Top 10 Most Boring Types of YouTubers

I made this list when I unsubcribed from half of the youtubers I'm subcribed to because the biggest reason is that they're getting BORING and many times I fell asleep from them. Thank you for looking at my list, excuse me as I go find new youtubers that won't bore me.

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1 Gamers

Majority of the users on the site are this type. They should do something more unique and not play the same games 100 other gamer youtubers play.

I'm dying of boring if one of YouTubers playing the fortnite, pubg, Minecraft, FIFA 15-18 and I don't like boring kids who says Minecraft are best game ever. They are most boring game I found. I have friend who talks about ark survival. It's really boring game. My second friend after watching a gamer tells me who played fortnite, who win battle,... pubg and clash royale are boring too. I like clash of clans and geometry dash but I am playing It not talking about it. My friends are bored about fortnite, FIFA, Minecraft, pubg, free fire, clash royale, ark survival,... If I tell them something about older games they ignore me and talks about fortnite

Minecraft and Fortnite gamers are the worst of them - PackFan2005


2 Makeup YouTubers

All they do is ramble for 6000 lightyears and never get to the point of a video. Like damn, bitch! You just made a 2 hour video of you talking about what happened when you were getting your pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks! "Oh, this old lady hit me on my butt while I was trying to get my latte and they spelled my name wrong, it's supposed to be B-E-C-K-Y not B-E-C-C-Y. Comment your thoughts down below, lol! "

3 Couple Vloggers

I don't understand why people watch them. I don't find them interesting at all.

4 YouTubers Who Film Themselves Eating

Just watch Food Network to watch this kind of stuff - PackFan2005

McJuggerNuggets does this and he eats like a cow. - 3DG20

Does this include food challengers and reviewers? I mean, Daym Drops is a pretty savage fast food critic and Furious Pete is a legend in chowing down food challenges. But if you are referring to the more common ones that just have a plain lack of manners and presentation pizzazz for their eating videos, then I can agree with you. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They liked vlogging themselves eating the most delicious meals...that's why mouth waters all the time and its sickening.

5 Fashion YouTubers
6 Reacting YouTubers

Charmx is good

Very few actually are good. Most just watch like husks and after the video (made by ANOTHER person) is over they ask you to donate to THEIR Patreon. And somehow YouTube allows this!

Some actually are boring but messyourself, shane dawson and pewdiepie are actually entertaining and they are funny. - UnknownCat465

Some suck, but I really like a lot of other reactioners - PackFan2005

7 Celebrity Drama YouTubers

Lmao “Kylie Jenner is pregnant with an octopus” WOMAN ARE U TRYING TO KILL ME

8 The Ones Who Just Cause Drama for No Good Reason for Fame

It's not funny, rather boring, childish, and petty.

I'll hate these youtubers till the day I die. - GreninjaGuy

9 Those Who Just Live Stream Stolen Content 24/7

Those Peppa Pig livestreams just keep going, yikes - PackFan2005

I see that all in my recommends, waste, only doing it for ad revenue, repetitive, polluting youtube, etc.

10 Unboxing YouTubers

Some, yes. But I like football card openings. I usually watch this guy called Packer Cards 87 - PackFan2005

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11 Toy Reviewers
12 Kid's Videos
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