Top 10 Brutal Dubstep Drops

The most brutal dubstep drops ever made is on this list. dubstep is not noise its epic sound.

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1 One Click Headshot - Feed Me


I'd like to start off by saying I absolutely love this song, it's easily one of my favorites from Feed Me, but this list is specifically about a song's drop, where it changes and brings in the sound most associated with dubstep, and honestly, that's not where this song excels. It's brilliantly done, and overall is a fantastic listen, but I don't lose it at the drop.

Well I think it's a little bit boring, it doesn't deserve the first place on this page though...

Too brutal to be true really shows how cool dubstep is - me3p0

2 A Brief Tutorial On VIP Production - Dubba Jonny

SyC song shul be on the top

One hell of a drop - Rythmystic

Truly brutal with a totally brutal drop you don't know what to expect with the build up then it a BLAST - me3p0

Makes Your Head Hurt Like Hell

3 Nightmare - Biometrix Nightmare - Biometrix

Most ruthless, brutal, remorseless song to ever exist.

Its absolute brutal too bad all can't be at number 1 - me3p0

Not the best. probably more like #7 or 8 - Rythmystic

The drop is extreme. That's words to describe it.

4 Human Error - Droideka

From the start you can tell its brutal but you don't know whats coming for the drop and then the the drops kicks in and your banging your head after the drop its brutally faster which your like what is coming next You yhink normal drop but its like FAST DROP then it goes back to its brutally normal style AND A great BRUTAL drop you have - me3p0

5 Centipede - Knife Party

Really should

Should be first

Insane drop it should be higher

The intro is a bit creepy, but the drop is insane. This should be higher

6 X Rated - Excision & Messinian

Just a slow start with a man speaking and then BOOM here we have a brutal drop - me3p0

Very brutal, but lacks all the other parts that determine the best. - Rythmystic


Holy crap, an epic drop right away! now where can I get my hands on the full song...

7 Rampage - Skrillex

Are you kidding me? This song is NOT by Skrillex. It's by Fall of Icarus. Some people labeled it as Skrillex for more views. - letdot52

It is not well known but it is great it might not be the best but it is great - me3p0


8 Monster - Meg & Dia

Its really cool, definitely on my playlist now... The bass drops pretty amazing

I believe you are trying to find "Monster - Meg & Dia DotEXE Remix"

Normally the originals better than the remix but the remix is now better the origanal - me3p0

9 Thumbs Up - Kill the Noise & Feed Me

Well thumbs up for rock n roll I give it a thumbs up for brutal dubstep. - me3p0

10 Deadweight - Zomboy

The Contenders

11 Xtrullor - Ego Death

Second drop is just scary and insane.

The second drop is absolutely insane

Absolutely nuts drop

Probably one of the hardest drops ever. Both of them. The first one starts off slow and then it goes from 0-100 in a millisecond. Insane. The second drop is just face-melting. Extremely loud noises and ear splitting beeps. This song has sudden pauses indicated by a beep and then the song just goes on like nothing happened. It feels unreal when you hear it for the first time. It's also Xtrullor's best song. Don't just listen to one of his tracks, listen to ALL of them. - rcf

12 Surface - Aero Chord

This drop is weak compared to the rest of these - randyr

Just listen to it...

Aero Chord! This guy took the world by storm. Surface clearly has one of the meanest, most brutal drops. The track begins with soothing synth lines, then a huge build-up AND a massive drop. "MAKE THE GROUND SHAKE".

It begins with unassuming synths, almost making you think that the drop wont be that good, but then the MASSIVE buildup starts, and your just sitting there waiting, and then... DROP! By far one of the best drops I've ever heard.

13 Piledriver - Steve Aoki & Knife Party

As I said for rampage it is not well known but it is great but the drop just blows you away although its not as good as bonfire it earns a place in our hearts - me3p0

Super fan of Steve aoki

14 Flying Spaghetti Monster - Doctor P

Really an extreme drop. - Rythmystic

15 Bonfire - Knife Party


This is probably one of my favorite drops of all time. The first time I heard it, it gave me chills.

