Top Ten Best Sonic the Hedgehog Songs

Everyone please note: this list includes level music as well. Enjoy!

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1 Live and Learn - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

This is the only good number 1 spot on this whole damn website.

This is my favourite because some people don't listen to the lyrics. They just listen to the song and that's it. But still, it's a bit overrated.

By the way:The Sonic The Hedgehog Series is Not The Best Video Game Series Ever Due To His God Awful Fanbase(But The Series is Not Bad)

I Mean:I Am Not a Sonic Fan(But His Music is Okay But The Best)

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2 Open Your Heart - Sonic Adventure

This is my favorite song from the franchise - HeavyRaiden

Better than the number one song in every way. - EvanWellens

This song gives of an epic vibe every time I hear it. Much like live and learn, this is the main theme of adventure 1, but is heard more, making it get stuck in your head better.

Such a kick ass theme for the theme of Perfect Chaos! I hear it and go, "Right, time to kick watery ass! "

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3 Reach for the Stars - Sonic Colours

Good song and really good game

All around cool, one of my favorites. Anyway I'm off to fight Eggman - Sonic

I love this song

It pumps me up and sets me in the mode

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4 Escape from the City - Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2 had such a great soundtrack, one of my other favorites is That's the Way I Like It-For Metal Harbor.

How is this not #1 eff off

Lets all go snowboarding down a hill in a suburban street! That ought to tick off the neighbours!

Let's speed away from a killer giant truck! YEAH!

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5 Endless Possibility - Sonic Unleashed

And so I will carry on I really love this song

Live and Learn is pretty overrated in my opinion.

Live and Learn is rather overrated.

Best song ever! Most favorite have it recorded on my ipad and when I herd this the first time in the credits I couldn't help but smile

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6 His World (Crush 40) - Sonic '06

Like many Sonic songs, this is both very representative of Sonic the Hedgehog's image and philosophies, and paints life as an exciting adventure or action-packed journey. The part that stands out most to me is the chorus, which is mostly about real life - "Never fear the fall", never be afraid of things that might hurt or hinder you. Just keep going. "Every step meets the rest", everything falls into place, if not now, then in the end.

Another thing is that the background vocals say "His world" while the lead vocals say "This world". This creates sort of a double meaning where what this song is saying is not only from Sonic the Hedgehog's view. It IS "this world". It is reality. All that this song is saying is the TRUTH about this world we live in.

A great song from a bad Game. I still Zebraheads version

Best 1

True that the game its for is rubbish but that doesn't mean the songs are rubbish! Awesome song!

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7 I Am...All of Me - Shadow the Hedgehog

BORING shadow is stupid!

I betcha Shadow listens to this song and thinks, "I am all of me, so I think I'll go and beat the living daylights outta Black Doom now. "

I love this game too much.

A fantastically dark and yet triumphant theme. It fits Shadow perfectly.

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8 What I'm Made Of - Sonic Heroes

Honestly, this is probably the best final boss theme in any Sonic game.



one of my

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9 Infinite - Sonic Forces

An INFINITELY good song. I believe it represents the character very well. The song definitely conveys the power and threat that Infinite imposed in Sonic Forces, and it did a damn good job.

Best song ever to exist in Sonic Forces.

Infinitely good. It embodies the need to prove oneself to the world.

That's what it takes to be INFINITE!

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10 Knight of the Wind - Sonic & the Black Knight

And I live to rule
By the sword
Slashing through the every inch of the power
The power is you

It's okay I guess. - EvanWellens

Great song indeed! Should be in the top 10 at least.

Songs like His World, Endless Possibilities, Aquarium Park, Seaside Hill, and Live and Learn are all great, but Knight of the Wind is just so rad!

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The Contenders

11 Team Chaotix - Sonic Heroes

Awesome guitar and bass mixed in with the rock vocals- this song is awesome.

I think this the best of the team themes

This song is the best song EVER - corisco42

12 Dreams of an Absolution - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)


Other songs are too overrated.


Best song ever, best character ever

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13 Green Hill Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog

Catchy as heck - EvanWellens

It's just original. This has to be on the list because if this wasn't created the future music wouldn't be created

Should be Higher Up.

This should be higher, this song is a classic.

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14 Fist Bump - Sonic Forces

Together we can show the world what we can do...

It came from a meh game but it's still awesome.

This song makes me want to give SEGA a fist bump!

It's either this the Zebrahead version of His world, which never plays in 06, while this one plays quite some times. - DensestPotato

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15 Rival Battle - Metal Sonic (Stardust Speedway Bad Future)


16 Free (Crush 40 Version) - Sonic Free Riders

This song is great! If only the game was great... - tacoperson

Love this song! Super catchy and fun!

My number 2 sonic songs

This song his super underrated and definitely deserves to be top 5

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17 Never Turn Back - Shadow the Hedgehog

One of my favorite songs ever! - myusernameisthis

Never Turn Back Kicks Butt The Rock is Good The Beat is Good and the Lyrics is great Crush 40 Thank you For doing that Song and Make a Music Theme For Sonic Boom the Game and T.V. Show

Oh yeah yeah yeah oh it's been a long rough road but I'm move an inch oh I don't even sing it that's how much butt it kicks

This Is the best song from a Sonic game that has ever been released.

