Top Ten Hotels and Casinos On the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas has been a part of American history for decades. From appearances in movies, entries in books, and general stories told around the office watercooler, Las Vegas has captivated the imaginations of people all over the world.

While some people try to avoid the crowds and hustle of "the strip", there is something magical about feeling like you're a part of history.

Below are the best hotels and casinos located on the Las Vegas Strip that are worth staying in. You might pay a little more but the experience is worth it.
The Top Ten
1 Bellagio

Between the water fountains out front and the decadence within, the Bellagio defines Vegas gluttony and extravagance. You'll feel like royalty from the first step through the doors.

The lobby and fountains are cool. Even though I don't really care for gardens and flowers, I find the conservatory cool.

2 The Mirage
3 Luxor

You can see the signature spotlight from miles away, and it's inviting you to come and have a great time in this Egyptian-themed palace.

4 Excalibur

Ever seen knights jousting in real life? How about a sword fight while you eat a leg of lamb? This is your place. There are plenty of options for the kids while you play the one-armed bandits.

5 New York New York
6 Treasure Island

Everything about this place is fun. Pirates, food, shows galore! It also acts as a great starting point on one end of the Strip to walk and see the rest.

The pirate decor is all gone now. It's all adult stuff now. They've built a CVS there. They still have that ship from the former Sirens show.

7 Aria at City Center

Tucked into a group of high-rises, the Aria is perhaps the most technologically advanced hotel on the Strip. It has great amenities - the pool area is amazing - and your room feels like it's from the future.

8 Caesars Palace

One of the original and largest casino/hotels on the Strip, you could get lost for days wandering the shops and attractions this place has to offer.

I hate shopping, but I loved exploring the Forum Shops.

9 Venetian

Another great hotel and casino that will leave you both energized and relaxed. A truly royal experience awaits you.

10 Mandalay Bay
The Contenders
11 Tropicana

For a taste of the nostalgic, try a stay at the Tropicana. Even though this Vegas fixture is a part of history, you won't feel like you're in antiquated digs.

12 Rio
13 Flamingo
14 MGM Grand

Not just for boxing events, the MGM Grand offers a full Wizard of Oz experience that is worth the trip by itself.

15 Paris
16 Circus Circus

The only reasons to go here are to play several of their carnival games and to ride on several rides at the Adventuredome. I wouldn't ever want to stay here at night since it can feel quite unsafe and creepy.

You'll see more security guards at the casino than gamblers, and several people have been knifed and shot in here.

17 The Palms
18 Planet Hollywood
19 Monte Carlo

Food, food, and more food! The Monte Carlo offers both great eats and amazing rooms, all at a price you can afford.

20 Palazzo
21 Vdara
22 Trump Hotel
23 Stratosphere
24 Wynn

The Wynn is the best. Its golf course is incredible.

25 Hard Rock Hotel
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