Top Ten Cartoon Characters That Should Fight Each Other


The Top Ten

1 Stan Smith and Peter Griffin

Homer and Peter already faught each other, so this is the best idea - Martinglez

Peter would win hopefully I bet 10m pounds on Peter! - RockStarr

2 Stewie Griffin and Dora the Explorer

Stewie will obliterate Dora. - KalloFox34

STEWIE: there's only one baby for this town and that's me bitch
DORA: Stewie don't kill me! Stewie don't kill me! Stewie don't kill me!
STEWIE: Oh rats forgot to load yn gun
DORA: Phew
STEWIE: oh well I'll just use my sword
STEWIE: Mwahahaa!

The End. - RockStarr

3 Squidward and Mrs. Puff

Squidward: I hate SpongeBob more
Mrs Puff: no I hate SpongeBob more!
Squidward And Mr. Puff: GR! - RockStarr

4 Bender and Patrick Star
5 Meg Griffin and Peppa Pig

Meg's been shown to be kind of tough at times - KalloFox34

Meg will win anyway

6 Pinky and Brain
7 Cosmo and Beudeuce
8 Beavis and Butthead
9 Scooby Doo and Brian Griffin

Which dog is better? VOTE NOW! - RockStarr

10 Bugs Bunny vs Daffy Duck

The Contenders

11 Hank Hill and Mr. Anderson
12 Roger Smith and Brian Griffin
13 Meg Griffin and Hayley Smith
14 Bobby Hill and Stewart Stevenson
15 Francine Smith and Lois Griffin
16 Patrick Star and Cosmo

Cosmo would more likely win because he has magic and is immortal. On the other hand, which one is smarter is pretty debatable. - KalloFox34

Not the TopTenners the characters - RockStarr

17 Buttercup and Rainbow Dash

Rainbow stomps

18 Dora the Explorer and Herbert the Pervert
19 Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin

They already fought before

20 Robin (TTG) and Garnet
21 Eric Cartman and Bart Simpson
22 Peter Griffin and Dora The Explorer
23 Dora The Explorer and Swiper The Fox
24 Peppa Pig and George Pig
25 Randy Marsh and Peter Griffin
26 Caillou And Dora The Explorer
27 Dora the Explorer and Angelica Pickles
28 Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny
29 Donald Duck and Daffy Duck
30 Fuli and Peppa Pig
31 Steven Universe and Star Butterfly
32 Snow White and Cinderella
33 Fluttershy and Bubbles
34 Fluttershy and Starfire
35 Riley Andersen and Miguel Rivera
36 Steven Universe and White Diamond
37 Elsa and Jack Frost
38 Thanos and Goku

Goku would probably win, so I'd love to see this!

39 Danny Phantom and Shego
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