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1 hookshot

if I could have any zelda item in real life it would be the hook shot

Love this.. so fun to muck around with!

The Hookshot is simply the greatest item in any game. It is simple inuitive and fun to use, and there is nothing more epic than the insane awsomeness of freezing an enemy in mid air with it in OoT. The Hookshot is a summing up of what Zelda is, and I happily vote it as first. The truth has been spoken.

Almost as good as the spinner. the spinner was pure GOLD. the hookshot is somewhat gold.

2 master sword

All though the big goron sword is twice as powerful the master sword as its name implies is simply the best weapon in the whole legend of Zelda series. THE BLADE OF EVILS BANE.

HOW IS THE MASTER SWORD NOT FIRST?! It's the main weapon people come on! That's like saying Navi is better than Midna, without the Master Sword Link could not kill ganon

It is simply impossible to beat a Zelda game without it. Every zelda game must have this sword or it would not be a zelda game!

I beat the Oracle games with the Nobel Sword easily. what is so great about the so called Master Sword?

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3 ocarina

The Item That Pretty Much Made The Best Game In The Whole Entire Zelda Series! I Am Surprised This Is Not On There! It Would Be Dumb This Not At least Be Number Two! I Vote This Being The Best! So Many Ways It Was Used To Help With So Many Puzzles, Traveling. It did alot! - tylerszurka

4 bombs
5 rocs cape

I love me some Roc's Cape, especially in Minish Cap when you can do that midair downward thrust just like in Smash Bros! :D by the way, the Clawshot kicks the Hookshot's ass... just saying - Oreanta

6 bow and arrow

All time favorite item ever. I can't think of anything better to use. They even upgrade to silver arrows. Nothing beats arrows infused with light... Nothing.

7 Zora armor
8 boomerang
9 mirror shield

how and who could forget about this special shield? -

10 hammer

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11 flute

The ocarina was like an amazing smartphone gadget with loads of uses. You could keep messing around with it unlike other items that could only be used in specific locations or just for certain uses.

The ocarina is so fun playing with as a common instrument. I hope they'll have something similar in the next game.

12 ball and chain

The ball and chain is fun weapon to destroy enemies.Haha.Crash.πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ™ƒ

13 magic cape

Not just invisible it made you invincible. Your only concern when wearing it was falling in a hole. Let the boss slaughterfest commence

14 spinner
15 lantern
16 empty bottle

There are so many things that you can do with the humble bottle. Over the years, the bottle has been used to hold many things, fairys, water, magic water, shroom spores, potion, and even a princess. You choose what you do with the bottle, and you solve so many puzzles with it. Like any good item, this defines Zelda as a whole, and this is an eccelent, and criminally overlooked item.

17 Beetle
18 longshot
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