Best Smells In the World

Everyone has a scent that makes their tastebuds tingle.

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1 Fresh Petrol

I am so glad I am not the only one who likes this! So many people call me "STRANGE" for liking fresh petrol!

Not too much though... If it starts to develop as a habit, it could lead to brain damage. - Kevinsidis

I think that petrol is one of the best smells in the world. It smells like city life, like comfort and safety. Sometimes, construction smells like it which is why I always end up stopping and sniffing the air like some dog after a bone.
The other reason is that it smells poisonous but isn't really. So there's the chance of revelling in danger.

Love the smell of petrol, and the exhaust fumes from petrol cars (without cat converters! )

2 Fresh Air

In a stuffy room in your classroom for one hour? I love the feeling when getting out of stinky hot and stuffy areas then walking out into he nice cool breeze and just smelling, well, fresh air! - BloodFang

THIS IS SO AWESOME I LOVE THIS SMELL when my mom opens the windows during fall, she can never get me to get away from the window. I literally fall asleep to this smell, it helps me feel so calm and at peace. Love this - lolzchoco

I enjoy the air. It is very airy and wonderful. It makes me feel lightheaded and helps me forget my problems. It takes me away from the stress of everyday life.

I like it because I just love waking up in the morning and smelling nice fresh air.

3 Vanilla

Vanilla is super good that it’s the only flavor of yogurt that I like the rest I hate

It's comforting and just reminds me of my childhood. My grandmother used to make these delicious vanilla cupcakes the just smelt amazing when they were freshly baked. It is such a soft and warm smell.

Vanilla smells like... "everything is gonna be all right" and "warm fire place in winter" and love.

Vanilla is magical, its like a large hug by a roasted marshmallow after a rainy day

Or working out all day then your head hitting the pillow in bed

Yes, that's how magical the smell of vanilla is.

4 Freshly Cut Grass

smells like something that would taste nice, also smells very green and earthly, like a forest/nature

Fresh cut grass on a lazy, hazy summer afternoon is the best only after Autumn leaves crunching underfoot on a clear crisp October morning with the smell of smoke from a wood stove wafting through the air

This was in fact the one of the smells that Hermione loved the most, from the love potion in Half Blood Prince. Just love it, especially after the rain

Sorry to the guys that like it...but I have allergies around cut's a good smell till I sneeze to death! SORRY!

5 Coffee

I always make my mum a coffee each morning and in fact I've drank coffee even though I wasn't meant to because I was too young. If I could I'd have a jar of coffee beans next to me at all times, saying I LOVE coffee is an understatement

BOOM you're awake! It reminds me of early mornings with my family during my childhood.

very strong nice smell. depends on the coffee quality though

The smell of good coffee brewing in the morning while still in bed. I just lie there with my eyes closed, breathing deeply through my nose..

6 Rain

The most earthy and natural a scent can be. I've yet to find anything that smells like rain.

How could u smell water? But it is actually a cool earthy, refreshing kind, like the world is going to be OK. - BloodFang

The most refreshing, energizing and best smell in the whole world. Nothing smells better! Petrol #1 are you crazy?! That's why humanity is collapsing.

Mm so good, specially when it's the first rain after long time. Wish I could put it in a bottle. Garlic? Are you serious? Yeah I guess when it's raw maybe but still rain is the best. Calms my head, so peaceful.

7 Barbecue

So my and my wife, sandriella, we live in texas okie and the bacon, man that bacon

Man, the smell of a barbecue! There should be a Hugo boss aftershave called barbeque.

It's a very good smell but not a good taste to me and people judge me for things I don't like like what's wrong with that!

Good old American heritage! BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken. I'll take BBQ over anything!

8 Bacon

As a great man named Homer once said-mmmmmmmmmmmm, Bacon - Razor79

When you smell it your mind blanks out and you just think about how good it will be to put that stuff in your mouth. It is really good! - thedude

Bacon is awesome and if you don't like the smell of bacon your not American

Petrol smells gross! Bacon, chocolate or Apple smell should be on number 1

9 Popcorn

Awesome to the taste it smells only nice with butter or if it was just made

M! Nothing is better than sitting down at the movie theater and smelling the warm, buttery goodness of popcorn!

The melted butter plus the fluffy, salty popcorn make this so awesome of a smell. - booklover1

I don't even like the taste of popcorn overmuch, but I'll pop a whole bowl just to get a whiff of that buttery scent... Mm!

10 Campfires

Nothing better than on a Summer night than roasting a marshmallow over a nice crackling, smoky smelling fire.

I don't know about this one but burnt wood smells nice so why not

I never been camping but I like the smell of fire and I like the sound of crakleing wood

I thought this was going to be in the top three. I can't believe it's sixty-three! There's stuff above this that I think smells awful! - BKAllmighty

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? Chicken Fingers
? Apples

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11 Melted Chocolate

Some say "Diamonds are a girls best friend" but really gentlemen, it's chocolate. The smell, the taste, the sight, and all the senses love it!

