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101 Last Resort

Pair this with one other move like protect or fake out and start wrecking people with a 130 power attack move

How is this so low? It deals 140 damage! 140! And yet, it's not high at ALL


102 Brick Break
103 Hammer Arm

Lowers your speed so I'm not completely relying on all the time besides it can miss

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104 Signal Beam

Wow I never thought they would have this on the list

105 Sketch

I suck sexy boobs

I suck boobs

106 Ancient Power

Rock Slide and Stone Edge? THINK! Rock slide has 90 accuarcy with 75 base power. Stone Edge has 80 accuarcy with 100 base power. Well, I kinda agree with the Stone Edge part but not the Rock Slide. Anyways, rock slide is just 15 away and ancient power MIGHT raise all stats!

No. it's weak and only has 5PP. Rock Slide and Stone Edge are way way way way better!

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107 Seismic Toss

Best move in the world

I love this move

Nice move learnt by Machamp

I ment Machop and it doesn't lowly effect flying types as well

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108 False Swipe

Bad in trainer battles but good for catching wild pokemon

Only useful for catching wild Pokemon

Legendary Hunting Make Mew learn false swipe and swords dance when u encounter your target use swords dance 3 times then false swipe then spam pokeballs unless they struggle to death

109 Origin Pulse

This move is great

110 Magma Storm

Pretty much a Fire Spin x 5! Shame you have to get Heatran to level 100 to learn it though...

Take your basic Fire spin,x by 4 and you get magma storm

This is the killer move it deals 120 base damage and each time hurts Pokemon by 30hp 120+30x5=270 in long battles this move destroys a Pokemon

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111 Dragon Claw

Even better is that it's a physical attack! Why is it so low on the list? Most dragon types are elite at physical attacks...

Good move for dragon types! With base power 80 and 100% accuracy it hits most of the time!

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112 Wood Hammer
113 Techno Blast
114 Will-O-Wisp V 2 Comments
115 Fissure

My groudon knows this in OR, in a battle this move destroyed his Mewtwo

I wouldn't be Pokemon champion in Pokemon Red without fissure.

1 hit KO will destroy any non-flying type Pokemon!

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, it'll be possible to get no guard machamp with Fissure.

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116 Night Daze

Definitely my favourite dark move

117 Heat Crash

It murders a lot of pokemon I face unfortunately not against the immense samurot ;D

118 Acrobatics

I don't hold items much so its quite good

119 Wild Charge

It does a lot of damage but recoil lets it down

120 Substitute

Wow! Amazing! Stalling. Is easy with this.

Not really good. I mean it's a waste of HP if you use this move and the opponent just uses a powerful move and the substitute faints instantly.

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