Top 10 Best Rides at Canada's Wonderland

What ride do you think is the best at Canada's Wonderland?

The Top Ten Best Rides at Canada's Wonderland

1 Behemoth

Best drops. More fun than leviathan because it has drops the whole ride not just the beginning like leviathan

Greatest Ride ever. And the drop is the best part

Never mind the Leviathan, this is still a better ride in my opinion if only for it's ridiculous amounts of airtime. Height, speed, and crazy steep drops don't inherently make for a legendary coaster, and the Behemoth stands to prove that fact! Can't wait to go back!

The behemoth is really fun. It's also scary at the first drop.

2 Leviathan

Leviathan was so good!
In the beginning it starts off with a huge drop, then the all the turns and other stuff. The line up was also really good. It wasn't that scary but really fun! When you are going down the first drop, you feel like your going to die but later on the ride, you think the ride was really fun!

Leviathan is wayy better than behemoth. Fury 325 is legit a copy of leviathan. Leviathan rules!

I've never been on it but it looks pretty awesome and I hope that it will be the top attraction in Canada's Wonderland. This ride I believe is way better than any other rides in Canada's Wonderland. I wish I would have a time to ride the Leviathan. The Behemoth can't even be compared to this ride.

This ride is great. It has great airtime and great intensity. A giga coaster is better than a hyper coaster in my opinion

3 Vortex

One of my favourite rides, to be honest. Really fun if you don’t like big drops, but you hit your head a lot.

I went on vortex and it was amazing! It has one drop but it's not as bad as leviathan's. I like drops, but not drops too big. The rest is so fun. It's feels really fast and I absolutely love the thrill. The only thing is that your head gets bonked around quite a bit

It is awesome because when you are going up the the mountain and your ready for the drop your are like is going to go fast or slow then suddenly your like woo this is so amazing

Leviathan and Behemoth might be large and popular rides but Vortex has a special place in my heart. It was my first ever aggressive thrill ride. - l1axel0

4 Mighty Canadian Mine Buster

I love this ride it tries t pull u out and this should be the 2nd or the 1st ride

One of the best rides at the park! Classic wooden coaster with an added element of danger; sometimes the ride gets stuck and it can be very rickety!

The bumps on this classic ride really define it, no other ride quite like it

I liked this ride a lot but because it is made out of wood it is a little dangerous. I remember the last time I went how the ride got stuck while people were on it! :O

5 Wild Beast

Wild beast is one of my favourite rides it is always really busy in the morning but the line goes by fast but later on in the evening their is no line up the seats for me are the best in canada's wonderland if you want to feel the drops go somewhere in the back but be carefull that you don't hit your head with your friend and in the back it is really intense like you shake a lot but if your scared to go on the ride go somewhere in the front you wont feel the drops a lot and when your in the front and you see the drop you might freak out because it looks scarier when your in the front but when your done the drop you will be suprised how you did not feel anything when you go to canada's wonderland you have to go on this ride

Wild beast is the best. If you don't like big drops but still high enough to make it fun than go on this one!

Loved it first hill kind of high but for the rest of the ride its not too high it's a ton of fun like all the other rides

Loved this ride! Go on every time I visit Canada's wonderland!

6 Psyclone

Psyclone is probably my favourite flat ride at the park. It really feels amazing swinging so high, and fast like this. Super fun. Went on this 5 times in a row once.

BEST RIDE IN THE PARK! The line up was long but it was so worth it! When your in the air it feels amazing TOTALLY recommend it!

Psyclone is a really really good and awesome ride the line is always huge but it goes by fast this is one of my favourite ride and I love the feeling that you get when your at the very top when you are on the ride you might want to get off but don't its a really fun ride and you will be happy that you went on it when you go to canada's wonderland you have to go on this ride : ) : D

Next to the Leviathan, the Psyclone is my favourite ride in the park. For me it is like a more intense version of the rage and for an older age group. I love it so much that I went on it four times in a row once. It is great.

7 Flight Deck (used to be known as Top Gun)

Hurt my head a ton. Smashed it a bunch on the sides and had to sit out for an hour or so

It really hurt my neck. I couldn't move my neck for a month afterwards

I have been on it before it's amazing and super fun I think it's my favorite ride in the whole place

Flight deck is so awesome... makes me feel a bit dizzy afterwards

8 Shockwave

Makes me a little queasy, but its absolutely worth it. The feeling of flying out of your seat when you flip is amazing.

The rides crazy gonna ride it for the 38th time in june

Shockwave is fun because you think that you are going to drop but it is just taking you back wards so it isn't that scary

it is so fun when you're upside down

9 Dragon Fire

I think that dragon fire is really good because it goes upside down and in loops and that's a good thing that people would want to talk about at school I went on it twice and it was really fun I talked about it for weeks at school soon all of my friends were begging to go to Canadas wonderland and wanted to go on the dragon fire first then wanted to go on it again and again and again now that's quite the thing to talk about just change the carts to a dragon all the way through and have fire made out of plastic on the first cart and the rides name will be resonable.

