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1 Bitch

I'm not trying to be mean or biased against women, but there are many instances where they can be completely overdramatic and overreactive about virtually everything. I've seen many examples of this with my sisters and my mom. My dad is the complete opposite. He's super calm, and never takes anything too seriously. This is one reason why I'm actually hesitant about getting married. - Mcgillacuddy

They always say stuff about you behind your back

They are so annoying. Enough said. - EpicJake

Ye funny.! HAHAAHA~! - SwampertBABY

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2 Try to Turn You Against Someone

They are always telling you they she said this or she said that so you can turn against them

This is insanely true. This happened a lot to me back in middle and high school - Mcgillacuddy

It is sad because it happens all the time ecspecially in high school.

3 Steal Your Boyfriend

When they go out with a person right after you dumbed them which mans he was cheating on you with her!

A freshman girl stole my crush(well, technically he's not my boyfriend, but he was really sweet and considerate to me than to most girls, before that freshman girl showed up). And worst of all, she didn't felt guilty about It. She also bullies the 6th graders over nothing! Well, the 8th graders(my classmates) like her, but I'm guessing they only like her because she's rich, she has an iPhone or for shipping. Seriously! She's a manipulative jerk who bullies younger students, bosses older students(I saw her bossing a 9th grader before) and steals other girls' love interests. Believe me, She might steal her best friend's boyfriend one day - MLPFan

Of of my ex friends tried to steal my boyfriend! She was a total bitch.

4 Dividing

Lol I know boys who this has happened to

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5 Spend Hours Admiring Themselves In the Mirror

If I was a hacker. I would blow the mirror and they will die.

It's long ad boring

It's just plain vanity and stupidity

I don't really see many women who do this, but I do know that there are some. Me, I just go to the mirror to check my eyebrows, teeth, blah, blah, blah, and then I'm done. - Mcgillacuddy

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6 Be a Slut

This is an insult to girls and this should be removed - TwilightKitsune

This is 100% true, and we all know it...

Girls don't have to be sluts. They choose it.


7 Get Freaked Out When Someone Copies Them

To be very honest, coming from a male, I think it's very awkward seeing another person wearing the same thing as me. - Mcgillacuddy

I think it's REALLY awkward when you go out in public and see someone wear the exact same shirt as you. They're usually little kids since I am petite-framed. - Lunala


Is that what you think? - FennikenFan9

I'm a girl and this is what happens to me... on a test -_-

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8 Spread Secrets
9 Call Themselves Fat When They Aren't

Just as annoying is when they post a hot picture and say they're so ugly just to get attention

Some narcissistic "popular" girl in my grade said this about herself, and she is VERY thin. She also starves apparently. I try to avoid her because she is rude and a bit dodgy - Lunala

Sounds like anorexia. That scares me. High hopes it hasn't gotten more serious - she may be vain and rude, but surely she doesn't deserve to become skin and bone and drop dead this time next year. - Entranced98

Well they're already ugly physically, socially, emotionally and psychologically.


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10 Lie

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11 Gossip

They gossip too much, the mean popular ones that like picking on me. Although this is a stereotype. - Eil__een

12 Dress Like a Slut and Post Pictures On the Internet

100% agree on that one

Damn straight my friend damn straight

I'm a girl. I think short shorts are uglier than a pile of steaming dog poop. Why wear ugly slut pants when you can wear something COOLER? - A female

13 Giggle Unpredictably
14 Hate On Random People They Don't Even Know
15 Start Annoying Fan Bases

Daisy fans for example

There was a Dora fan base back in third grade :(

16 Show Off Name Brand Stuff, Wishing That Someone Cares
17 Don't Let You Even Talk to Other Girls

And I say to her SHUT UP! Like Smosh.

18 Fish for Compliments
19 Taking too much time choosing clothes

I want to rip out their eyeballs

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20 Act Differently Around a Guy

Nah, I act normally with both genders - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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