I'm drooling over this one. - ozzydog12

Chocolate! Yes chocolate is the best smell ever! And Melted chocolate smells about 100 times better! Makes me want chocolate just thinking about it

Awesomeness is the name of chocolate.

12 New Books

Who said it's just new books, I love the smell of an old book because of the slight dust scent.

I love books. The smell, when you walk into a bookstore, is just unmistakable.

I go to bookstores regularly not to buy books but just to smell them

I love the crisp smell of new books!

13 Garlic

Smells like shawarma. Although it smells horrible in your mouth, it smells great when it’s being cooked.

What the frick guys who in the world even suggested this? :) by the way, dying with laughter. - lolzchoco

Garlic smells horrible makes your breath smell so bad nobody wants to be around you

Whenever I cook, I fry up some garlic. Even if it isn't in the meal I fry it because the smell makes everything taste better.

14 Girl's Neck

A neck doesn't smells like anything, if anything the smell is probably perfume.

I've never smelled another girl's neck before.

omg girls necks are the best thing ever and I'm a girl but gotta love it

What's all this obsession with flesh!? Are y'all just creepy or is everyone on this site secretly a serial killer who smells their victims?

15 Bread

When I go to the supermarket I always end up near the bakery just smelling the fresh bread

That smell of fresh out of the oven bread once you enter the bakery. Smells so warm and welcoming.

THE BEST SMELL PEOPLE! Every time I go grocery shopping, I have to stop by the bread section, stand there, and breathe in the smell for a good five minutes. - lolzchoco

Really love this smell of bread. The best is hot Portuguese Bread
To dunk in your Sunnyside up eggs for breakfast!

Or for dipping in soupushcalden. YUM,

16 Spearmint

Spearmint is amazing to smell

Spearmint smells really good smells like good breath

It reminds me of toothpaste and clean teeth...

Ah, reminds me of all the gum I've chewed...

17 Peppermint

Love IT! It reminds me of candy canes!

I love the smell of Peppermint. It makes me feel fresh

It has such a sweet scent mixed with a tang, that I just love!

It's a weird minty tangy taste in a good way - Oliversky

18 Flowers

Flowers have such a wonderful smell. It reminds me of childhood and mud pies for some reason.

Flowers smell magnificent and magical, no wonder why there are so many perfumes with the scent of flowers!

How is flowers #33? Laundry Detergent is above this. People have no sense of smell

Smells like allergies. Allergies smell good!

19 Subway Subway is a privately held American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily purveys submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads. Subway is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the worldand, as of June 2017, has approximately 45,000 stores located in more than 100 countries. More than half of the more.

This is the best, Subway smells amazing from the smell of the fresh bread to the verity of toppings

The shop smells AMAZING!

20 New Car

Reminds me of the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay. It will never stay forever but boy is it good

Smell of a brand new Mercedes!

New car smell. Doesn't matter what the make is. It's all good. - BKAllmighty

New car smells so good I would like to stay in it all the time

21 New Shoes

I will go into a shoe store just to get a whiff of that new shoe smell. I may be broke and not have money to by shoes. I just love the smell.

I can't stop burying my nose in a pair of new shoes, until I wear them a couple of times, then it wears off.

I lock my room and just smell my shoes. I can't take my nose out from the shoes.

Now I have an excuse to sniff my shoes!

22 Body Spray

Grape is amazing

This is the best

23 Cherry Blossoms

I love cherry blossoms and they're beautiful but unfortunately I'm allergic to them.

Um, ok, why is this 37 and Petrol #1? The smell of cherry blossoms smells like possibilities, it's a sweet, wholesome smell but not overwhelming like lilacs. Petrol is a sharp, silvery, plate-glassy scent that just reminds me of countless hours in a glaringly bright classroom. Cherry blossoms have GOT to be number 1 for me. Vanilla is a close second.

Pretty, and smells awesome.

M such a delicate smell, so good

24 Bakery

Nothing can beat freshly baked anything, I can't decide if I like coffee or a bakery's scent more!

My grandparents used to own a donut shop and I remember visiting them and smelling the fresh dough and glaze, put me in heaven, I just love the smell.

Step into the bakery and it’s a whole new world, smells fresh and welcoming. Very sweet smell, smells like winter and autumn.

The smell of freshly cooked bread straight out the oven it's almost as good as petrol but not quite

25 Rosemary

Love cooking meats with rosemary, the house smells heavenly.

My favorite smell. also my favorite seasoning. the taste, and slight bitterness, and freshness is both a great smell, and seasoning.

26 Tacos A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.

TACOS! I love tacos so much my whole house smells like tacos. We're having tacos for dinner tonight. I love tacos.

Nothing compares to some very well prepared tacos!

