Top Ten Biggest Hopes for 2020

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1 A safer world: no terrorism, rape, murder etc

I love that idea- A much better safer world than a dangerous and hurtful world today

Agreed my dude, Everything will be happy. Nothing bad happens, no one gets hurt, never a need to feel pain.

That won't ever happen, we will all be at war with mankind and we will all die.

Peace after the decades of violence.

2 Higher wages

Yet this comes with the issue of having to be more picky with who you hire and then we get more people unemployed and smaller businesses unable to afford enough workers...

3 Death penalty brought back

I fully disagree with death penalty. We are not to decide on the lives of other people. Besides, what if you are wrong? Judgements are not perfect, and an innocent person could be killed because of this. Permanent prison should be the worst punishment.

I don't agree with the death penalty, even then to deal with psychos, solitary confinement is much more effective, because now they have to suffer for what they've done

I did extensive research on this and a lengthy argumentative blog post. I've come to the conclusion that. I don't KNOW.

I'm gonna get hate for this... It should but only if the person has done something super super super wrong.

4 New discoveries

Mostly the widespread solar powered panels and the 3D printed heart

5 Donald Trump loses the 2020 election

Hopefully he isn't elected again, unlike George W. Bush, since he is racist and is a climate change denier, he is against conservation (he doesn't care if endangered species go extinct or not). He is a really horrible president.

Good lord,future generations

Do not agree

I agree

6 Technology advances

Why?! Technological progress could mean the end of the world, because Terminator and other dystopian future movies should have taught all of us that future changes are bad. I don't want life to become like Hunger Games, the Purge, Terminator, or something similar. :'(

Of course, should advance

7 Stronger unity

Yes. It's not easy to do what's right in a cruel wicked world we bought upon ourselves. Shouldn't we put aside our differences and care for one another? Why can't we just get along?

I hope my wish is to have more unity

8 Rock and metal takes over

Grow up.
People can like what they want, they don't have to listen to miserable anger.

We should just get rid of music altogether. That would fix a lot of things.

(I mostly just mean getting rid of music on the radio and such.)

(this comment is a joke)

I know right? Let me know if I can bring back the pyschedelic rock of 60s and 70s music

Let's hope mumble rock will be AT LEAST 100 times better than that godawful mumble rap.

9 Racism is gone

Racism needs to come to an end, ever heard of equality?

10 Our children are born

A YES! To many unborn babies are murdered every day. Please let this happen -Ginger22

Literally just like the previous 2-4 decades did with the birth rates

What dies his even mean?

The Contenders

11 2000s Nostalgia is Making a Full Force

Make it happen to the Generation Zs and the future generations

Aside from having a full pledged return, Time to let people know that we are thrilled to start the next nostalgia after The 1990s and the final nostalgic decade for us

Please make this happen The 2000s nostalgia are having a full pledged return


12 There is peace

I am right, now onwards this next decade for agree strategy

PLEASE! I will give up ALL my money for world peace!

Years before and after 1914, there never has been peace on planet earth. Expect things to get worse. 2020 will never be a great year.

Good Idea

13 No judgement day

Make it happen,more than number of people hope to stop judgement day and Coronavirus thing

The odds of that happening is about the same as The Grinch stealing Christmas in real life

I want to live a long life, I hope God isn planning on judging any time soon.

14 A better way for poor people to get rich because of their talent

Especially East Asian people, who have been looking for their own talent on the next years

15 Good music makes a comeback

The more the songs are getting better and nice songs, not awful songs today

Yes, good music never dies

It’s the 1990s with modern style beats. Bring back good music!

16 New Guns N' Roses album


17 Perverted fanbases are gone

Mostly the hypocritical Frozen, Spongebob Squarepants, Shrek, Marvel Cinematic Universe and other terrible hypocritical fanbases

18 No more homophobes

Hooray for banning homophobes by next year!

19 To cancel Teen Titans Go

Just opinions.

Please,let make it happen if TTG is ending on the way

20 Baby Shark is Banned

I hope Baby Shark is pulled out of the radio stations soon by December 31

Finally we are grow up and threw Baby Shark into the dumpster

I know right? It is annoying, especially that my little sister keeps playing this annoying song over and over again.

Imagine still whining about Baby Shark in September 2019.

21 Less Child and Animal Abuse

Please make it happen sooner if you wish

22 Rap music is banned

Guys stop hating on rap Eminem is the GOAT and I'm not a big fan of rap

Wait, how's Eminem gonna be alive and still rapping if rap music is banned?

