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1 Roar of Time

A dragon version of hyper beam. Slightly better because of its dragon typing so it can at least do super effective damage, but other than that its as bad as hyper beam

Sure Dialga learns this with its boosted STAB, special attack and adamant orb, but the actual move isn't all that great. Just a dragon version of the sorry move hyper beam

Fun fact: a special event darkrai came with roar of time, and spacial rend too. - Dman1972

Hyper beam is stron so I bet this is also strong and it’s a dragon type move

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2 Aura Sphere

Has a base power of 80 rather than 60 like most never miss moves so its pretty good

That is why I hate moves like Swift, Shock Wave, and Magical Leaf. - Goatworlds

Just the perfect move, sometimes then, when not close combat for my lucario or dragon pulse is nice to, I never missed a dragon pulse

I just love this move, it has saved my Mewtwo from dark types multiple times

I like aura sphere of lucario because it never misses and it is difficult to stop it.

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3 Stealth Rock

Destroys sash, flying types, bug types, fire types and a lot of other stuff. Magic Guard and Rapid Spin may ignore/remove it, but those are the only ways to not take damage.

This is how you kill charizard and volcarona

All battles are about dealing with stealth rocks. It's a major factor in who wins battles.

Defog lol

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4 Earthquake

Earthquake is a amazing attack especially when your opponent is in his dig stage plus even if it is not in its dig stage, it still is one of the most powerful moves

Strong, with few drawbacks. Only problem is that it doesn't affect flying types - izayaorihara

This is my favourite ground type move but sludge bomb is quite good as well and also has a chance of poisoning the target

Amazing attack

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5 Shell Smash

Why does everyone always talk about Shell Smash + White Herb? People, people...! Focus Sash. Although, White Herb Sturdy Shell Smash Crustle is terrifying to deal with, even if it isn't an amazing pokemon.

Especially with a White Herb, this move gives you a great stat boost and is one of the few moves on this list that is here due to strategy instead of raw power.

Along with stealth rock, this is the only move in this top 10 worthy of being here. - brichards719

Good for LC with clamperl

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6 Sheer Cold

Sorry accuracy, even you can't stop this monstrosity when mind reader is in play. Add some other moves to add some punch

Sheer Cold is a huge thing to deal with. Not only does it affect every time (the only instant kill move to do so), you can actually increase the accuracy of it by widening the gap between your level and your opponents with yours being higher. - WonkeyDude98

Obliterates your opponent in one hit. Awesome. The thing is, if it's accuracy was 100%, Arceus was gonna lay in front of Vanilluxe saying "I surrender! " And stuff. I just wonder why wasn't Avalanche was up here. Avalanche was just as good as Sheer Cold. The Japanese of Sheer Cold was Absolute Zero, which was so cool too!

Although Sheer Cold is a One hit KO, The accuracy is poor.

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7 Metronome

I LOVE This Move! Sure there are chances of Self-Destruct, Explosion and Memento, But Metronome still has chances to Become a Legendary's Signature Move! Had Happened to me Twice, My Togepi completely Owned Morty's Gengar When Metronome Suddenly Became Psycho Boost (Sorry if I'm wrong with the name)!

Sure, its risky, but this move is the best because...when I am writing this, hyper beam is #1 on this list. The thing is, metronome can even use better moves than that. I prefer Solar Beam over Hyper Beam, but it holds the same truth, metronome is the best because it can use all the moves on this list and more.

I love the unpredictable part of it all, you never know what move you're going to use, the only part where it's disappointing is if you get a completely worthless move and your Pokemon is about to faint.

Metronome is the best, it can use every move, even "ROAR OF TIME". If there a TM metronome it would be the best TN ever made by nitendo.

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8 Flame Thrower

The original fire attack, dodge is a mission and stay alive is another

This is basically one of my favourite fire type moves to use and is easy to get on Chimchar!

Flame thrower is a marijuana strain not a pokemon move idiots it's Flamethrower durr

I use this on charizard and it is op - legendary

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9 Extreme Speed

This move is very fast and better and faster than quick attack. nearly no-one can dodge this powerful move

Arceus, swords dance, extreme speed. Spammers awareness

It does very good damage and can sweep when paired with a status boosting move

I OHKO'd a Froakie with this move!

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10 Sticky Web

Well, in-game it might be rubbish, but competitively it's kinda neat.

Pretty decent in certain competitive matchups

No need for scarf! specs or band for more damage!

This move is only helpful in the beganing of a game when speed actually matters. When you get high leveled slowing a mega raquaza,or other fast Pokemon, a little doesn't make a difference.

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11 Toxic Spikes

This is such a fun move, as long as your opponent can't absorb the spikes.

My absol had Magic bounce and bounced them right back at my friend. LOL!

"No Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument"

Yeah ssundee

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12 Hyper Beam

How is this second? Hyper beam is a poor move, it appeals to people because it has a big attack power but if you try using this competitively online you'll get destroyed. There's no chance of it being super effective and you have to recharge after it's used, so you're leaving your opponent free to use focus punch or switch in to a Pokemon that is strong against yours, knowing full well you aren't going to be able to punish the switch with an attack. Using a power 80 move twice is a better choice since that's 160 in total compared to the 150 you get every 2 turns for hyper beam and you don't get to advertise a free turn to your opponent.

