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1 Neda Kalantar

Regardless of her game in Season 5, she's still the best to ever play. She mapped out the entire game and played the right card at the right time, had she evicted Jon at the final 6 and Adel at the final 5, she would've won no problem.

Amazing player!

She was a mixture of everything you needed in he house, she was strategic and made well calculated moves, she was willing to endure anything to win, and also lets just add she is the was the only girl who won 2 head of households when she needed them most, all in all she is just the best big brother Canada player, she is just like will kirby except she came third place, a player to remember

Very smart strategy

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2 Emmett Blois

Absolute Beast. one of the best to never win. He ran that house with a perfect strategical and physical game while still having great relationships with everyone.

Emmett is the best Big Brother Canada player and one of the best in any BB (US included). He ran the house from the beginning cutting ties with who he needed to, never letting his emotions get in the way and if it wasn't for an unlucky set of Final 3 comps he would have won. He should also get bonus points for being a giant physical threat which made him a big target from Day 1.

He even received the endorsement of Dan (someone who knows a thing or two about BB) after he stayed in the Big Brother house and observed it..."Rarely do you see a player with such control over the house as Emmett has" was what he said after leaving.

Emmett was definitively my favorite houseguest in S1. He was great in competitions having won 2 HOHs and 3 POVs. He also played an amazing social game and was able to get on everyone's good side. It's amazing that he was able to stay off the block the whole game after being up week 1. Despite all the controversy concerning the winner of S1, Emmett absolutely dominated the season. - Articuno

Dumbass is dating hot nicole doesn't deserve her

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3 Ika Wong


She should be top 3!


1 neda is rude and suckss
2 ika beat ass both seasons
3 she wasnt afraid to show it

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4 Jillian MacLaughlin

Good winner and whatever... but if Topaz didn't screw up her vote she would've been destroyed.

Jillian Is a pretty good and likeable winner who is a great competitor who was never on the block even though she was a target for the longest time, that sounds like a deserving winner to me. Even though I still think Emmett deserved it more than her

She and Emmett were in power the whole game and she was a deserving winner. Out of the final 3 you could argue that she deserved the win the least but all 3 did play a great game! She was also great in comps - Articuno

She's a terrible player. She almost lost to Gary (Who was evicted.)

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5 Cassandra Shahinfar

The best player to have played BB Canada besides her game in Season 5 lol

Queen. Such a good player


An icon

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6 Jon Pardy

Jon played an amazing game, he played it user the radar for the majority of the first half of the game and was not perceived as a threat until he came out of nowhere and began to win comps and control the big brother house.

Underrated. Despite having won and having convinced the most deceptive and paranoid player in the house that he was an emotional player who would take her to the end, he is given no credit for the win. He did something that only the greats have done, played the whole game with a huge target on his back but was so charming that he managed to keep himself out of danger, ultimately winning the game. Bbcan wanted to say that they produced the first dominant female winner so they gave neda the mastermind edit which she only kinda deserved. Jon is the best bbcan player so far and doesn't even recognize it himself.

Even though Jon had the body to be seen as a threat he was never even suggested as being a target to the first five then he joined the sloppy seconds and completely dominated the game

Played one of the greatest games I have ever seen in any big brother. He could control the house and was viewed as a friendly guy that was no target whatsoever until he starting winning comps and no one could stop him! Controlled the house. Some will say Neda is better but in my opinion what made him better then her was cutting her at the end.

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7 Godfrey Mangwiza

Played the best game of Season 3... Played a lot of people in the house, completely disguising himself as an unintelligent, terrible competitor, when the reality was the opposite...It's amazing that a ripped, smart guy can get so far not beasting out on comps...Probably played too well, as the jury didn't understand the game he played. Plus Season 3 probably had more gamers that the first couple so it was a harder path...

The man who can survive eviction after eviction and lay low in the house. He throws the competitions because he knows how to manipulate the house into going after a bigger target. Great player.

Best strategic big brother Canada player but only had two friends in the jury who were probably the two worst people to have as your advocate. Also he had limited time to explain his game to the jury.

