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1 V V

I love V. He is adorable. I love to watch his videos all day long. I love listening his singing, love watching his dancing. He is so cute. I love his smile. So much to say...

I love V, because he is really talented, so handsome and has an unique rich voice! He is the most natural, behave like an usual person towards fans, and I think it's great! I have so many good words that I want to say about him, but it's rather difficult to convey my thoughts...He's really good person with a great personality!

I love you V you are my favorite in BTS I love you so much.

V is my favorite. I can't anything you can't love about V. He is always being himself and he is so adorable. He shows his emotions all the time. He will just cry and not hide it from others. V always has a great sense of humor and is really kind. He is always nice and kind to the Army and just people in general. He always jokes around and makes the other BTS members laugh. Since the first video I saw, V was always my favorite. He was nominated a Most Handsome Face of 2017 and also nominated 5 times for Most Handsome Man In the world. V was raised by parents who were farmers and look how far he became. He thought he was going to be a farmer but no. V worked hard every single day to prove himself worthy of being a BTS member. He is 100% the best

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2 Jimin Jimin

Thing is, when I my friend was first getting me into BTS, she had given me names, but no faces or voices to go with them. So I had an idea of who there was, and I had heard some of their songs, but, of course, I hadn't properly seen one of their videos, or knew who was singing. My first BTS video, was the "English speaking" one on the plane, ie; the infamous, "you got no jams" video. Jimin, at that point, instantly caught my attention with his bright smile and adorable voice, and has stayed my favorite ever since. Everything about him, is perfect. His smile, his eyes, his hair, are all beautiful, and he's honestly the most attractive person I've ever seen (I could write an essay on just his smile alone). That being said, when it comes to personality, Jimin's is somehow, better than his phenomenal looks. He's humble, kind, and goofy, and has the same child-like wonder, and mischievousness, most find unbelievably attractive (especially myself). When it comes to ...more

When I finally got into bts after watching dope and I need u several times, I was really into Jungkook. He was just very charming and talented. Jimin was probably my third favorite. For about a year, Jungkook was my bias and I didn't think that would change until Jimin was slowly my second favorite and then somehow thinking of Jimin filled me with a giddy pleasure that thinking of Jungkook didn't. It made me realize with a sort of guilty pleasure that my bias had changed to Jimin. I would watch BTS on just so many shows, broadcasts, episodes, etc that they released and seeing Jimin suddenly made me fill up with a happiness I can't describe. He is incredibly sweet. Sweet to his members, to his fans, to his staff - to everyone. But not only sweet and kindhearted, he's also comforting. Comforting in that he's there for his members. He's there to give a hug or more love than they ask for. But he's playful as well. He likes to joke around with his members and above all, he always smiles ...more

When I first got to know BTS through the Fire MV/performances, Jungkook caught my eye because he is just so talented and charming. He still is, but slowly as I watch their variety shows and Bangtan bombs, I noticed Jimin. He has such a cute smile, he's hyper/funny but most importantly, I noticed the way he treats the members. His heart is a heart of gold. He never fails to look out for the people around him, always telling them to be careful whenever they are doing something dangerous, showing care & concern for the members who feel down. He always notices when there is something wrong. He hides his own feelings because he doesn't want others to worry about him. He once said something like this when asked about the members' teasing and stuff like that, he said "it's okay as long as they are happy". I mean how can anyone not love someone who is so selfless? Apart from his beautiful personality, his dance skills just blow my mind (do not tell me that Hoseok is the best Dancer etc. it's ...more

So, my cousin was telling me about BTS, and so I didn't know much about them. I decided to google who all the members were. I clicked images and there was one that immediately caught my eye. I didn't know any of the members, so I searched up the BTS members with name tags. Ever since that I've been totally in love with Jimin. His character traits make him so loveable. Jimin will forever remain my favorite.

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3 Jungkook Jungkook Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red. more.

To be honest I don't even know how I fell so hard. I recall Dope being my first ever BTS MV. I remember the ever so familiar "Welcome, first time to BTS? ". I remember snickering childishly because YES, it was. Then, Jungkook basically jumped out of nowhere and literally left me breathless.

He's so YOUNG. He's 18, as of the time of writing, he's 18. Yet, I can safely say that he is the most multi-talented member of BTS. He can sing, dance, rap and he even has the looks. A lot of BTS fans may complain about him hogging the spotlight all the time. I do agree that sometimes it'd be nice for other members to take centre stage. But it doesn't mean you have to bash Jungkook.

