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62 Your Own Farts

I don't know why it's just there's a nice smell for me whereas someone elses fart is horrible

Not good smells - SpencerJC


I love the smeel of my own farts in the morning and not only does it smell it FEELS good. I was talking to someone once and I farted
Man:that's gross keep it in
Me:u should try it sometime once ina lifetime expierence
And you no I bet that guys having it made

63 Wood

you know that smell when you walk into home depot or any other store that sells wood... I LOVE IT!

Addicted to the smell of wood.. Balsa and pine favorites but any wood shavings will do

64 Pizza

aw man this smell is incredible!

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65 Vegetable Stock V 1 Comment
66 Pine

If you have heat ducts in your floor, take a live pine tree, take a small part of the branch and put it on it. The smell of pine will fill your room! Amazing!

There ain't nothing like the smell of a Fraser fir Christmas tree!

I could live in the scent of pine cleaner... If it wouldn't kill me.

I could live in this scent

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67 Puppy Breath

To anyone who has never smelled puppy breaths, it's kinda like baby formula. Truly adorable.

Puppy breath is the greatest! To me it rates right up there with babies.

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68 Lynx Deoderant
69 Musk
70 Polish
71 New Tennis Balls

I wish I could eat them!

So good open one every week

Mm... Yes

I wish there was an air freshener for this... m

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72 Apple Pie

The smell wafting through from the kitchen. Just reminds me of a warm Christmas Evening with my family.

73 Semen

I love when it gets in my eyes

I love it when I'm drowning in it

Over my face

AMAZIng tings this is! yUmm

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74 Chlorine

Chlorine reminds me of swimming pools, and swimming pools remind me of summer. I love summer. So the smell of Chlorine is welcomed by me. - BKAllmighty

Chlorine is the best smell ever. It's so comforting and it reminds me of happy times

I smell chlorine everyday... It is a comfort to have a routine.

Yes! I love the smell of a crisp, clean swimming pool!

75 Cookies N Cream
76 Citronella

Smell that goes through your nostril to comforting
Your soul.

77 Fish and Chips V 1 Comment
78 Most Boys

I love their natural musk or axe either way hot

Only when they shower frequently. Other than that, YUCK!

I disagree
boys in my school are smelly little tramps who need to shower more often

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79 Axe Body Spray
80 Skunk

Nope nope nope smells so bad 100% not good - SpencerJC

How the $&@# did this even get on here!



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