Playing an amazing strategic but open game. The housemates don't recognize how intelligent he really is.

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8 Kaela Grant

She dominated and Robbed by a bitter Jury. Deserving winner

Great player. She laid low in the beginning instead of creating an unnecessarily large target. Then when it counted, she won critical competitions and got herself out of sticky situations.

I don't care how bad her jury management was,she played a awesome game.She was on the majority side of the house in the first half and in second half she evicted evicted everyone in jury and won the most competitions for a female in big brother Canada history

Should have won. How in god's name did Paras win?

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9 Paras Atashnak

Very good player who floated between all sides of the house and played a fantastic social game in the house. She never had to rely on competitions to be in a good position in the house every week. Although her strategic moves were not the best, she was an excellent social player and hasn't been nominated til Final 5, even though people were fully aware of the game she was playing. And she was nominated as a pawn besides the person who had the least chances of winning. She was never in danger the entire game and the only week she was in danger, she ended up winning HOH in the Final 4 and secured herself in the Final 3 when no one else was going to take her, and she would have been evicted this week if not for her win. She is also very smart quiz competitor in addition to be very strong in endurance competitions. Hope she wins the season and deserves to be in at least Final 2. Played a lot like Jun Song and is one of the best players this season(Next to Kaela)

Absolutely loved her game! She was underestimated from the start of the season and she used it to her advantage. She was able to float, be a snake and play under the radar. She was only nominated one time without a single vote against her. She won HOHs when they counted the most. Paras social game was pretty good especially with her winning the season 6-1. Flawless gamer. - BlackDiamonds

Discredited and a very underrated player

Master Manipulator and amazing strategist. Loved watching her play.

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10 Tim Dormer

Not a bad player but definitely not the best player of that season. Tim is a showman, he is there for the show and that's why a lot of people like him, but there's a different between giving a good show and playing a good game. He makes "big moves" just for the sake of making "big moves" with no logic reasoning behind, because making big moves is "cool", his best "move" was to pretend he didn't care about winning and aling with the best player of that season (Cassandra) that's about it.

I assume he will be pushed up to Final 5, and is in all reality the best Big Brother Canada player we have seen yet. Top class manipulator, Tim didn't even really need to lie to get the house to do what he wanted. His charisma and social game made everyone feel comfortable, and thus more willing to listen to his ideas. He is one of the best players to ever play the North American format, and I would put him right behind Derrick as the 5th best player in BB history.

He, with a doubt, played the best game in season 4.

Greatest social game of all time enough said. Just if he studied he would have won!

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11 Mitchell Moffit

Mitch knee everything going on in the house and nobody had any idea how threatening he really was. He easily could’ve won the season until the twist that brought Kelsey back to expose his game.

He knew everything about the game and played it nearly flawlessly. By flying under the radar, no one thought a thing about him. Look at the HOH competition where Houseguests could choose who they want to try to eliminate from the competition. No one picked him to go up in that challenge until the very end, showing that they didn't suspect his amazing gameplay. Unfortunately, the fake double eviction provided Kelsey with the information that Mitch was a mastermind, wnd even though he did a great job trying to keep himself in the game, there wasn't much he could do.

Would've gone very far if it wasn't for the twist. Very strategic player, flawless game.

Whether it is with eye rolls and rants or strategic lies, Mitch always has everyone guessing while keeping him safe.

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12 Sarah Hanlon

Never should have came close to winning. Terrible twists kept her in the game and knocked out strong players who deserved to be in the house over her. Seeing her ride the coat tails of her win last season by appearing on the after show as some big brother mastermind is sickening. Many other more deserving players on this list made it very far in the game with much bigger targets on their back without any assistance from any unfair twists.

Very overrated player with an even more overrated social game. Relied on 3 things: Brittnee, competitions and most of all twists. Accidentally voted out Willow and just flew under the radar throughout most of the game. No big moves. Really nothing all that special.

