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21 Spearmint

Spearmint smells really good smells like good breath

It reminds me of toothpaste and clean teeth...

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22 Babies

All my babies smelled fresh and clean and when they didn't, I gave them back to their mother.

Great new born smell good

I wish I smelled like this for my whole life.

It depends on if they smell good or bad

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23 Peppermint

Love IT! It reminds me of candy canes!

I love the smell of Peppermint. It makes me feel fresh

Hurts my nose

And eucalyptus omgg smells so good, and nail polish remover and viks and permanent marker and also paint

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24 Money V 3 Comments
25 Bread

Bread smells like heaven but not when it is but ed

26 Deodorant

Yes admit that, I just love the scents of deos - Ananya

K but women's deoderant is better

27 Bakery

The smell of freshly cooked bread straight out the oven it's almost as good as petrol but not quite

What exactly is that smell?


28 KFC

Smells great, even though I'm vegetarian!

I can taste that crispy drumstick now!

The best in the world!

29 Flowers

How is flowers #33? Laundry Detergent is above this. People have no sense of smell

Of course! What a beautiful classic!

It's so nice to smell

So many flowers. So many smells. As long as it's not the Amorphophallus titanium flower, they all pretty much smell terrific. - BKAllmighty

30 Tide
31 Swiss Chalet Fries

I'd just say Swiss Chalet, altogether. The chicken, the sauce, the fries, the ribs, everything. Mind you, only Canadians understand this one. - BKAllmighty

The best with cheese boi

32 Marker Pens

Everyones had a sniff and enjoyed it. - ozzydog12

No one can deny it's the best smell

I like sharpies the best. I sniff it in class and people look at me like I'm crazy.

Yes! That inky smell tickles my nose!

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33 Coconut

Awesome! Especially if it's a bar of soap (New Zealand's full of coconuts)

Yes! So tropical and comforting. Especially in a cake or in body wash

So tropical! Makes me wanna travel to Hawaii.

Smells lovely

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34 Body Spray V 1 Comment
35 Forest

Smells like life and hope and fresh air... In short freedom.

Invigorating, uplifting, cleansing, esp during or right after it rains...the very best!

Forest is beautiful like deer living in the forest - SpencerJC

It reminds me of my childhood... the forest is the smell of home to me. Especially in the mornings, right after a spring dew...

36 Pumpkin

Soup is amazing

37 Fresh Baked Bread

Worth a couple of trips around the block when a bakery is in full force!

Comforting and makes you feel hungry.

Makes me full when I haven't eaten for a while. so pleasing.

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38 Dove Soap

*sniff sniff. Mmh*

39 Cherry Blossoms V 3 Comments
40 Tacos Tacos A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.

Yes! Especially with salsa and sour cream...


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