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1 The Third Wheel

I'm sorry man but this is easily the 2nd worst book only being beaten by The Getaway. You should know that the dance was over in just 20 PAGES. you know, the event that the book has been building up to until then? however, Jeff made the decision to include meaningless fluff (I mean, did we really need the Spriggo's and Corny's pages? or uncle garry? what does he even do in this book anyway?) this was also a greg torture book (which might be good or bad to you, but personally, it just felt unclean to me.) overall. this book is bad. end of story.

According to the Publisher's Note that every element in every book (like this book) is fiction. It was'nt based on a true event and it's only in the author's mind.

But the scene where Gregory spent his childhood at Susan's womb is unexplainable for every doctors. But like what the publisher said, it's fiction you know.

Greg exaggerated his childhood to make him look smarter. He says that whenever his parents kissed, he would kick because he wasn't comfortable when they did that... IN HIS MOM'S womb. Impossible.

2 The Ugly Truth

I hate how this is centered around puberty. Everybody goes through it. Sowhat he is slow, so am I, and many other people. Gosh, if Kinney really wanted introduce sex jokes, then maybe he shouldn't have started targeting a younger audioence as of book 3. Plus, all of the characters are extremely flanderized. AND, he purposely gradually making the time frame per book shorter. It went from 9 months, to 4, to 3, to 2, to ONE WEEK!

This Book IS COMPLETE CRAP!, The most boring scene was the appearance of the MOST character in all the history of the BOOKS, Isabella, who watches Drawn Together (that is very famous because of the pornographic content) and South Park (that is very famous of his racist content and parodies of very famous cartoon characters of cartoons like The Simpsons and Mickey Mouse) AND SMOKES DRUGS!.

This is the worst and most boring book in all the series and I like that in some time Greg and Holly Hills have sex

3 Cabin Fever

Greg seems to be much younger in this book than the previous. It seems like it should be a prequel, but there is also a small bit of evidence against this, and it is never mentioned by the author. There is minimal plot and bad humour. Trying to reach a younger audience was a bad idea of Jeff Kinney. This is an insult to the series. I hope that in Third Wheel, he is at least as mature as in the recent DWK books before this, and they have a better plot than most of the series. That is important for the concept of the next book.

After reading the description on the back, or blurb, I only cared about what was happening on the blurb, but when I read it, it made no sense! I didn't really enjoy it, since it seems like Greg is not being too mature. I mean, Net Kritterz is based of Webkinz, which is for little kids, and baby alfredo? Honestly, I did not enjoy it.

This one is my personal favorite - It blends the good of the first five, while combining, and not overdoing the humor of the recent books. I don't blame Jeff for what he did after this, because this book is hard to top.

4 Hard Luck

This book is pretty awful. It's plot is very badly constructed. It lacks continuity (In the earlier books, Greg had a ton of friends, like Chirag Gupta and Manuel Gonzales, for example, but all he had here was Rowley.), and it's jam-packed with filler. The first three quarters are just about bad stuff happening to Gred, and the last quarter is just Greg doing schoolwork and using his Magic 8 Ball to do his decisions, and a pretty weakly done ending. The only good thing about this book was the introduction of the Mingo clan, which could make for great antagonists in later books.

This book was the worst in the series, it was not horrible. But it was not nearly as good as the other books in the series.

I actually liked this book. It was a massive improvement to the previous one, and the plot was actually interesting.

5 The Last Straw

It has one of the weakest antagonist in the series and it just isn't as good as the other books in the series.

Don't know why, but this one is my least favorite, and yet, I was hooked. This just proves how awesome these books are!

"I love all of these books but none have had me laghing so much that in school when any one said the name I cracked up. Its not the best but I recomend it."

6 Rodrick Rules

Really liked it. Better than the first.

I personally like it.
"I cannot tell a lie."

Hey this one is my favorite...

7 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This is not the worst. It is the book that started the trilogy, and I feel that in this book, Greg actually cares about his friendship (mostly) with Rowley instead of with the newer books.

Horrible Jokes. However this was Jeff Kinney's first book in the series so it wasn't that bad but still I HATE this book for some reason. My friend loves it.

It's a very good book. It's definitely better than Rodrick rules and Cabin fever

The funniest book of Wimpy kid ever

8 Dog Days

there was a strange amount of gross humour in here that the last 3 books didn't have. such as the shower guys and some kid vomiting. other then that. the plot is pretty boring with Greg being a MASSIVE idiot near the end when he called the cops on his own DAD. I know he did some stupid stuff before, but he wasn't THAT dumb. other things includes sweetie being lost potential, filler (mostly when greg went to some cabin with Rowley and his parents. overall, yeah I consider this to be the first "bad" Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book. I'm just glad Jeff toned down the gross humour after this.

The book is boring, but the movie is sooo much better. The only example of a movie book adaptation that was actually better than the book.

I don't like it. The movie did not help, either.

