Top Ten Biggest Hopes for 2020


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1 A safer world: no terrorism, rape, murder etc

That won't ever happen, we will all be at war with mankind and we will all die.

I really hope this happens A. - Therandom

Not gonna happen, we will all have war and die.

Peace after the decades of violence. - MrCoolC

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2 Death penalty brought back

I fully disagree with death penalty. We are not to decide on the lives of other people. Besides, what if you are wrong? Judgements are not perfect, and an innocent person could be killed because of this. Permanent prison should be the worst punishment. - keyson

I don't agree with the death penalty, even then to deal with psychos, solitary confinement is much more effective, because now they have to suffer for what they've done - Quart

I did extensive research on this and a lengthy argumentative blog post. I've come to the conclusion that. I don't KNOW. - keycha1n

Uhhh, innocents get killed... - LemonComputer

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3 Higher wages

Yet this comes with the issue of having to be more picky with who you hire and then we get more people unemployed and smaller businesses unable to afford enough workers... - keycha1n

4 Stronger unity
5 New discoveries
6 Technology advances

Of course, should advance

7 Rock and metal takes over

Let's have it happen right now and not wait for so dang long.

I'm 14 and I will give my bid for this to happen in future.

If that does then I will never be able to find new rap! I just hope it doesn't. Maybe a little but not completely! - SelfDestruct

8 Our children are born
9 Rap music is banned

Wait, how's Eminem gonna be alive and still rapping if rap music is banned? - PizzaGuy

Finally I'm fed up of how rap is evolving because now we have little t what - HazzaInHisMazda

I hate listening to Retards Attempting Poetry aka Rap! - Spongehouse

10 There is peace

Agree - TinyToonsGirl45

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11 New Guns N' Roses album
12 Racism is gone
13 Donald Trump wins 2020

Please Make That Happen :) you may say he's racist but he's protecting illegals from stealing jobs from legals. - Maddox121

14 Good music makes a comeback
15 Canada accepts American rap into their radio stations

Wait, you mean the Canadians have had the good sense to ban American Rap for all this time?

Canadians are pretty racist.

16 No judgement day

I want to live a long life, I hope God isn planning on judging any time soon. - Therandom

17 Jason Kander wins the U.S. presidential election
18 To cancel SpongeBob
19 To cancel The Simpsons
20 Fortnite gets banned

It probably won't, as there's hardly any reason at all. Besides, Fortnite's popularity will die eventually, so don't try to complain. - MrCoolC

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1. A safer world: no terrorism, rape, murder etc
2. Stronger unity
3. Death penalty brought back
1. A safer world: no terrorism, rape, murder etc
2. Death penalty brought back
3. Higher wages
1. Death penalty brought back
2. Higher wages
3. A safer world: no terrorism, rape, murder etc

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