16 Apocalypse Now - BeastKiller

Dude this is crazy, blows every other drop away - carl123

17 Dimension 7 - Eptic

Make me migran

The intro you have absolute no idea whats coming and you think whats this and whats the drop but then DROP KICKS in and you did not expect it - me3p0's on this list


It's eptic...

Top 3 easily!

18 The Devil's Den VIP - Skrillex

As a huge Skrillex fan I can tell you he pulls off some of the most brutal drops, but this one resonates with me as the most powerful. Best of the best right here

The second drop...brace yourselves for the mayhem

19 Codename X - Excision

How isn't this track in the top ten list? Never, ever have listened to such a powerful track. If there's anyone who can make brutal dubstep, it's EXCISION. Others don't stand a chance.

The xKore version is amazing

I prefere the xKore version to be honest - randyr


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20 Kill Everybody - Skrillex

It's very scardly

1 of skrills best

Actually quite good. not as brutal as others but still a brutal drop. but I think I might have heard something similar once

LISTENING IT ALL DAY! it makes me think about Yandere Simulator but yeah the drop is awesome but haves no buildup and suprised me. I really like that!

21 Internet Friends - Knife Party

Funny lyrics and even better drop.


22 Tsunami - DVBBS & Borgeous

Weak - randyr

The moshes when this song drops are absolutely ridiculous

The base dropped harder than the greek economy. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

So cool. every time I hear it though, I think of fat man jumping in pool.

23 Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) - Krewella

I love pegboard and nerds. I like all of the monster cat songs. If you like him check out monster cat.

I love this song so much! I really recommend listening to it. - Ninja_Potato123

24 Excision - Bass Cannon

How... this is a torture for my earphones, I never listen it on full volume only like volume 40% and my ears still hurt, but this is good!

This is flux pavilion, not excision.

25 Holdin On (Skrillex and Nero Remix) - I See Monstas

This has to be one of the fastest and most hardest drops ever.

Really great song! great bass drop that makes your heart beat faster!

True MLG pride. Amazing DnB/Dubstep, and deserves to be way, way higher.

26 Experts - SKisM
27 Resolutions - Fonik
28 Epidemic - Kretery

Literally the definition of insane

Yeah - randyr

29 Kram - Horrible Things


You'd never heard something like this!

30 Propaganda - DJ Snake
31 Permanent - Spag Heddy
32 Indigo - Aiden
33 Sheol - Xtrullor
34 Acid Wolfpack - Coyote Kisses

I'm sorry but there is absolutely no question about it

35 The Sentence - Synchronice

In my opinion the most brutal drop EVER!

36 Defeat The Night - JPB

Starts off slow, but then goes with an EPIC drop and gets really brutal from there.

37 Trampa & BadKlaat - Just Like Me
38 Minoru - Reckless
39 Stabby - Remission

This track's a great example of Stabby's unique "stab" basses, and it combines melody perfectly with a hard drop

40 Make it Bun Dem - Skrillex & Damian Marley
41 Pink Koeks - Spag Heddy

This song is AWESOME!

Very good

42 Say Somethin - Twine

Try listen to it. You will know. - Cozygylent

43 Digital Mystikz - Earth A Run Red
44 Reckless - Minoru
45 Biomimetic - Algoreythm

This is the most brutal track I've ever heard. It starts off with a nice tune. Then you hear it start to raise, then it just goes quiet, and then a guy screams "F*CK! " and then you get an INSANE and BRUTAL drop. With that crazy feel of heavy metallic screams, the mechanical sound in the background.. you have to hear it to believe it.

46 The End - Eptic

I prefer Death - randyr

47 Antidote - Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party

Pleasure for the Ears, not sure if it's dubstep though

48 Gimme a Break - Spag Heddy
49 Another Day - Modestep
50 ClutterFunk - Waterflame

Not bad but not enough to be comparable to the rest - randyr

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