Top 10 Best Actors in South India

South Indian cinema boasts a treasure trove of incredible acting talent. These stars don't just act - they bring characters to life with remarkable depth and intensity, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. From charismatic heroes to versatile powerhouses, these artists represent the very best of South Indian acting.
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1 Vijay Joseph Vijay, better known mononymously as Vijay, is an Indian film actor and playback singer who works in Tamil cinema and his films dubbed into Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Mandarin Chinese. He is one of the highest paid actors in Tamil cinema.

Vijay is not just a superstar, hero, dancer, or singer. He is also considered a part of every family. All the handsome heroes may come and be dream boys for girls, but they may fade away after a year or five. However, Vijay is not on that list because he is not just a dream boy or a handsome guy.

He is a brother to every girl, a brother who will be there for each girl and family till the end. That is the difference between Vijay and other top heroes. I hope this makes it clear why Vijay is number one.

2 Pawan Kalyan

He is my god. I am a fan of Pawan Kalyan sir. His down-to-earth character inspires me a lot. I love my father, mother, and my family. Next in my mind comes my god, Power Star Pawan Kalyan sir. Without a doubt, he is the number one superstar of the Telugu film industry, an excellent actor, and a great human being.

Pawan Kalyan does not have fan following merely as a hero. But he has enormous craze and unanimous response from fans because of his behavior and unique character.

Power Star has a huge fan following in India. His style is unique. He is the trendsetter. Pawanism is another religion in the world.

3 Mahesh Babu Mahesh Babu is an Indian actor, producer, media personality, and philanthropist known for his works in Telugu cinema.

He is so cute. He can be compared to any Hollywood actor. So powerful, so smart, and a real superstar.

He looks like a Telugu-speaking Hollywood hero! Incomparable acting skills. Undoubtedly, the next big brand in South India after Rajnikanth.

Seriously? Mahesh at #4? The worst thing I could ever imagine is a list where Mahesh Babu, sir, is below Vijay and Pawan Kalyan. I'm sure Vijay is a good mass actor and none can reach his mass levels, but admit that he can't do various roles like Mahesh does.

In fact, the two remakes he did of Mahesh Babu lack the charm Mahesh had created in Telugu. And Pavan? Yes, he's too good in real life, he's like a brother to every Telugu person, but when it comes to acting, youngsters are way more talented than him.

In my point of view, Mahesh is one of the finest actors of the present era, after Vikram and Upendra. (Not considering Kamal Hassan, Mohan Lal, and all… And please, not Ajith Kumar. Don't even think of comparing him with Mahesh.)

And to wrap up, to all the anti-fans, at least now, know the difference between actors and stars.

4 Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar (born 1 May 1971) is an Indian film actor best known for his work in Tamil cinema. He is one of the most successful actor in Tamil Cinema. In addition to his acting, Ajith Kumar in a sabbatical, participated in the 2004 British Formula 3 season as a Formula Two racing driver and was ranked... read more

An actor known for his discipline, straightforwardness, and trust towards his fans, he has a huge fan base in South India and Tamil Nadu. His movies have a great mass opening, even greater than Rajinikanth's and beyond expectations. Hence, he is named as THALA of Tamil Nadu.

He has a great bunch of followers, including many actors. He is uniquely known for his expressions, acting, and style. He is the only actor in India who could play a Hollywood role without any doubt.

There is a saying by the Buddha: To win everything, you need to lose everything. Here is a man who says no to fan associations, and yet fans storm in by the millions. He says no to politics, and politicians wonder whether he will offer a word of support. He says no to publicity, and yet he gets all the attention.

He is respected today more than Rajini, Kamal, and Vijay because he expects nothing from the public and is grateful for whatever he has received in his life. Undoubtedly, he is my most favorite. He proved that the best human being is the true superstar and thus earned the title of Thala, The Boss.

5 Rajnikanth

His style and his ease of action make him a great actor to watch. Moreover, his simplicity is his only tool for publicity. At present, he's one of the finest actors in India. But it's a shock to me that he has received fewer awards, which always says don't chase after success but strive for excellence. Because in the end, people only care about that.

