Top Ten Bushcraft Knives

Now many of you may ask why do we have a list of Bushcraft knives when we made a list of survival knives. well there are many idea's of Bushcraft today. The one we are focusing on is not just wilderness survival but camping and outdoor use knivess. A Becker BK-2 may be a survival knife but the type of survival meant for multiple scenarios and situations while also being a large Bushcraft knife where these Bushcraft knives you would use for EDC and outdoor use and wood whittling usually and we have had multiple people tests these knives and listed them by quality, price, ergonomics, and extra features such as sheath and this list is not fact but suggestions, ETC while staying under a $150 mark.
The Top Ten
1 ESEE-3

Why this knife took number one is for three major reasons, quality, warranty, and ergonomics. Now ESEE makes everything by hand besides the steel blanks in their factory just like TOPS Knives does in fact the two companies are located in the same city and use to have a partnership and but no longer do though the owners are friends. Anyways the specific quality we like was the powder coating, the heat treatment, and the canvas micarta or orange G-10 they put on this beautifully crafted knife. The warranty is the best warranty any company can give. There unconditional life-time warranty beats all on the market due to the fact that they don't ask questions and you don't have to give them answers. But there warranty is entirely honor and trust based so please do not misuse your warranty and be honest because if not that can ruin the warranty for those of us who need it. Last is the ergonomics. It is incredibly light and has a razor sharp edge with a wonderful finger choil and jumping on ...more

2 ESEE Izula

Some of you may say the ESEE Izula should come before its cousin but we decided not to because of three major components. The size of the blade and handle of the ESEE-3 is a benefit for almost all tasks, the jimping for comfortability and stability on fine tasks, mixed with the finger choil which can triple the stability jimping gives and it is what sealed the deal for us, most of our users said the would much rather a finger choil and would trade both, jimping and size if a good knife has a finger choil. That all being said, the Izula has the same build quality, warranty, is much lighter, has a slight customizability factor, all for around $50.

3 Ontario RAT-3

Yes two knives with the number 3. Well both knives are sister knives. Ontario use to make the original ESEE-3 for the designer and owner of ESEE and it was called either the RAT-3 or RC-3 and eventually separated with Ontario buying the right's to RAT-3. Now it is below the Izula due to the fact that it may have most of the features that the ESEE 3 has, it lacks two major qualities. One is the heat treatment, and two is the powder coating. Both of those details are far inferior and Ontario many years ago had terrible quality overall but since 2013 they have stepped up their game. Ontario also does not carry the wonderful warranty ESEE offers but this knife is still a wonderfully made knife and can be found for around $65.

4 Mora Forest

The Mora Forest is a wonderful and relentless work horse of a Bushcraft knife, being larger and cheaper than any of the knives listed above while having the same quality in steel and premium quality in the handle and sheath, this knife deserve to be in the top five at least. It has a super comfortable rubberized handle, a very durable sheath that isn't the most fashionable but is comfortable and very light, and a half Scandinavian grind and a stainless steel 12C27 being easy to sharpen with decent edge retention, and most importantly it will be resistant to rust if dried enough. All while only being about $40.

5 KA-BAR Becker BK-14 EsKabar

I know "wait ES plus KA-BAR? A ESEE and KA-BAR? " That is right ESEE and Ka-Bar teamed up on a knife finally. It is actually one of the first three company partnership knife. ESEE, KA-BAR, and Becker knife and tool. Designed by Becker and ESEE then produced by KA-BAR all in one nice package. It has the Becker drop point designed blade, ESEE Izula styled handle, and made with a ESEE approved heat treatment, this is the all in one knife though it cannot fit Izula handles but you can find handles made for the EsKabar and you can get the knife itself for about $50 without the handles.

Love mine. Sharp and strong

6 TOPS Tibo

The Tibo seems like it is a mix between ESEE's Candiru and Beckers BK-11 which is why we chose this one instead of those. With jimping on the forward finger groove, the end of the handle, and right in the middle on top of the spine for your thumb or index finger when carving sticks or skinning a animal, this knife also comes with TOPS amazing warranty and fantastic powder coating and heat treatment. Being super light and comfortable, it is surprisingly only around $50


We waited to put this one on until number 6 because first of all, we had a very difficult time deciding which TOPS we should even choose. We chose the MIL-SPIE because of its drop point and the thicker blade it has over the other TOPS. Why a this TOPS knife is so low on the list also is the cost for its size. Even though it is all hand made. It is about $100, give or take, and is heavier then many of the knives listed. That being said it is also thicker making it a little bit stronger and having a nice drop point design with wonderful and comfortable jimping ramp, and a strong comfortable canvas micarta handle with small patterned cavities in the micarta for grip and a heat treat matching that of ESEE's, all making it a fine small bushcraft knife.

8 Schrade SCHF14

Oh no! A Chinese made knife! Well before you complain that there is a low quality knife on here, go out buy one, and if you still hate it I will buy it from you. The SCHF 14 has a decent 8CR13MOV steel with fair edge retention and it is very easy to sharpen. Now what wowed us is the heat treatment, the G-10 molded handle, a jimping thumb ramp, a lanyard hole, and the kydex sheath that comes with the small yet useful knife. Coming in with a price of about $35, A package that which if it was branded "Made in the USA" would be worth about $80, is not a bad deal.

1 No Tops B.O.B. 2 no tops C.U.B. 3 no of Triple X knives,finally BK2s,the schrades,esee 5s and the like can hardly be called bushcraft knives,they are SURVIVAL knives which,while capable of bushcrafting, anyone will tell you that they are far from the best at bushcrafting... Who wrote this article? ,it seems like the person merely asked a few questions and looked some stuff up on the net but doesn't really know the subject!

9 Victorinox Swiss Army Orange Hunter XT

Victorinox is the oldest knife manufacturer being fourteen years older than KA-BAR even, founded in 1884, Victorinox has perfect the creation of multi tools with a build quality fit for a king and a beautifully polished, sharp steel, strong enough for allie forces through two world wars, and many US soldiers in other wars. The Orange Hunter XT has the build quality of the Swiss Army Classic, built and designed for hard outdoor use and having a warranty that will cover it for almost anything. Using Victorinox's popular INOX steel, you can expect this knife to never rust but the still is fairly soft though when sharpened, it can shave your arm hair without even tugging though due to the fact it is a folder, puts it lower on the list. Available at around $40 being one for a more expensive Victorinox, you also get more steel than most and it also has a low maintenance but the blades still need to be dried and the hinges every now and then, oiled.

10 Leatherman Charge TTI

Yes we have one more multi tool and this one is not one to make fun of. The charge TTI has all you need for a EDC tool including a pocket clip and more minor accessories. The TTI's handles are titanium with a S30V blade that comes with a razor sharp edge. A wood saw with a sharp 90 degree spine that is great for your ferrocerium rod and a diamond file you can use if needed to, to put somewhat of a edge back on one of your other knives and comes with needle nose pliers and much more though it is number ten because even though it comes with all of this, it is the heaviest tool, doesn't have to much of a comfortable handle for long term use, the tools you'll use the most are on a hinge and it cost around $150.

The Contenders
11 ESEE 4

This knife has the best warranty in the business, holds an edge very well and 1095 is great outdoor steel this knife is also light weight,but can perform heavy jobs also comes with a great sheath it is my every day carry knife that I go to for countless task. Hambone 73

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