Yes! Especially with salsa and sour cream...


27 Swamp

Donkey is that you?

What are you doing in my swamp

WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP! - Datguyisweird666

Smells wonderful

28 KFC KFC, until 1991 known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, it is the world's second-largest restaurant chain (as measured by sales) after McDonald's, with almost 20,000 locations globally in 123 more.

Nothing like the smell of KFC! Once you smell it, it makes you hungry all over again.

I can taste that crispy drumstick now!

Smells great, even though I'm vegetarian!

The best in the world!

29 Lavender

I always fall asleep with the smell of lavender

Most relaxing smell ever!

Lavender is a beautiful sent


30 Tide

The mix of sun, sand and water with all the natural minerals in it that's not safe to drink and is made of dinosaur urine.

One of my favorites for sure. I love that febreeze came out with sprays in tide scent

31 Farms

Not usually considered "the best smell" but I really do love the smell of a working farm. Horses; cows and pigs have a wonderful smell which is heightened in warm weather. It's such a comforting scent. And yes, I love the scent of the animals' manure too (not that I make any great effort to seek it out and stick my nose in it). I live very close to the countryside and sometimes I just take long walks by neighbouring farms just to breathe in that wonderful air. Beautiful. - Britgirl


32 Horse The horse is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus. It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae, and can be tamed, bred, and trained, as a mount.

I put this in "search" and am so pleased to see they it was already added. They have a wonderful scent - even their manure. A real countryside smell. - Britgirl

Even their poop smells nice!

I love horses so much (I'm an equestrienne). It is true, they smell musty, like rain, countryside. It's beautiful!

I'm around horses so much and love this smell SO much I think it should be in top 10!

33 Cinnamon

I love the sweet scent! If possible I would only lick the cinnamon powder of the donuts.

That smell of cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven! Best smell in the world after petrichor.

Great scent! Just don't do the cinnamon challenge please!

Warm, sweet, smells like autumn

34 Clorox

Nah Clorox is great to drink its good for your cholesterol

Actually, clorox is basically bleach, and if you drink bleach, it could kill you, because it's poison. - PhilTheCorgi

Just don't drink it

The smell alone can kill you. So I would say among the worst. - Spicygarlic


35 Marker Pens

Why is this last?! THIS SMELL IS AMAZING! its dope people, so very dope. - lolzchoco

I like sharpies the best. I sniff it in class and people look at me like I'm crazy.

Everyones had a sniff and enjoyed it. - ozzydog12

No one can deny it's the best smell

36 Swiss Chalet Fries

I'd just say Swiss Chalet, altogether. The chicken, the sauce, the fries, the ribs, everything. Mind you, only Canadians understand this one. - BKAllmighty

The best with cheese boi

37 Coconut

Awesome! Especially if it's a bar of soap (New Zealand's full of coconuts)

So tropical! Makes me wanna travel to Hawaii.

Yes! So tropical and comforting. Especially in a cake or in body wash

HMM, I love the smell of soap on humans.

38 Forest

Smells like life and hope and fresh air... In short freedom.

Invigorating, uplifting, cleansing, esp during or right after it rains...the very best!

Forest is beautiful like deer living in the forest - SpencerJC

The trees, the plants, the leaves, so fresh and amazing

39 Fireworks

i love it

Love it

40 Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla.

Chocolate. It's so sweet and delicious. Do I even need to explain?

Always a winner

Covered strawberries with whipped cream..MM

Always a winner

41 Wet Wood

You mean like, the firewood after it's been put out? Or just wet wood? Either way I love it. - BKAllmighty

Fresh, crisp Winter smell. Highly comforting.

Smells like the fresh redwood forests!

The smell of wood just before a storm is wonderful! - Britgirl

42 Deodorant

Every deodorant besides Axe smells amazing

Yes admit that, I just love the scents of deos - Ananya

K but women's deoderant is better

43 Lysol

Lmao yass sweet and fresh~

44 Fast Food

Smells good, never eating it again

IT'S SO BAD FOR ME but it tastes so good.. ;-;

Hjs and Dominos is the best

Taste even better than it smells, so good. Yum mostly Mc Donalds and Wendy's,or maybe Arbys.

45 Citrus

Smell that citrus

46 Airport
47 Winterfresh Mint


48 Fish

At my hometown, the annual fish fry was among my favourite things (and I never ate a piece of fish once). It was purely because of the smell. - BKAllmighty

I was born in Alaska and I always go up there every Summer to visit so I’m used to the fish smell and now that I’m so used to it it’s kinda refreshing and I know that may seem weird to a lot of people but that’s how it is.

49 Mentos

It's so minty and so fresh

The grape is the best

Grape is the best

50 Apple Pie

The smell wafting through from the kitchen. Just reminds me of a warm Christmas Evening with my family.

You can almost taste it as the fruity aroma mixed with a warm bread smell hits your nostrils!

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