He's a teenager. He debuted at 15. At 15, he had to go without seeing his parents for long periods of time. At 15, he was expected to work long hours and still give a stellar performance when he's supposed to be getting his sleep at 15. Today he's majorly popular in S. Korea. He's ranking high in the 'Who ...more

He is what attracted me to Kpop and he is what made me stay. His voice is like honey and listening him sing to any song immediately makes me melt like butter. Not to mention his dancing, he knows how to move and how to make his moves look good. Now you can't leave out his rapping, obviously rapper line is way better, but he could easily become the main rapper if you put him in a generic idol group. Plus this boy has the cutest baby face, but put him on that stage and he just aged by 5 years. His face can be the cutest little bunny you've ever seen, then you look at his body and all kind of logic just flew out the window. Also he debuted SO young, he was only 15! And he's still only 18 international age. The amount of achievements he's made at such a young age is not something you disregard.

Jungkook is what keeps me alive. The thought of him somewhere in the world keeps me going everyday. He can put a smile on my face or brighten my day with something as little as a laugh, smile, hair flip, when he dances, or when he sings. He is the kookie to my milk. I am crying right now writing this, because he is just the most compassionate, friendly, talented, sexy, cute being on this Earth. His style shouts his name and I wish I could be his girl.

I remember best being my first BTS MV and from the moment I saw him, Jungkook drew my breath away from me. He was so elegant and his moves were flawless. He is so kind and I am so thankful that he is alive. I love everything about him, even his flaws (if he has any). His voice is like an angels and I can't stop thinking about him. He is currently 22 years old and even though he is 7 years older than me, I will never forget him. Ever. There is no possible way. His eyes give me butterflies in my stomach when he dances or smiles, and ...more

Where do I even begin?! I was entirely new to kpop when I first saw the Blood, Sweat, and Tears video, and although everyone raves about Jimin in that video (which I totally understand! ) my eyes couldn't leave Jungkook. There's just something about him that draws you in and I have a hard time not staring at him in every one of their music videos and performances. He is so talented, he truly is, but I feel like he's taken for granted too often and not given enough credit for the hard work he's put in. Maybe his looks pulled me in, but his personality made me stay. He makes me laugh way too often, in a way he's like a little kid and you can definitely tell he's the youngest, but he has this aura of maturity and wisdom to him as well. He's really so very talented, but remains one of the most humble guys out there, and gives 100% of himself to each and every performance and I think that's something that's really admirable. I'm so happy this boy stole my heart and even though I know I'll ...more

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4 Suga Suga Min Yoon-gi, better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

Suga is the best one ever yeh! - falley

I like that he is honest and really raw in his music and I also like his savage personality

I love his savage attitude

I love him equally as the other members

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5 Jin Jin

Jin can seen the highest pitch in all of th BTS - falley

Being the oldest, he takes care of everyone and he has great vocals. Although he never gets the spotlight and gets ridiculed all the time, he still works twice as hard. I love his positivity and attitude. He definitely deserves more spotlight.

Jin is honestly so underappreciated it makes no sense to me. With his godlike visuals who could ignore him. He is not called Worldwide Handsome for nothing. His personality is amazing and his sassiness always makes me laugh. His laugh could instantly brighten anyone's day. Also, have you people even heard Epiphany? I listen to it every night so I can cry myself to sleep. Him being in the center during performances increases my life span by 5 years. He is extremely hardworking and you can tell by how much he has improved throughout the years. Bighit needs to let him act soon too so that we can experience even more of his talent. He contributes so much to BTS. Without him they would have starved because of how he cooks. He is such a good hyung to the other members and I love that he is able to get along so well with Jungkook despite their age difference. Jin has good friendships with everyone in BTS and they all love him so more people in the fandom should appreciate him. Jin I love you!

Jin is my ultimate bias! His personality and sense of humour are just super and he's really talented in so many areas. His singing voice is so beautiful, especially in Epiphany, and the amount of improvement he has made is so commendable! He also definitely deserves the title of Worldwide Handsome; just look at this man's visuals! KIM SEOKJIN, YOU'RE AMAZING!

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6 J-Hope J-Hope

He is so talented and is literally always full of joy.

What is the name "J-Hope" what.. - Sofiaaaaaa

J-Hope is so good awesome - falley

J hope is the best

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He's the most hottest BTS member in my opinion. He's the first who caught my eye when I discovered this group. He's intelligent, calculated and has a huge responsibility cause he's the leader (an amazing one), but still manages to be entertaining. His character and his deep voice make him more sexier than it's even possible and his rap is the best one from BTS. He's for sure the most underrated member of the group. He doesn't just need, he deserves a lot more love than he already gets.

I think people don't give him enough credit. His self esteem is also low because of it. The truth is they choose him to be the leader and I believe they made the right choice. Scripted or not, he is always calm and collected when he has to announce something serious. He always addresses things politely and to the point at endings of a show or interviews. He is truly a leader and I hope he see this supportive comments for him. Namjoon, your fans truly loves you and we hope you never feel left behind because you are in actuality always in the front, as a leader should be.

I like RM as my second I love his rapping and his background voice - peppermint

RM is a good and awesome rapper - falley

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