Superstar Rajinikanth - the one and only mass hero who has rocked Tamil movies since the 1980s till now. Even in his early 60s, fans still want him to act and, of course, to be the main hero. King of style!

But in real life, he's a very humble and simple person. None of the other actors can be as humble and simple as him. Hats off, Superstar.

6 Allu Arjun Allu Arjun is an Indian film actor who primarily works in Telugu cinema. After playing as a child artist in Vijetha and as a dancer in Daddy, Arjun made his adult debut in Gangotri. Arjun then appeared in Sukumar's debut film Arya.

He knows what kind of movies youngsters want.

Bunny is the number 1 top South Indian star, better than Vijay.

Allu Arjun has the best dance moves. I think he's the next Chiranjeevi or even the Indian Michael Jackson! Young, talented dancer (of course, being the nephew of Chiranjeevi), great actor, good looking - what else can you ask for?

7 Jr. NTR

Jr. NTR is the best dancer as well as the best actor.

NTR is a great dancer. No one can deliver dialogues like him. He is a great actor and has no limits in acting. He is the only hero who can perform any type of role.

In recent times, he is the king of South India. He is an excellent dancer and actor.

8 Surya

No doubt, after the legend Kamal Hassan, it's Suriya. But I wouldn't say that. Instead, Suriya Sir has already set his benchmark high. He has made a place for himself in the cinema industry. This star is not just a mass hero in Tamil Nadu but has also become the heartthrob of all of South India. In recent times, he has gained love and fame even in North India.

I've never seen actors as hardworking as Vikram and Suriya Sir. The kind of movies that Suriya Sir picks are really appreciated everywhere. There's so much thought process and so much responsibility in making the right films for the current generation. The kind of roles he plays is such an inspiration to most of the younger generation of actors.

I love Suriya Sir not only for his acting but also for the amount of care and responsibility he shows toward the audience and public through the movies he makes. He does the same in real life too. The amount of good work he does is speechless. I think it's very important for actors to know what impact social media has on the minds of people, especially the young ones, and to set the right example by making the right films - films that reflect reality and facts - while also living their real lives out of pride.

That's Suriya Sir, "The Symbol for Humanity." And let's not forget the respect and love he has for Jyothika. It's an incredible example for people who fall in love - for them not just to "fall in love" but to "rise in love." Whatever Suriya Sir is today is what he has earned through his own hard work, not from his father's influence. The suffering he has gone through has all paid off. Today, he's just unbeatable, and we are proud of him, his movies, and the industry. Whether he fails or succeeds, we will always love him for who he is. High respect for you, Sir. We love you loads.


9 Chiranjeevi

He is one of the greatest actors the country has ever seen. He can play any role with ease. With his dances, he can simply mesmerize the audience. When Chiru dances, no one looks at the female dancer. All attention is on Chiru alone. Such an impact he has created on the audience.

People throng theaters to watch Chiranjeevi in action, regardless of whether the movie is a success or a failure. Without an iota of doubt, Chiru is the top-ranked actor from the South.

The highest-paid hero in India in the 1990s, he commanded 1.5 crores for a film at that time and was also the highest taxpayer in India at that time. He appeared on the national magazine front page as "Bigger Than Bachchan."

The great actor, megastar Chiranjeevi, is the one who can perform dance, seriousness, comedy, fights, and style, which no other superstar from South India can accomplish. Even Rajinikanth, the superstar of the South, lacks in dance and comedy when compared to Chiranjeevi.

He ruled the Telugu industry for over 30 years as the number one star with his appearance, something no other star from South India has done. After 9 years away from movies, no other superstar received the same welcome back as Chiranjeevi did. He proved that he is still the megastar of cinema with Khaidi No 150 by breaking all non-Bahubali records in the Telugu industry, even with a remake film.

10 Mohanlal Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair, better known as Mohanlal, is an Indian actor, producer and occasional singer best known for his work in Malayalam films .