I get that the winners should be high open the list, but Sarah would not have made it as far as she did without the twist. I'm not saying she was a bad player, but I am saying that her ability to get out of sticky situations was only half her, the other half was luck, or in the case of her and Britnee being given safety was pretty much production rigging the week, they knew who Canada would vote for and used that to keep Sarah and Britnee around. I don't know if Sarah or Britnee would have left, but regardless that twist changed the game.

She knew everything that was going on in that house for weeks, due to her alliance on one side of the house, as well as her information feeding to/from Kevin (a great deal for the both of them). Played a great social game, and won competitions when it came down to the wire, getting out some big power players along the way

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13 Kevin Martin Kevin Martin Kevin Dallas Martin, Jr. is an American professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association.

Overrated player - jdleee

Great understanding of the game, but couldn't play it subtle.

Guys Kevin Won Season 5 Of Big Brother Canada

A great player that got screwed by the triple eviction, hopefully he makes all stars

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14 Peter Brown

Why is he so high up this list he sucked at the game and made some of the dumbest moves in Big Brother Canada history like not using the point of view on Topaz and voting out A. J instead of Andrew during the instant eviction.

Peter is a very good observer of the game he understands the game very well and can analyze it to perfection, but when he played, he wasn't a good player at all, he did a lot of mistakes that himself would despise now. That being said, I didn't like him very much before having watched the sideshows, but now my opinion as chanded and I think that technically he is very good at this game. (I hate Sara in the sideshow she always disses peter after he gives his opinion, it's irritating).

Am I the only one who thinks Peter is overrated? He made a lot of dumb moves and just relied on Alec. He won comps yes, but only because Alec let him. - RoxasDan

No. His gameplay sucked.

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15 Zach Oleynik

Zach played a well calculated strategic game and had a brilliant social game. He also respects Big Brother!

Great player! One of the best this season if not the best all around player

Best player on season 3

16 Demetres Giannitsos

Underrated to be honest, he won 5 HoHs the entire season - that's a big brother first (of any franchise)

Underrated player to be honest, I think people forget he holds the record for most HoH wins in one season by any houseguest. As well, he always kept a calm, level-headed mindset and made the right moves on his own terms (not Ika telling him what to do)

17 Gary Levy

It would have been a travesty if he won over Jillian

Terrible player

Gary would've won Big Brother if Topaz hadn't made her mistake and voted for Jillian

The glitter better return soon!

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18 Dre Gwenaelle

Very underrated and amazing social game

She was fantastic - musicalorange6

19 Andrew Monaghan

He was in final 4, it was BS that he got screwed by Gary returning

He did not deserve to go. Talla did

20 Alec Beall

Alec was defiantly a good player. Comp and mental threat.

21 Naeha Sareen

All time best girl competitor, she could've killed the game if the instant eviction wasn't there.

SHE WOULD HAVE WENT SO FAR! She flipped the house in one night and was screwed over by an Instant Eviction, She had sk much potential

An example of someone who tried to make moves at the wrong time. I'd love to see Slayha come back for All-Stars, I think she'll realize what she did wrong this season and will fix her mistakes.

Shoulda coulda woulda yeah yeah yeah

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22 Bruno Ielo

The BEST social and Strategic player of the season. He made the right moves when needed, even though people wanted him out his social game saved him and he made the right moves when needed. Also made the best move ever by saving Zach at the tripple eviction. This guy needs to be ranked in the top 5 all time Canadian players minimum or this ranking system is flawed.

By far the best strategic player of BBCAN3 if not all 3 seasons. If you watched live feeds you would know how good his social game was, the show didn't show his full game which is a shame

Very good read of the game and his fellow players

Great player and great to his fans too which is more than I can say for 99% of the other players.

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23 Adel Elseri

Entertaining player, I think he should be a little higher on this list.

"So much love and smiles" and way way to funny

24 Kenny Brain

He was smart and loyal to the First Five. Also he's extremely hot

25 Sarah Miller

Played an excellent social game, and was one of the most likable houseguests ever

She rocks lige

Sarah's a b*tch she just got the nice girl edit from the show she was such a b*tch on the feeds

26 Brittnee Blair

Why is she not higher up on this list? She should be up there with Sarah, they played very similar games while still maintaining their alliance to the end and making their own decisions. Brittnee didn't even tell Sarah what the special power she received was! She would've been in final three if Ashleigh hadn't won the last point of view.