Finally I'm fed up of how rap is evolving because now we have little t what

I hate listening to Retards Attempting Poetry aka Rap!

23 Donald Trump wins 2020

Please Make That Happen :) you may say he's racist but he's protecting illegals from stealing jobs from legals.

24 Fortnite gets banned

It probably won't, as there's hardly any reason at all. Besides, Fortnite's popularity will die eventually, so don't try to complain.

Fortnite is practically dead at this point.

This game ruined my life.

If a video game that died a year ago is enough to ruin your life, then I hate to break it to you, but you're going to have one miserable life.

Same as Baby Shark

25 United States becomes united again

Just opinions and decisions.

26 Canada accepts American rap into their radio stations

Wait, you mean the Canadians have had the good sense to ban American Rap for all this time?

No way this would not be good in my opinion


27 Youngsters stop idolizing celebrities

It depends if the celebrities themselves are good role model or not to their fans.

This needs to be more idolize real people not celebrities

28 New Sega Console Released

Be careful what you wish for when the first time since 21 years ago Sega console was released in holiday season 2020 😂

Mega SG anyone?

29 Family Guy Gets Cancelled

Most likely will be cancelled for good after the final episodes of Family Guy in the last week of May, understand?

I know. This should be canceled due to inappropriate jokes, strong language, etc, so this show needs to be banned.

There's nothing wrong with inappropriate jokes and strong language. You're just being overly sensitive.

I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but seriously...

The show is finally cancelled for sure

I still like Family Guy!

30 Some cultural elements from the 1920's are brought back such as swing music and clothing

Mostly yes to the cultural elements of the 1920s are finally coming back of course this year

I would be happy

Make like the next 1920s, it already is happening

31 Jason Kander wins the U.S. presidential election
32 To cancel SpongeBob

The show that ruined us

You mean the show that ruined you and all the other jackasses that whine over a kids show, right?

So are The Simpsons

33 To cancel The Simpsons

Make it happen,fans of The Simpsons is mostly saddened for the show’s ending by early next year

What a bogus list

P.S we are going to be cancelled

34 Better culture

This is actually called culture, not social media

35 Patreon and Subscribestar Becomes Obsolete
36 The Loud House gets cancelled

Awesome idea and for me, I am rather stick with enjoyment of reading books, lie on my bed, listening to good music and other things than watching new cartoons like this one.

I really, Really, REALLY hate this garbage excuse of a cartoon. Stereotypes, agendas, poor animation, no effort put into the jokes, yep that's a horrible show alright.

Please! We are staying away from this crappy TV show

Great idea.

37 To Cancel Will and Grace
38 Lollapalooza cancelled


39 The end of blockbuster age of movies

Likely if the Hollywood goes on a downhill, that means new type of movies overtaken box office approved movies by the next year

40 No More Avengers Movie Memes

That’s it, too much bad memes of this and Shrek. Likely to be dead by this year💀☠️

41 Super Metroid Remake
42 To Cancel Paw Patrol
43 Box Office Mojo becomes obsolete

It will happen

44 Janet Jackson Makes All for You Music Video Inspired Interquel TV Sitcom and Animated Kids Series

I am hyped for the Janet Jackson All For You music video is being eventually extended into the new franchise project of sorts, like Walt Disney cartoon shows, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Seinfeld, Clueless, Everybody Hates Chris and a mix of Victorious and Frasier rolled into one upcoming T.V. show. The show is also included a halfway Austin Powers style movie trilogy/T.V. specials, merchandise, cartoon show and more.

Yes Make it happen

Janet Jackson(real life one) is finally getting a role of the main protagonist character, The fictional sexy in her 30s adulthood version of Janet Jackson was stunning in the new sitcom series

Already is happy to see this

Don’t get me wrong, this is the confirmed successor to the T.V. shows The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and Everybody Hates Chris expect with a fictional normal 30something version of the pop star Janet Jackson and the ink+paint animation background setting

45 Blumhouse Productions Goes Bankrupt

To tell the movie industry that we are going bankrupt after the last bunch of horror movies, we are shutting down on the market for the next years

46 Blood Red becomes Pantone Color Of The Year 2020

Make it happen, the deep red colour is likely to choose the next year’s Pantone Color Of The Year

Why would this happen?

47 Electro swing becomes mainstream

Congrats to the new music genre in the works!

Better than Indie Pop music

48 Patriots don't make the Superbowl
49 Dark Angel (2000 TV Series) Comes Back as a Revival

Welcome back Dark Angel! Make room for the last wave of revival stuff on T.V.

50 To Cancel Dancing with the Stars (USA)

Please, opinion based.

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