Just look at the top comment for Vijay: "Don't come too near, I am fire, our star Vijay!" What the hell is that supposed to mean? You can clearly see the difference - why do people become fans of Vijay and why do people become fans of Mohanlal.

Vijay is known for his "mass" (or whatever). Mohanlal exuded more "mass" as Aadu Thoma in Spadikam alone than Vijay (or any other Tamil superstar, for that matter) has had in all his movies combined. But people weren't originally (and still aren't) fans of Mohanlal for his "mass." They are fans of his acting prowess. He is an acting legend.

Compare him with Kamal Haasan all you want, but please do not insult him by placing him below Vijay, Pawan Kalyan, Ajith, Chiranjeevi, or Mahesh Babu.

The Contenders
11 Prabhas

Prabhas is the complete package - be it looks, acting, emotions, spontaneity, action, dance, etc. No one in the South can do justice to action as he does. He is the most handsome Telugu actor and also very down-to-earth and grounded.

He can look rugged, macho, and also cute and charming. His versatility is amazing. He has the potential to be number one in Tollywood after Chiranjeevi and PK.

Well, he is an expressive actor and good at heart. A perfect hero on and off screen.

He is a very hard worker and looks so stylish. He sets the benchmark for action genre films. Especially, his acting is marvelous. He performs perfectly in any type of situation - be it action, comedy, sentiment, or emotion.

12 Kamal Haasan

I have never seen any actor in India like Kamal Haasan. In fact, he is the real superstar in India, even though a few of his films were not successful. He is the only one growing the Tamil film industry.

He is a legendary actor in India. He has multiple talents: filmmaker, lyricist, singer, dancer, story writer, and dialogue writer. He has dedicated his whole life to cinema. He is one of the most versatile actors in the world.

Anyone can replace any other actor, but no one can replace a legend like him. He inspires not only through his acting but also through his commitment to the role he is playing. That's why he is named the "universal hero."

Can you find the next Rajini? Yes. The next Mammootty? Yes. The next Amitabh? Yes. But the next Kamal? No.

13 Vikram Vikram is an Indian film actor who predominantly appears in Tamil language films and has won six Filmfare Awards as well as one National Film Award and Tamil Nadu State Film Award amongst other recognitions and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the People's University of Milan in May 2011.

Undoubtedly, the best actor who lives in the character given to him. He deserves a place next to Kamal in Tamil.

He is the only person in the industry to act naturally in any role. After Sivaji sir, I admire his acting more than Kamal Haasan's.

He LIVES as a character. We will only be able to see the character and not Vikram in his films. Awesome actor.

14 Dhanush Venkatesh Prabhu, better known by his stage name Dhanush, is an Indian film actor, producer, director, writer, lyricist, screenwriter and playback singer who usually works in Tamil cinema. Dhanush's first film was Thulluvadho Ilamai, a 2002 coming-of-age film directed by his father, Kasthuri Raja.

One doesn't need to explain how talented Dhanush is. He is already a national award winner. He is a good singer. Kollywood fans love him, and he has a good number of fans in Kerala and North India as well.

He gave the best performance in Raanjhanaa. Nobody else could've pulled it off. I just love him and have respect for him.

He is awesome. He acts and plays with heart. He is wonderful.

15 Mammootty Mammootty is an Indian film actor and producer best known for his work in the Malayalam film industry .

Of late, people have started calling him "The Face of Indian Cinema." The much-acclaimed megastar of Mollywood is the only person in India, if not the world, who can rightly hold on to this tag. Apart from the innumerable awards he has received, he has portrayed almost every role imaginable in various strata of Keralite society and has extended his reach into Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English, and Hindi movies.

He has spoken around 19 different dialects of Malayalam, covering the entire state of Kerala, Indo-British English, and other foreign languages - not with ease, but with effort born out of passion. He has pushed himself to the utmost to bring out the best in him. With much pride, I can proclaim and vouch for Mammooty as the best actor in India and the best method actor all over the world.

