Top Ten Bubble Guppies Episodes that Should Be Made


The Top Ten

1 A Thwomp Crushes the Guppies



2 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends

First of all, how would you feel if YOUR favorite show ended? Second, the show died already. Third, its normal for a 18 year old like me to like the show.

Okay I will ask admin to change the list title to top ten episodes that should have been made plus I intend the list for bubble guppies haters and its okay to like it I like Dora the Explorer and I am 11 so - epictoonsfan1

3 The Bubble Guppies Get Nuked

Thy get nuked by Zim and GIR - epictoonsfan1

This show is made for 5 year olds, not older teens lmao. Chill people

4 Spongey Guppies

Spongebob kills the bubble guppies - epictoonsfan1

And all the characters

5 The Bubble Guppies Listen to I Love You by Barney and Die
6 10 Pals for the Bubble Guppies

They get mauled by 10 puffy fluffys - epictoonsfan1

7 Dory & Marlin Kill the Bubble Guppies
8 The Bubble Guppies Get Grounded

Then they get sent to hell - Lunala

9 The Guppies get Cooked in a Restaurant

And the krusty krab too

Yes they get cooked at the frying Dutchman -Choclatebones

10 Bubble Jaws

Jaws eats the buble guppies - epictoonsfan1

The Newcomers

? Have a Battle with Her Pups from Paw Patrol
? Bubble Guppies Meets SpongeBob

The Contenders

11 The Bubble Guppies Face A Shark

Nice one does the shark kill them - epictoonsfan1

12 Poke Guppies

The bubble guppies dounloud Pokémon go on mr growers phone and turn stupid thanks to it

13 Bubble Guppies You Killer
14 The Sewer Snake (The Sewers of Bikini Bottem) Pays a Visit

The snake eats the guppies - epictoonsfan1

15 One Coarse Guppy
16 The Bubble Guppies Explode
17 Rock Guppies
18 Kissy Kissy Love You: Gill and Molly Edition
19 King Nixel Kills Them
20 Bubble Farts
21 Bubble Guppies/ Teen Titans Go Crossover
22 Bubble Guppies in Nina Needs To Go
23 Bubble Sushi
24 Bubble Guppies in Sausage Party
25 Bubble Guppies Get Cut Into Sushi by Sephiroth
26 Bubble Guppies Gets Eaten by a Titan
27 Bubble Guppies in Attack on Titan
28 Gil Finds a Death Note
29 Bubble Guppies in Deadman's Wonderland
30 Bubble Guppies in Hunger Games
31 The Bubble Guppies Gets Beaten Up by Bebe's Kids
32 The Bubble Guppies Gets Stabbed Into Kabobs by Sephiroth
33 The Bubble Guppies Meets Deadpool
34 Boku No Bubble Guppies
35 The Bubble Guppies Meets the Bicycle Man
36 The Bubble Guppies Gets Eaten Andrew Zimmern
37 The Bubble Guppies Gets Eaten by Ursula from the Little Mermaid
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