Best ride ever! It was the first ride I ever went on with loop de loops, a corkscrew and helix! This ride got me over my fear or being up side down and gave me the courage to try the behemoth!
I love the ride so much, it is so smooth, and defiantly my favourite!

Rode this beauty 4 times in a row last week. So smooth and brings back great childhood memories! First ever loop the loop! Long live Dragon Fire... and Leviathan

Hello people who think that rides aren't awesome well this rides is really fun! So come to Canada's wonderland and ride on the dragon fire

10 The Bat

Hi this ride was ah-mah-zing!
I Love it! IT was the perfect speed and more!
I recommend it to everyone and hopefully you guys like it too&
Have fun! And good luck with everything!
I also want to suggest *Black lot stunt coaster ( use to be known as Italian Job) is also awesome!

It was awesome!
I loved when it was upside down and the speed was amazing!
It's my favorite ride@ Canada's wonderland!
But the line up was long and not to mention the boiling hot sun.
But its totally worth it!

Even after all the additional rides... This one is a classic and is my favorite!

The bat is really fun when the ride id going backward and it is really smooth

The Contenders

11 Backlot Stunt Coaster

It's SO much fun. The ride isn't as tall as the other coasters but still has the speed

One of the best rides in the park in my opinion. It runs at very high speeds, and makes you feel as if you are going straight through a Hollywood movie! The fire, the helicopter, everything in this ride makes scary and fun at its finest!

I love how fast it is, and sitting at the front is amazing! Overall one of my favorite roller coasters to ride over and over! - robokieran10

I love the jump-start technique at the beginning! Easily my favorite in the park.

12 Sledgehammer

One of the most underrated but super fun rides in the park... The drops are great! Probably my number one choice in the park when it's running

My favourite of all, usually not working, but when it is, totally a tummy tickler and mini drop zone feel.

Sledgehammer is a somesome ride. The line up is never long. The ride almost never works. The drops are not even scary at all. When you go to Canada's wonderland you have to ride this ride it's not scary at all it looks scary but it's not :)!

Yes it feels like a very tiny drop tower on the drops and its super fun

13 Drop Tower (used to be known as Drop Zone)

You go up super slow and its really scary. Then you stay about 5 seconds at the top until someone starts the countdown a 5 but when they say 3 they drop you. It's so fun! - TheCanadianLoyalist

When you get to the very top you wait there for a little bit and then all of a sudden it drops it's so much fun

Fun but kind of boring not scary at all but you go up then all of a sudden you are on the ground.

I can't wait to go with my friend

14 Night Mares

It's fun for some people you just go in a cart there's a roof and walls but you just stand there and you go to the ground side ways and you can only hold on to the bars so I hated it but you know if you haven't gone on it yet then give it a shot

It feels like your going to fall out if you don't hold on tight! But it's a very fun ride, id reccomend sitting on the inside of the ride, not the end because you feel like you are going to fall out

My friend took me on this ride and said it was not scary

Night mares was so fun, my mom said it was for baby's and it's not scary and my 4 year old sister wouldn't be scared but it was sooo scary I thought I would pee my pants. This ride has to be my second favourite!

15 White Water Canyon

This ride is perfect for people who are terrified of heights (ME). It's so much fun! It proves you don't need to have the potential to die to have fun. PREPARE TO GET WET BECAUSE YOU WILL GET WET! It is the best ride in the whole park!

So much water sprays at you we told my cousin to stand on the bridge when we were on the ride we got so wet but he got more wet then us it is so much fun but last time I didn't get to go on the ride

It's a fun ride to take the kids on and its very relaxing after walking around the park all day. Not the excitement of the other rides laugh out loud, but somewhere to chill out and not be squished on a bench or table somewhere and put your feet up

White Water Canyon is a fun ride through a lazy river and fast rapids. However, be prepared to get wet.

16 Riptide (use to be known as Cliffhanger)

Love this ride it is so cool I went on it like so many times and I love it, everyone should go on it

Fun Ride. Not too intense but filled with lots of hang time! Prepare to get wet!

Preset fun, the fountain makes it look better

Ok you don't get wet too much just a little nice sprinkle

17 Skyrider

its because you stand and on other rollarcoasters it says "remain seated"

Is it weird that I like studying amusement parks at 11 years old?

I love the ride so much when I went to Canadas wonderland there was no people at all and I mean at so I went on the ride and when I finished I didn't get of because there was not one person in line so I went again I would have went again and again but my mom was waiting for me so you just have to go on it

Sadly no one will experience this awesome ride anymore, it is shut down

18 Yukon Striker

The drop was absolutely terrifying, but the ride was so smooth and thrilling at the same time that I have to put this one on top- There's just no contest.

At the looks of it, probably gonna be the best rollercoaster at the park!

Who's ready to ride

New 2019 dive coaster.

19 Lumberjack

Lumberjack is fun when it goes upside down

Never went on it|

20 Spinovator

My brother began to yell dumb ways to die look at me.
really gets you dizzy

21 Antique Carousel

So boring not even fun and it is far from being scary

Recommended only for kids not for people who like thrill rides

I get super dizzy

So scary I pissed my pants!