Won comps, got out huge players

Won comps, got out huge players, yet still everyone loved her because of her sweet personality

Brittnee is one of if not in the Top 5 Big Brother players of all time. An absolute queen

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27 Ashleigh Wood

Here's the thing with Ashleigh: She wasn't the flashiest player for the first-half of the game but she was in a dominant alliance (The Chop Shop) that she could rely on and had Zach as a meatshield. Her strategic game really wasn't shown until she won her first head of household where she took a shot at Sarah, who went on to win the whole thing, as well as Godfrey, a common threat to Zach. However, her reign was ruined when Brittnee used the special power. Then for the next three weeks she suffers as the new threat to the other side of the house, she votes Zach out, loses Pili to a tie, and wins her third straight, much-needed veto in a row. The thing that leaves my mind turning is who would she have picked to go with at the end? Although, she wasn't necessarily the brightest at the beginning she had a solid social game, strategic game (longest streak of not being nominated till the final 6), and really picked up her physical game toward the end.

Ashleigh was 1 comp win away from winning BBCAN3 and she honestly played a really solid game, really confused as to why she isn't at least in the top 20

An amazing player, she was strong, smart and very clever and she would have probably won if Godfrey wouldn't have done the mistake to take sarah to the end

She wasn't a great strategic player, but one thing she has going for her is that she never gave up, even after all her allies were gone, she fought until she finally got evicted at the final 3. She is also the first woman to win 3 vetos in a row.

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28 Nikki Grahame

I love her

Nikki didn't have much of a game but she was hilarious and amazing to watch like we were all wondering what she would do next. I'm very happy she mad it as far as she did, she was never gonna win but that's ok because she was great in her own way and it would be awesome if she came back as an all star. Nikki is awesome.

When she had a tantrum or was upset, people would feel sorry for her and that was part of Nikki's social game, and that her go further in the game

Good social player.Made it far in all her seasons of BBUK and is making it far in BBCAB

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29 Sabrina Abbate

She ran the house for several weeks at the start of the season and managed to make it to final two even after her allies walker out the door one bye one.

She did fine for the first five weeks but when she was nominated by Canada it's like her strategic moves just died off - RoxasDan

Canada just didn't like her but overall she made smart points in the game dominated the first week of the game

While not enjoying her as a person, SHE ran the BB 2 Canada house for 5 weeks.

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30 Sindy Nguyen

She was completely awful. She was put up every single time she was eligible. She was a major poor sport and claimed that she was the one who masterminded the eviction of Jordan when it made absolutely no sense at all to. Jordan wouldn't not have came after her. She was incredibly idiotic. One of the worst and overrated by far. All she has is a few comp wins which really doesn't go far if your social game is terrible.

She was a queen comp, and I would love to see her in all stars

People in the house underestimated her

Comp beast, she played the game GREATLY

31 Heather Decksheimer

Heather was such an amazing player. One of the best if you ask me. She let people underestimate her until the very end before her eviction where she showed how strong of a player she really was. So underrated and deserved to go a bit more further than final too. She was also such a lovable person really didn't like when she was evicted :(

She was underrated, which allowed her to make it far. She was seen as not a threat whatsoever, but she was actually one of the strongest female competitors. Everyone viewed her as being stupid, but she was fairly intelligent. Sucks that she ended in fourth though; would have loved to see her in the final two of her respective season.

I think that Heather is really under estimated and that sucks because she is the first person in the house this season to have made a big move.

Such a great player and really fun to cheer for. She was most definitely an underdog and if she hadn't refused to wear the squirrel suit, she very likely could have won.

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32 Pilar Nemer

She's sexy.

33 Loveita Adams

As of right now we don't know if she goes back in the house, though if she does I think she could potentially be an honourable mention on a top ten, but if Kelsey goes in I think she may be closer to a worst list.

