Blast (don't use it with Drizzle) and Focus Blast! - VioletParr89

Don't waste your Pikachu on Thunder, use the Agility + Electro Ball combo since he is very fast anyway. Also, for a Pokemon like Pikachu Thunderbolt is good enough... It's more useful for a Pokemon like Magneton who can learn Lock-On, and can take better hits than Pikachu can.

This IS a very low accuracy move. my electivire has it. it almost ALWAYS misses

It's great, Pikachu wins battles with this beauty

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19 Flare Blitz

This move is awesome. Pokemon with high attack and STAB like Blaziken will kill you, even though there is recoil.

20 Giga Impact


Lol notice how much better people think hyper beam is when they are practically the same attack!

The only difference is that Giga Impact is physical and Hyper Beam is special - Goatworlds

Back in the old days hyper beam was a physical attack, so giga impact was made to replace hyper beam after it became a special attack.

No offense to giga impact but whenever I use it with ma mega venusaur it doesn't even do up to a QUARTER of damage!

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21 Blaze Kick

Should be in the Top Ten easily!

Also should be a move tutor move (just imagine getting a Shiny Lucario the move without having to breed it until you get another Shiny with the right nature and IVs). - VioletParr89

Yuh because blaziken is BEAST!

I love Blaziken so much and I can't believe it's number 18! It should be higher in my opinion (even though it isn't THAT good) but other people might disagree, so I'm glad it's so high!

Many Pokemon have that power and let me tell you it is wonderful

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22 Scald

One of the only Water type moves that Emboar can learn and it should be far higher on the list, you have a 30% chance of burning your foes!

Speaking of Emboar, give it the Waternium Z Crystal and watch hilarity unfold right before you! - VioletParr89

Scald is actually just the best move; there doesn't need to be a top 10, top 5, there just needs to be a top 1.

Best attack in the current meta, Scald gets a lot of power when used by the likes of keldeo. The fact that it burns is the icing on the cake since a lot of physical attackers are prominent in the meta as of now. Knock Off and Thunder Wave give this move competition though

Great attack, can be used well with bulky water types for STAB bonus, and also has a chance to debilitate physical attackers with burn.

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23 Thunderbolt


Jolteon is a god with this move.

There are too many noobs on this list. Some of these moves aren't even viable-- Hyper Beam makes you waste a turn, Fissure's accuracy is garbage, and Aerial Ace is weak as piss-- and the reasoning for putting these moves on the list are horrible. Thunderbolt is by far the best move of my favorite type, as it's quite powerful and hits almost all the time. Thunderbolt never disapponts (unless you're facing a Ground-type).

Why take how much you like the type into account? Also, could you state the reason for why it "never disappoints" instead of saying it without any evidence to back it up? - DootToot

Fair enough. 100% accuracy, great Water coverage, 90 base damage and is fairly easily obtainable and learnable.

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24 Solar Beam

This move is underrated

Bruh did should be under number 5 did is a a boss move doug best move

Grass type with Sleep Powder or Spore and this attack = better combo than Sunny Day and this attack...


Sunny Day gives you instant Solar Beam every turn (which is what you're going to need if you're running this attack), putting a Pokemon to sleep is very very risky move as you are burning two turns to charge and attack, same goes for Focus Punch. - VioletParr89

It's the one of most powerful grass move.

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25 Fire Blast

Cool move I think it is better than flame thrower but is used only 5 times but some how it is not good

Hmm... Have you heard of accuracy or that bliss eye holds a item as well? Not to mention, a lot of power ups. That'll take a while. One at a time... What about... Something like toxic! Now that provides stalling and draining.

Just give it tons of po ups and special attack boost and Blisseys will be easy.

When charizard uses it. It is so powerful and 99.9 % burns the opponent

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26 Surf

This move is better than all the ones before it on this list. High damage, high accuracy, high amounts of use, easily obtained, wide variety of Pokemon can use it.

Surf is a needy Pokemon move and plus in the Pokemon tower defense 2 you need it or you have to find the hm witch is annoying

I love this move not only does it it hurt pokemon but outside of battle it ables you to go in to the water with that pokemon

And also this move is basically Waterfall but weaker but Surf hurts everyone in battle

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27 Dragon Pulse

Did you my Zweilous wanted to learn this but is was a physical attacker so I denied it. However, when it evolved I learned that Hydreigon was a special attacker and I had to get a heart scale to teach it the move :(

P.S. I know you can teach Hydreigon Draco Meteor but if you're using it for your post-adventure it gets annoying because it becomes difficult to use Draco Meteor and then other special moves without switching if you have a special set.

Dragon pulse is amazing!

If you have a dragon type with a very high special attack stat then this is a move for you

Come on guys this is the number one go to move for all dragons.

28 Hydro Pump

Most powerful water move, shame you can only use it 5 times...

Really good water move, one of the bests instead of surf :(

29 Diamond Storm

This move is amazing.
It has 100 power, nearly always hits.
It has a 1 in 2 chance of raising users physical defense by 2 STAGES!

I personally love this move, it should be higher

Mega Diancie's attack. Best efficiency. May take up to 1454 hp

30 Psycho Cut


31 Dark Pulse

Can sometimes cause opponent pokemon to flinch skipping there turn

Pretty good dark move


32 Blizzard

Best user is Abomasnow (it has Snow Warning and even retains it upon Mega Evolving! ) - VioletParr89

I guess a Regice with Lock On, Blizzard, Amnesia, and Thunder would pull something off. It's pretty good for an Articuno too...