16 N. T. Rama Rao

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao is still the legendary hero worldwide. He is the Lord of Krishna, Sri Rama, and Duryodhana. Nobody can reach him.

Complete actor in this generation.

17 Ram Pothineni

He's the most stylish and energetic star. He is incomparable with other actors in South India. Although he is very young compared to other actors, he has been able to accomplish a lot.

Because he is an energetic star of Tollywood. Please sir, change the place.

I am from Punjab and a great fan of yours. I want to meet you once, please sir.

18 Ram Charan

Ram Charan is a great actor. His smile and fitness make me vote him the best out of so many actors.

Many South Indian actors are overweight, unfit, have too much facial hair, and don't meet international standards. However, in recent times, some actors (especially in Telugu and Tamil cinema) have adopted a stylish, youthful look that caters to Western standards. Among them are Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, and Suriya (not Vijay). I like all of the mentioned actors, but Ram Charan's smile, acting, and look make him stand out.

19 Puneeth Rajkumar

He is one of the best fits and a perfect dancer, fighter, actor. He brings success to all kinds of movies. He encourages new talent. His acting and dialogue are very realistic and natural. He improves with each movie, which is the best reason he is the top actor.

Definitely the best hero! Acting, dancing, stunts, fights, anchoring - he's simply the best in everything! He has amazing energy. Although he was born a star, he remains grounded at heart.

No doubt, he is a good actor, fighter, and brilliant dancer. He acts very naturally, and everyone knows that he is the actor who made his first 10 movies run for 100 days. He is the number one actor in South India.

20 Karthi Karthik Sivakumar, better known by his stage name Karthi, is an Indian film actor who works primarily in the Tamil film industry.
21 Dr. Rajkumar

On what basis is Dr. Rajkumar ranked 21st? He is number one in the Indian cinema industry. Please note that during his youth, color and advanced technology entered the industry. I can tell you that no one can compete with him worldwide.

After 1973, only 50 of his movies were in color. So you can imagine how these 50 color movies challenged other heroes. Just imagine his talent. For those who dislike Dr. Rajkumar, I suggest watching his movies like Babruvahana, Bhaktha Prahlada, Mayura, Sampathige Saval, Jaga Mechida Maga, Bhaktha Kanakadasa, Kasturi Nivasa, etc. No one has acted like him before, nor will they in the future.

22 Vishnuvardhan

Hats off to Vishnu sir. He has a good, helping nature in the Kannada industry, and he is a god-gift to Kannada. His performances are sentimental. His death was a significant loss to the Kannada film industry. I miss you a lot.

No one can replace Vishnuvardhan. He is greater than all other actors.

All heroes must learn acting from Dada Dr. Vishnuvardhan. He is the one real hero. Vishnu Sir, you're great.

23 Marudhur Gopalan Ramachandran

MGR is not only an actor, but he is also a legend and leader. Please don't compare him with anybody. He is an evergreen leader.

24 Darshan

The highest-paid actor currently in the Kannada film industry. He has the ability to perform in any genre of movies - historical, classy, commercial. But he is most liked for his mass roles. He is the best. Love you, Challenging Star, Box Office Sultan Darshan.

He is presently one of the top actors and a commercially successful hero in South India. He also has the ability to act in historical films like Sangolli Rayanna.

He is the only actor in all industries who is good-looking, handsome, and very helpful. We love you, Boss, and he is the real Boss.

25 Upendra

Upendra is not a reel star. He is a real star. He is mad about films. I am sure no director in the world thinks like him. If anyone has doubts, see his films first. You may not understand and may need to see them twice or thrice. After that, you will come to know that the character you are seeing is not him, but you.

He's a rocking real superstar. He's a god of our country. Nobody can ever break his records in direction. (There is no other taste like salt, and there is no other person like Upendra.) He's a god. God is great.

No one can match his direction in the South Indian film industry. He is really a teacher in my life. I've never missed any of his directorial movies until now.

Without salt, a dish won't taste good.
Without Uppi, movies won't taste good.

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