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101 Origin Pulse

This move is great

102 Magma Storm

Pretty much a Fire Spin x 5! Shame you have to get Heatran to level 100 to learn it though...

Take your basic Fire spin,x by 4 and you get magma storm

This is the killer move it deals 120 base damage and each time hurts Pokemon by 30hp 120+30x5=270 in long battles this move destroys a Pokemon

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103 Attract V 1 Comment
104 Dragon Claw

Even better is that it's a physical attack! Why is it so low on the list? Most dragon types are elite at physical attacks...

Good move for dragon types! With base power 80 and 100% accuracy it hits most of the time!

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105 Sucker Punch
106 Wood Hammer
107 Will-O-Wisp V 2 Comments
108 Fissure

My groudon knows this in OR, in a battle this move destroyed his Mewtwo

I wouldn't be Pokemon champion in Pokemon Red without fissure.

1 hit KO will destroy any non-flying type Pokemon!

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109 Night Daze

Definitely my favourite dark move

110 Heat Crash

It murders a lot of pokemon I face unfortunately not against the immense samurot ;D

111 Acrobatics

I don't hold items much so its quite good

112 Wild Charge

It does a lot of damage but recoil lets it down

113 Substitute

Wow! Amazing! Stalling. Is easy with this.

Not really good. I mean it's a waste of HP if you use this move and the opponent just uses a powerful move and the substitute faints instantly.

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114 Mirror Coat

It truly is a great move. Most of you lost against the champion because of this move.

115 Protect

Come on guys. I mean, the ability to not be hurt by ANY attack for FIVE turns? How is that NOT awesome?

Protect prevent's you from getting hurt only ONE turn actually

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116 Confusion V 1 Comment
117 Dazzling Gleam

It can take out darkrai

118 Volt Tackle

A quick little gimmicky move I suppose. If Sticky Web is present, Pikachu/Raichu can be monsters. Pikachu with the Light Ball has a base attack Stat that can through a stab Volt Tackle. I think it definitely is less viable than Pika, but still with a choice band, that is some serious damage.

119 Focus Punch

Basically, when using Focus Punch, you have to rely on lady luck for it to work. But, in game, if you could predict if a trainer (especially gym leaders) is gonna heal their Pokemon, then you could use that move at that exact moment, since the Pokemon is currently attacking the Pokemon with focus punch

High power but ya need to not get hit in the turn so its rare that it even hits

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120 Dark Ball

I surely should say shadow ball

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