Pokemon red/green blizzard 120p/90acc with a 30% chance to freeze (gen 1 freeze = death)

33 Psychic

Easy go classic. It was the most Op move in gen 1. And most psychics know it!

Great move, and able to flinch your target is extra great

How is this not number 1. Psychic is a very good special move, and has base 90 without STAB 1.5x damage multiplier, and that’s saying a lot. But RBY psychic was just broken. Not only did it lower special def but also special atk, and had a 33% of doing so instead of 10%

It's the go to move for a physic type Pokemon, and it deals a good amount of damage.

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34 Toxic

This should be higher it will slowly do damage to pokemon and can even beat legendarys and almoast every pokemon can learn it!

Toxic can really help if your dealing with a very defensive pokemon like snorlax just wait until toxic starts to get worse (it gets worse every turn)

Use a crobat, which has 130 base speed, meaning you'll almost always get this off before being hit. Use toxic, which always hits with poison types, and spam roost to keep yourself alive, as the opposition steadily approaches death. I've beaten entire teams of legendaries doing this.

Nice poison move poisons the enemy and hurts them more and more every Attacking turn

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35 Frenzy Plant

Most powerful grass type move but leaf storm just behind!

I hate it when you have to recharge when using this move.

Over powered

Frenzy plant defeated ashs pikachu in pokemon xyz (not really 1 shotted) but I like frenzy plant : most powerful grass type move!

36 Earth Power

Underrated move has chance of lowering special defense even if you are a mixed attacking ground type use this over earthquake

Great move but just another variation of Psychic...

Great ground type move

37 Megahorn

A great move for any pokemon that can get it and a must-have for Nidoking to help fend off psychic types

Yep, the move that gave Bug-types a fighting chance has to be high on the list.


38 Outrage

My krookodile is beast with this

Outrage was so OP. 120 damage that lasts for 2-3 turns! It causes confusion though, but I mean like this is already TOO OP AND ZEKROM USED IT THEN EVERYONE EXPLODES BEFORE ZEKROM DIES

This thing is so op on my Reshiram

Outrage is much better then draco meteor. The confusion doesn't matter because you've already beat the trainer by the time the confusion kicks in. It does massive damage, and if used by a good dragon type, like Dragonite or Garchomp, then almost everything will get one-shotted. This is my all time favorite dragon type move, if not out of every move

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39 Sacred Fire

While Sacred Fire is exclusive to Ho-Oh and Entei, it is an extremely powerful move with 130 damage and a whopping 50% chance to burn the target. While it does only have 90% accuracy, Fire Blast has less accuracy, less damage, and less chance to burn, and they both have the same PP. Sacred Fire is overall the better move and in my opinion one of the best moves in the series.

It is a flash of light in different colors depends on the Pokemon that gets you a shot and let you asleep

40 Sacred Sword

An Move that isn't effected by calm minds, curse, amnesia, etc. This move can be really helpful against tanks that use these stats boosts such as clefable. This should be in top 10 in my opinion -From Smogon Univestity

This is the boss move that can beat virtually everything!

The legendary virizion uses it it is the best thing ever

Sadly not many Pokemon can learn this amazingly op move

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41 Aerial Ace

Guys, calm down. It doesn't matter if its weak. It's weak for a reason. It is for when starting a journey, ya know? I mean like it would make sense if you start a journey and get a pokemon that knows this move. But, it wouldn't make sense if a pokemon you caught while starting your journey like a Burmy knew something like Leaf Tornado or whatever

One word: Technician.

Buffs it from a 60 base power move to a 90 base power, and a good portion of the Pokemon who have Technician as their ability can learn Aerial Ace and it's variants! (though not all of them can have it at once). - VioletParr89

It's good on Scyther and Scizor, the Technician boost gives it 90 power, and Scyther gets a STAB boost from it. - noo7na7

Actually I am watching Ash's Ash Greninja it is cool. Also it can not miss with the acceptance of dig,fly, sky drop and a few others.

You must be watching Ash's Staraptor... It's basically a Wing Attack with lower PP and somewhat higher accuracy...

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42 Focus Blast
43 Moonblast

Moonblast Mega Gardevoir OP!

Would be better if psychic type move but I suppose fairy types do need strong attacks as well...

My blaziken has that move its to powerful that the roar of time

I like how the Pokemon uses the moon to start up it's attack.

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44 Shadow Ball


45 Magikarp Revenge

What's this move? I just want to know what is it nothing else.

The best move of all time. I also love Splash and Constrict. - henry_danger_is_great

I don't believe in magikarp's revenge

This is insane

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46 Crunch

This is Bite but more powerful and learned in the later stages

Can 1hit KO some types of Pokemon.

47 Splash

Only OHKO move with %100 accuracy. Magikarp must be holding a Float Stone, however. Simply set up Rain Dance and Magikarp can sweep entire Uber teams with ease.

Best move, no question

Awesome move

Why are so few voting on this? This is the best move in the whole franchise!

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48 Skull Bash

130 base damage raises defense at start of turn and uses at end.

49 Eruption

Very useful when the Pokemon has a way to restore hit points as the user has low hit points, the attack gets weaker as well

Eruption is AWESOME my typhlosion finished a pika hug in 1 eruption when the pikachu had a 13 level advantage

This move all in it's way and all Pokemon know the move are in the top 100 best Pokemon

Also good some fire in the ass

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50 U-Turn

This Bug move is really awesome it takes high damage and you get to change your Pokemon

Powerful move (one hit ko sometimes) and lets you change Pokemon to turn the tables.

Pretty good1

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