22 Swing of the Century

This ride is very fun! You get to dit in your own seat and just enjoy! It's better at night time! ❤

I love this ride so much
I go on it all the time


23 WindSeeker

Wind seeker is the best because when you are at the very top spinning around you can see the entire park.

Go at night! Awesome view and actually it's 301 feet high

If you are scared of heights than go on this ride because it takes you up slowly and brings you down slowly so there is no need to be scared of wind seeker. also you can see the wonderland from up there and is is total awesome!

I hated it when went on it stopped at very top but have to admit great view

24 Bumper Cars

So much fun! Never gets old but I wouldn't say it's for the thrill seekers out there.

BUMP, BUMP, WE! (Sound effect, sound effect, personal voice.)

25 Klockwerks

It's so cool :D Pentatonix

26 Hazel

What is that

27 Taxi Jam

Scariest ride ever even scarier than behemoth, Yukon striker, and leviathan

Who the hell put this on the list

Best Ride In The Park

Easily the best ride

28 Wonder Mountain's Guardian

Hands down scariest ride in the park, you really only need to ride once and great to prank your friends with it. I wouldn't wait in a long line but no other ride in the park will legitimately make you feel like you just died.

Ok this is really fun it's better than the fly and its not that scary because I remember I just had threw up on behemoth, so I was feeling scared to go on this one, but it was like NOTHING compared to behemoths drops so if you just threw up on a ride, I totally recommend this one (or if you didn't throw up, its still a cool ride)

We love finding the kings crown and the last drop.

Fun for first ride in the morning.

29 Thunder Run

The line-ups go short because it is a long train plus it is me and my brothers #1 ride

Its cool, but better for younger kids and also the lines are super long

Best ride ever

30 Timber Wolf Falls

Very fun and be ready to get really wet. This ride has a bridge where you can stand and get a bullseye view of the water. Incredible in my opinion!

So much fun and exciting for those of us who don't like too much thrill. Just a nice balance of moderate thrill with a whole lot of fun.

31 Silver Streak

I like to think I enjoy roller coasters, but truthfully drops kill me inside. I liked this because the drops were minor and the wait time was low

It's very fun and not scary you know who it would be perfect for is for the people who do t really like heights and who don't like very big drops

Best ride ever. love this ride :). #Awesome =D

32 The Fly

I really like the fly because it has a lot of drops and so many turns that feels awesone


my #1 ride

Absoulutly amazing so much fun.
Great for familys

33 Xtreme Skyflyer

Scariest ride of all time

I've done it, it's so good!

34 Muskoka Plunge

I love the Muskoka Plunge. I literally went on it last summer and it's pretty cool when you're in a capsule and the floor suddenly gives way beneath you. I definitely recommend this to anyone.

I love this ride super fun
Super scary awesome but
There is only one problem with the ride you end up with a lot of water up your nose and another thing is that you have to be very strong to stay in the same position but other than that I love that ride

35 Fury 325

Do not Know if it is a ride just put it on

This is at Carowinds idiot

This isn't at Canada’s wonderland

36 Black Hole

It's a dark slide and goes super fun.


37 Krachenwagen
38 The LadyBug
39 The Pumpkin Patch

Max Tennyson's evil plan to stop Ben and Gwen as heroes failed

Very scary, most terrifying ride in the park.

40 Orbiter

I love this ride! My only problem with it is that there's no buckle and it makes my head dizzy from doing so many loops, but it's such a fun ride! I went on it twice when the class went to Canada's Wonderland for our end of the year trip.

Bitty haha bra

41 Tea Cups

I'm spinning spinning spinning while my hands are up

42 SlingShot

It was new for 2015 and I think it's amazing. It sucks that you have to pay but honestly it's worth it, and it's also not as scary as it seems.

43 Skyhawk

Amazing How its great for people not so great with thrill rides and people that love them, as you can choose whether or not to spin the plane

Road it so fun my wings didn't work right though even though I did just what they said to

It's amazing how you could have control of your self

The sky hawk is fun but how muck I try I can't seem to twist upside down you have to pull really hard but over all the ride is really fun:)!

44 Flying Eagle
45 Flying Canoes
46 Soaring Timbers

It’s very nice for beginners perfect speed and nice view

47 Lazy River

This "ride" is very calming and relaxing if you've had a long day. I would recommend it to anyone that doesn't like heights and sudden turns.

48 Time Warp

It was me first roller coaster and I will always remember it, it is the first thing I ride every time I go to Canada wonderland!

I'm not a huge fan of it it's not scary but you know it's something new because your lying down on your stomach

Went on it at the end of the night. Went as many times as I wanted with no line up

Best ride ever so much fun you really need to go on this ride

49 Ghoster Coaster

It's like the wild beast but less scary my sister now every time we talk about anything in wonderland like even say the word wonderland she's all like you should go on the ghoster coaster the goaster coarser is the best it's so annoying

When you sit in the back seat you get the whip lash

Because it is totally awesome

It is so awesome. recommeded for kids and parents

50 Guardian

The drop at the end was so unexpected on my first time but if you like video games this is the ride for you

It's a fun roller coaster it's like a shooting game and you are mostly in a cave,
And there is a small drop.

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