Top 10 Most Boring Types of YouTubers

I made this list when I unsubcribed from half of the youtubers I'm subcribed to because the biggest reason is that they're getting BORING and many times I fell asleep from them. Thank you for looking at my list, excuse me as I go find new youtubers that won't bore me.

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1 Gamers

My sister keeps on watching these kinds of YouTubers all the time. Don't get me wrong, she's not into watching boring Minecraft videos and all that stuff, but I feel that every gaming YouTuber she watches is the same thing, though they may not be bad on their own merit for some of them. I'm more of the guy who likes critics and reviewers. Granted, I won't like EVERY critic (looking at you Digibro and Mother's Basement). That said, unless these are game reviewers, I suggest watching something better than seeing a pre-teen scream into a microphone for about 90% of the video. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm starting to think that most people who play the Sims on YouTube are getting incredibly boring, so boring that my subscription count went from 30+ to JUST 11, most of them are those people who only play the Sims, and the others are just plain gamers. No harsh feelings. - KianaLexi

The gamer youtubers are so can boys have fun with this?

Mostly, all they do is record themselves playing the most trending and/or popular and/or relevant games and profit off of someone else’s hard work while doing very little of it themselves. But there is a few exceptions, like James & Mike Mondays (Cinemassacre).

2 Fashion YouTubers

Eugenia Cooney, to be honest. She's one of the culprits, and the most boring YouTuber I watched. - KianaLexi

3 Makeup YouTubers

All they do is ramble for 6000 lightyears and never get to the point of a video. Like damn, bitch! You just made a 2 hour video of you talking about what happened when you were getting your pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks! "Oh, this old lady hit me on my butt while I was trying to get my latte and they spelled my name wrong, it's supposed to be B-E-C-K-Y not B-E-C-C-Y. Comment your thoughts down below, lol! " - KianaLexi

4 YouTubers Who Film Themselves Eating

I never subscribed to anyone who just eats all day long but I have watched some videos. Some are disgusting (You know what I mean? ) and it's annoying and boring, and they typically don't chew with their mouths closed and keep making those ugly ass sounds with their mouth that pisses me off. - KianaLexi

Does this include food challengers and reviewers? I mean, Daym Drops is a pretty savage fast food critic and Furious Pete is a legend in chowing down food challenges. But if you are referring to the more common ones that just have a plain lack of manners and presentation pizzazz for their eating videos, then I can agree with you. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

There are actually YouTubers called “The Eating Show” and stuff. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU EAT. - lovefrombadlands

5 Couple Vloggers

I don't understand why people watch them. I don't find them interesting at all.

Stupid, stupid overly dramatic pranks. Most of these couple YouTubers do stupid pranks that either the female fake cries or the male would fake break up with the female. - KianaLexi

6 Celebrity Drama YouTubers

Especially the ones who spread and force those stupid ass rumors to the public. "KYLIE JENNER IS PREGNANT WITH AN OCTOPUS! " "SELENA GOMEZ DIEDED! " - KianaLexi

Lmao “Kylie Jenner is pregnant with an octopus” WOMAN ARE U TRYING TO KILL ME

7 Reacting YouTubers
8 Those Who Just Live Stream Stolen Content 24/7

I see that all in my recommends, waste, only doing it for ad revenue, repetitive, polluting youtube, etc. - KianaLexi

9 The Ones Who Just Cause Drama for No Good Reason for Fame

It's not funny, rather boring, childish, and petty. - KianaLexi

I'll hate these youtubers till the day I die. - GreninjaGuy

10 Unboxing YouTubers

We get it, you got a limited edition of some ugly ass anime hentai. Don't need to shove it in our faces. - KianaLexi

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