Hyper Beam is much better than Roar of Time. Hyper Beam covers three types. It is a normal type move, but it can become ice or fairy type because of the abilities Refrigerate and Pixilate. The result is that Hyper Beam is a valuable STAB move. Moreover, a variety of Pokemon can learn Hyper Beam whereas only one Pokemon can learn Roar of Time. Finally, Roar of Time is simply a dragon type version of hyper beam.

This move is actually horrible. First of all the recharge has it having the same base power as a 75 power move. Second it's a normal type move which is super effective against nothing. Third it has a chance to miss making it as useful as a 67.5 base power move. Fourth most pokemon who get STAB on this move are physical attackers there are litterly some pokemon who are better off using tackle than this. Lastly because of the recharge the opponent can do a sething up and you will get destroyed. So my message is don't use this move. You'll get destroyed.

Does it work on dark type or ghost type?

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13 Boomburst

Boomburst is arguably the most powerful move in the game. All of the moves that have more than 140 power have a significant drawback. Like Hyper Beam's recharge, Overheat's special attack reduction ( Overheat is actually only 140 power), Eruption's variable damage, and the suicidal Explosion. Boomburst's only drawback is that it is not super-effective against anything. It's area-of-effect ability is actually advantageous if your partner Pokemon are either Ghost-types, or their abilities are either Soundproof or Telepathy.

Boomburst is by far the most powerful move for a Pokemon to use. Only drawback is that, as a Normal-Type move, it can't be supereffective against anything (Although you can obtain STAB damage if you train Exploud to use it). Plus, I believe the reason it isn't higher on this list is 1) it's not widely known and 2) Only 5 Pokemon can be taught how to use this move

I agree, Boomburst is far better than Hyper Beam. The only downside is it hits your allies in Double and Triple Battles.

This move does almost as much as hyper beam/giga impact. but no recharge! how is it number 15?!?!

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14 Blast Burn

How the hell is this not higher a fire type move that is CLEARLY the exact SAME as hydro cannon personally I love fire types but when only starters can learn this move it makes my Emboar even more special.

Fire types are my favorite since gen 1 and since gen 3 I've always choose fire types

Hey blast burn should be in top 5 and dragon rage should be number 1 blast burn should be no.4

That's an very strong, dangerous and amazing fire type move my charmander was use this move against the raichu and I catch itπŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹βŒβŒβŒβŒβŒ

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15 Hydro Cannon

I hate hyper beam. It is not that strong being normal type, in competitive play and also makes you charge a turn which basically makes it useless practically. Hydro cannon isn't that good either.

Its good for a early game for blastoise it will be really good move especially against fire types

This move isn't that great to be honest but it is quite powerful

Isn't hydro cannon technically the same as hydro pump?

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16 Thunder

Don't waste your Pikachu on Thunder, use the Agility + Electro Ball combo since he is very fast anyway. Also, for a Pokemon like Pikachu Thunderbolt is good enough... It's more useful for a Pokemon like Magneton who can learn Lock-On, and can take better hits than Pikachu can.

It's great, Pikachu wins battles with this beauty

Whenever I use this move it just misses most of the time, what a shame.

Awesome move

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17 Draco Meteor

I got a zekrom and will teach Draco meteor to him because than he will be powerful

The second strongest move after Roar of Time

My Zekrom crushes everything with this move - letdot52

Sad Story Time,
First Run through of my first pokemon game, Platinum, I got a level 35 Jirachi with Draco Meteor, Mind Blown. But most of my pokemon were in the mid 40's to 50's, so I put it in the day care. Came back and found that Draco Meteor was replaced by Swift

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18 Ice Beam

Not that great of a move on its own. However, add the fact that this is super effective against grass types to the fact that so many water types use it, and you have the answer to why water type is so overpowered.

I find this move a bit annoying when I'm fighting and some one uses it against me as the Pokemon I like are not strong against Ice type moves

Ice beam is good against ground, grass, dragon, flying, has a power of 100, I believe an accuracy of 100, it's an overall great move

So good is 4x effective against many pseudo legendaries.

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19 Blaze Kick

I love Blaziken so much and I can't believe it's number 18! It should be higher in my opinion (even though it isn't THAT good) but other people might disagree, so I'm glad it's so high!

Many Pokemon have that power and let me tell you it is wonderful

Blaze kick is great I tried it and it can kick some butt with that blaze it should be higher but its still one of the most best moves


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20 Giga Impact

Lol notice how much better people think hyper beam is when they are practically the same attack!

The only difference is that Giga Impact is physical and Hyper Beam is special - Goatworlds

Back in the old days hyper beam was a physical attack, so giga impact was made to replace hyper beam after it became a special attack.

No offense to giga impact but whenever I use it with ma mega venusaur it doesn't even do up to a QUARTER of damage!

Gigs impact is a very heavy attack, and what I mean by that is that, it can do tons of damage. But sometimes it goes second.

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