Although her gameplay was messy, she tried to right her wrongs the second time she was head of household. She also won 2 hohs in the first three weeks what kind of icon goddess queen

Comp beast amazing love her


34 Johnny Mulder

Solid player. One of the best of BB 6.

35 Dane Rupert

Dane dominated BBCan7! - lovebigbrother123

36 Kelsey Faith

I believe Kelsey under estimated herself in the beginning of the game. But in the beginning portion she flipped the votes against Paige to stay, she got fake evicted, but Loveita knocked sense into her, Making her a social and strategy beast. She is also a "Mastermind Genius"

Although Kelsey didn't play a very good game in the beginning after spending that week with loveita really woke her up seeing that she has only been in the house for a few days she still needs to keep playing but put all that aside she is one of my favorites this year next to Jared and Nikki

Such an underrated legend, queen of studying and had in a huge hand in every single Eviction other then her own, Raul and Jared's, and Dallas'


37 Maddy Pavle

She is hot

38 Jared Kesler

The only reason Jared could be considered a good player is because for SOME REASON everyone wanted to literally throw away their game for him. He didn't even have a great social game. Just an average player all around.

Has been a target the whole game and he's still in

- Biggest physical target since day 1
- Strong ties with everyone in the house had the rest of his alliance get voted out before him despite them being much weaker players
- Won the most competitions in season 4
- Everyone wanted to work with him
- Although some would argue kelsey coming back helped him, I disagree, she just dragged him down
- That being said, he would be the best BBCan player of all time had he not been tied down by Kelsey, but definitely still in top 3 so far.

39 Anick Gervais

Even though Anick was voted early she still won too me

She was an amazing person inside and out was robbed.

She slayed the house

40 Nick Paquette
41 Alejandra Martinez

So underrated strategically and controlled some of the voteouts on Season 6. Had a great alliance with Ding-Dongs, sassy, entertaining, smart, witty.

42 Jordan Parr

His last name is Parhar, but he's so irrelevant that I'd be surprised if you got the last name right. They tried to make him the next Peter Brown and tried to play him off as some mastermind. In actuality, he relied entirely upon Zach and did nothing during his time in the house. Volunteering to go on the block and getting evicted in the same week? If he was really the superfan that they played him off as, he would know that it never works out when you volunteer to be nominated! He does NOT deserve to be on this list.

Definitely playing a good game. Good strong alliances and keeping a cool head.

I really don't like him, however he is playing a good game but might get caught ridding the middle for to long. Also his name is Jordan Parhar

Got screwed by Sindy coming back in.

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43 Ramsey Aburaneh


44 Paige Distranski

Paige was the most popular houseguest at cast release, and was the number one pick to win pre season. She had the most followers and most views on youtube even after the season..she was robbed and it might have just been a matter of her being too young- she was only 18! She was so pretty and tiny, though I don't think she was very smart lol, she was very sweet and I think we all missed out. Loveita was clearly jelous of the two pretty blondes in the house!

Paige is so sweat. I she made it the first week I think she would have made it far or won

Loveita Adams

45 Phil Paquette
46 Suzette Amaya

She was an emotional player but made through her eviction against Liza but evicted the week after that

She was the best first HoH in Canada BB history, she was willing to do whatever it takes to get further

47 Andrew Gordon

Worst player of the game, also the rudest

48 Topaz Brady

She had a pretty good strategy going into the game, with almost the entire house liking her as a person. She would pretend to not know whats going on but when it came to knowledge competitions she would be amazing. She was only screwed when big brother ruined her game with the instant eviction

Even though she messed up on finale night big time, she was one of the most realistic players. She would've stayed a lot longer if Peter (the idiot) had used his point of view on her... And also if Jillian didn't lie to her like a bajillion times

She was very argumentative

49 Arlie Shaban

Would have been great if I didn't think he was invisible

50 Aj Burman

Played the perfect pawn game- but no strategy at all

An amazing player also very strategic

No strategy at all. Why is he up higher than Brittnee and Slayha?

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