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Everyone has a scent that makes their tastebuds tingle.

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1 Fresh Petrol

I think that petrol is one of the best smells in the world. It smells like city life, like comfort and safety. Sometimes, construction smells like it which is why I always end up stopping and sniffing the air like some dog after a bone.
The other reason is that it smells poisonous but isn't really. So there's the chance of revelling in danger.

I LOVE The smell of fresh petrol in the morning but back to the point it is amazing whenever a car drives by I take a deep breath and make it last! Some people might say it is one of the worst smells in the word, but to me it's HEAVEN!

It just smells so good. It is an addictive smell and once you smell it you don't want to stop. It may kill your brain cells but I say it is worth it

I love it

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2 Fresh Air

I enjoy the air. It is very airy and wonderful. It makes me feel lightheaded and helps me forget my problems. It takes me away from the stress of everyday life.

I like it because I just love waking up in the morning and smelling nice fresh air.

I live in West Virginia, and we have plenty of it... Once you get away from all the cities of course.

Mm so refreshing

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3 Vanilla

Vanilla smells like... "everything is gonna be all right" and "warm fire place in winter" and love.

It smells like love, warm hugs, and you'll always have a friend...

This smell could be the best smell in the world cause it smells awesome!

Vanilla is amazing bruh

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4 Bacon

As a great man named Homer once said-mmmmmmmmmmmm, Bacon - Razor79

When you smell it your mind blanks out and you just think about how good it will be to put that stuff in your mouth. It is really good! - thedude

Bacon is awesome and if you don't like the smell of bacon your not American


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5 Barbecue

Man, the smell of a barbecue! There should be a Hugo boss aftershave called barbeque.

It's a very good smell but not a good taste to me and people judge me for things I don't like like what's wrong with that!

Good old American heritage! BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken. I'll take BBQ over anything!

I love smells barbecue
You could smells in korean BBQ koreatown in los angeles
You could smells BBQ in seoul south korea
You could smells BBQ in Tokyo Japan
bbq is better - SpencerJC

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6 Rain

The most refreshing, energizing and best smell in the whole world. Nothing smells better! Petrol #1 are you crazy?! That's why humanity is collapsing.

Mm so good, specially when it's the first rain after long time. Wish I could put it in a bottle. Garlic? Are you serious? Yeah I guess when it's raw maybe but still rain is the best. Calms my head, so peaceful.

I have been able to smell rain before it hits all my life, my grandpa got me into storms when I was very young. I get peace from a storm, I've chased a few tornados but the speed limits around here go from 55 down to 25 in less than a city block.

There should be a perfume made from rain. So refreshingly amazing! ๐Ÿ’งโ˜"๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฆ

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7 Freshly Cut Grass

Fresh cut grass on a lazy, hazy summer afternoon is the best only after Autumn leaves crunching underfoot on a clear crisp October morning with the smell of smoke from a wood stove wafting through the air

This was in fact the one of the smells that Hermione loved the most, from the love potion in Half Blood Prince. Just love it, especially after the rain

Everyone loves it but they can't admit it. - ozzydog12

The crayola silly scents put grass smell on the stinky smell side lol I love the smell

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8 Campfires

I thought this was going to be in the top three. I can't believe it's sixty-three! There's stuff above this that I think smells awful! - BKAllmighty

A little Smokey...don't get me wrong it's a good taste but it is kinda bad to breath that in!

I love the smell of campfires, it reminds me of late night camping with my family.

Mm the smokey smell of the sizzling campfire! ๐Ÿฅ"๐Ÿณ๐Ÿฅ"๐Ÿ - ๐Ÿ–

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9 Popcorn

The melted butter plus the fluffy, salty popcorn make this so awesome of a smell. - booklover1

I don't even like the taste of popcorn overmuch, but I'll pop a whole bowl just to get a whiff of that buttery scent... Mm!

Demeter makes a great fragrance called Popcorn. And I always love the Popcorn flavored Jelly Bellies. Mix that with Waffle Cone smell and you're delicious

Hate the smell, literally made me throw-up - EliHbk

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10 Coffee

The smell of good coffee brewing in the morning while still in bed. I just lie there with my eyes closed, breathing deeply through my nose..

When I wake up, I immediately smell my moms coffee and say "coffee again" even before I realize I'm cold.

It can't get any better than coffee- seriously


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11 Melted Chocolate

I'm drooling over this one. - ozzydog12

Chocolate! Yes chocolate is the best smell ever! And Melted chocolate smells about 100 times better! Makes me want chocolate just thinking about it

Awesomeness is the name of chocolate.


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12 Girl's Neck

omg girls necks are the best thing ever and I'm a girl but gotta love it

nothin beats this man! HEAVENLY.. - askarsul

I've never smelled another girl's neck before.

What's all this obsession with flesh!? Are y'all just creepy or is everyone on this site secretly a serial killer who smells their victims?

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13 New Books

I go to bookstores regularly not to buy books but just to smell them

I love the crisp smell of new books!

It's like a smell full of possibilities and a great second life

It's a wonderful smell

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14 Swamp



WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP! - Datguyisweird666


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15 Garlic

Whenever I cook, I fry up some garlic. Even if it isn't in the meal I fry it because the smell makes everything taste better.

There is nothing better than the smell of cooking garlic and onions.

Garlic smells horrible makes your breath smell so bad nobody wants to be around you

It just brings out the best in cooking ingredients.

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16 New Car

Smell of a brand new Mercedes!

New car smell. Doesn't matter what the make is. It's all good. - BKAllmighty

New car smells so good I would like to stay in it all the time

Literally the best smell ever... don't argue with me

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17 New Shoes

I will go into a shoe store just to get a whiff of that new shoe smell. I may be broke and not have money to by shoes. I just love the smell.

I can't stop burying my nose in a pair of new shoes, until I wear them a couple of times, then it wears off.

I lock my room and just smell my shoes. I can't take my nose out from the shoes.

It kills me. So good.

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18 Clorox

Nah Clorox is great to drink its good for your cholesterol

Just don't drink it


Yes please - EliHbk

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19 Lysol

Lmao yass sweet and fresh~

20 Laundry Detergent

Laundry Detergent smells like all things comfy and cozy. I can't even begin to describe what it smells like to me.

Sometimes I go into the laundry room and smell the Gain. I want to eat it.

Fresh and clean... The ideal scent to make you go ah, especially in Morning Lemon scent.

Once I sniffed it too hard my nose started bleeding

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