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18 This Machine - Sonic Heroes UListen to Sample
19 His World (Instrumental Solaris Phase 2 Theme) - Sonic '06

These two tie on the list. Why? Because they're basically the same song, but with different tones. The classic takes a simpler, quieter tone and builds up, while the zebrahead one is bouncy and rock all around.

20 Sonic Heroes - Sonic Heroes

Amazing song from my favourite game.

The first game who I played

What goes up, must come down!

Every time I hear that final verse before the last chorus I always get goosebumps!

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21 Green Forest - Sonic Adventure 2
22 We Can (Team Sonic Theme Song) - Sonic Heroes

This song is a good song and deserves at least one comment

This is huge!


23 E.G.G.M.A.N (instrumental) - Sonic Heroes

It is the upper deed, it will succeed, It's mission, yeah, it must complete. It's name is E.G.G.M.A.N. don't forget that name, if you ask it again, I'll type the same.

Also, best Guitar solo ever

24 Solaris Phase 2 - Sonic '06

Both of these songs act as the orchestral theme for each game, his world and endless possibility respectively. I like to imagine and epic battle going on when either of the two play, and I switch from which one I like more.

This awesome song was he only good thing in sonic 06.

25 Sky Sanctuary - Sonic 3 & Knuckles
26 Spagonia (Rooftop Run Day) - Sonic Unleashed

One of the best sonic songs that isn't from mania or a original genisis game

Severely underrated, so even though it might not be my all time favorite, I'm giving this a tactical vote


27 All Hail Shadow - Shadow the Hedgehog

Awesome song

28 Scrap Brain Zone - Sonic 1 UListen to Sample
29 Emerald Hill Zone - Sonic 2
30 Chemical Plant - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

This should be top 1. Seriously, Sonic 2 is MUCH better than Sonic Adventure 2!

How is this not higher up? It was my favorite as a kid and still is now.

This is probably my favourite out of sonic 2

This music was the top videogame song in the 90s for me - PampaZapp

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31 It Doesn't Matter - Sonic Adventure 1

This deserves top 10!

Sonic: "…as long as the voic inside tells me to run and fight, it doesn't matter who is wrong, and who is right! "
Knuckles: "are you seriously singing that song AGAIN? "
Sonic: *rips out earbuds* NO, no. Who was singing?
Knuckles: *rolls eyes*

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32 Perfect Dark Gaia - Sonic Unleashed

Epic final boss song from the first good sonic game in years.

The most epic final boss sonic song ever.

Good instrumental of endless possibility

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33 Sonic Boom - Sonic CD

Its the first sonic song you have to love it

This should be number one. It's the most iconic Sonic Song out there. It's the song that mostly represents what Sonic is all about, and it's the first Sonic Song with Vocals.

I heard this song in super smash bros brawl! THIS SONG IS AWESOME! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Sonic can do sonic booms because he's a hero

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34 Big Arms Battle Song - Sonic 3

Very underrated

35 Metropolis Zone - Sonic 2 UListen to Sample
36 Holoska Day - Sonic Unleashed
37 Aquarium Park Act 1 - Sonic Colours

When I first played Aquarium Park Act 1, I was blown away. The visuals were stunning, but they would be utterly forgettable without the music. The music sounds like an exciting underwater dream with an intro that really draws you in. Once you hear the intro, you're just tempted to hear the rest of this track. It also fits the abundant action in the zone. You're always on the move in Aquarium Park, whether, you're running, jumping, destroying the thousandth robot, or just making your way through the water. Long story short, this track made Aquarium Park unforgettable and it really stood out among the other songs in Sonic Colors. And Aquarium Park's my favorite zone in Sonic Heroes, and the music really influenced that decision.

This song is too good for just being a stage song.

This is by far my favorite sonic song ever!

38 Final Boss Song - Sonic 2


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39 So Much More... - Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing
40 Chaos Control - Shadow the Hedgehog

This song will never get out of my head. EVER.

Songs ruined the whole Sonic franchise.

41 Ice Cap Zone Act 1 - Sonic 3

Yesss! One of the best game songs! - sonicfangrl82

This should be higher

I hate sonic 3 but this song is awesome

How is this not higher, seriously?

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42 Super Sonic Racing - Sonic R

This should be top 1! Screw every Modern Sonic song with vocals! Go with Classic Sonic!

Everybody's super sonic racing gotta keep your feet right of the ground!

43 Metal Sonic Battle Song - Sonic 4 Episode 2
44 Miniboss Song - Sonic & Knuckles
45 Miniboss Song - Sonic 3
46 Final Fortress - Sonic Heroes UListen to Sample
47 With Me - Sonic and the Black Knight

The lyrics are amazing, I just don't know what it does in a Sonic game, it had so much potential...

Great song, this game needs love

This song rules its just... uhg why don't more people like this song

48 Sky Deck - Sonic Adventure
49 Crisis City - Sonic 06


50 Stardust Speedway Bad Future - Sonic CD

This song is so catchy!

I prefer Japan but who is this so low? This is one my favourites

Japan version, or US version? I perfer Japan.

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