9 The Long Haul

The Long Haul is awful, and it begins the trilogy of the Wimpy Kid books where Jeff K. was all about pleasing his younger audiences. First of all, bringing the Pig into the story was an awful decision. How did Manny manage to speak fluent Spanish when the lessons weren't even on for very long? And how the hell did that small little minivan bring a huge boat with them? That's probably against the law, as if they turn it could hit another driver... this book is so awful and deserves to be at least at #10.

I figured a lot of people would have lost respect for this installment because of the movie (I was neutral to the movie but I can understand why everyone hates it). However I kinda liked the book version. It was a nice change for the setting to take place during the holidays as opposed to at school and over a few days as opposed to several months. The jokes were good too in my opinion, so yeah, not bad.

10 Double Down

Absolute mess of a book. No story at all, it felt just little snippets of story put together and random unrelated stories. There was no direct buildup, a very messy explanation, and the story had some really bad character development. The maddox kid did not play any factor to the story at all besides just being there. That was utter filler, one of the worst things a story can have. And the whole recording a movie part was so rushed and boring, it just appeared at the end, while it should've been a more serious part (It was described in the back of the book).
A book suited for third graders who have no taste and think any book is good.

The series is now selling out. Not from bookstores, but in a writer's perspective. The story is now lazy and plotless, but Braindead kids will still buy the book, because they're not influenced by negative media yet.
Double Down, as far as I'm concerned, would have worked better if the author has confirmed that this was an Anthropology. Small stories put into a book.
The series has dropped off tremendously since Book 6. Book 8 was a slight improvement, and so was Book 10. That was an enjoyable book.
Book 12, the Getaway, looks like a remastered version of The Long Haul, considered the worst at this point because of the movie. The series has to end. Or Kinney can keep selling out.

The Contenders
11 Old School

Not out yet, but this will be terrible. Here's what I think1 8/10 - A good start to the series, but the Cheese Touch game at school gets annoying.2 8.5/10 - An even better book, but not the best in the series.3 9/10 - The only bad thing about this book is the reason why his Dad wanted to send him to Military school.4 8/10 - Whatever the crap happened to this good series. Gets worse just like SpongeBob and Metallica, both were good at first, but are now so terrible, nobody can stand them.5 5/10 - The point where the book goes downhill. It is also the most inappropriate, and Greg is an idiot saying that he doesn't need someone telling him its not cool to smoke.6 7/10 - The point when things start to get boring and every entry goes from 1-3 pages to 40 pages, and Greg talks more about crap than the good stuff in the first 4 books.7 6.5/10 - Contains the last good moment in the series, where he brought his dad's leather jacket to school and his MOM came in and made him wear her winter coat.8 6/10 - The worst book in the series since The Ugly Truth disaster.9 2.07/10 - Only takes place for 6 days, and Manny is an idiot.10 3/10 - The series is terrible, I own the first 9 books, and I'm probably not going to get this next one.

12 The Getaway

Worst of the series. An atrocious book.

I hate this for life because Greg is going on a horrible trip just like The Long Haul.

Stupid, why is that street member in a chapter book?

Awful generic overrated trash!

This is when Jeff Kinney want to make more bad DOAWK books.

Also, it has this bad-ass monkey in it.

Have you ever put Wrecking Ball just because this franchise is going downhill? This book is terrible. The Meltdown is also terrible.

Apparently, after they made Wrecking Ball, they might be making another one. NO! DON'T DO IT!

This is one of the strangest executions I've ever seen in terms of rehashing the previous book. The changes made from the previous books are either pointless or stupid. A decent concept botched by sloppy pacing and bland/unlikable characters. The story tries to mix old and new stuff, and comes across as...really weird. Oh, and the director sucks, not only for his development, but possibly the stupidest solution to a problem I've seen in a long time. At least the animation was good.

13 The Meltdown

The book starts with saying that Greg is having a snowball fight, and it only gets stupider from there. One half of the book is a stupid and generic plot that you've seen time and again. It's boring as hell. Why is winter important to other people? The second half of this book is even stupider. So now Greg caused a mess. And now he needs a way to get rid of the mess. He adds non threatening jokes and a pointless snowman of youth to make it dumber. This is GUMMO levels of stupid writing. 90% of the characters contribute NOTHING to the plot. Most of them are there just to be annoying "comic relief" characters and simply waste time. Hell, Rowley, one of the MAIN characters, does very little here. And they give Greg an advice for no apparent reason. Everything about this is just stupid.

It was double down all over again until near the end where it was pretty good. the most mediocre diary of a wimpy kid book yet

14 The Deep End

These books keep getting worse and worse each series, it doesn't have the same charm as the older books from the series. They keep adding new characters that will 100% be forgotten. What happened to characters such as Holly, Chirag, Fregley, and Patty?

Guess what? Jeff Kinney is out of ideas!

But seriously, it's evident that he took The Long Haul and The Getaway and merged them into one book. This is by far the most unoriginal book in the franchise.

15 Wrecking Ball

In my opinion, the main issue with this book is that almost every other word is unnecessarily capitalized, an issue which started to become noticeable since Old School. When I read The Meltdown, I thought too many words were capitalised but oh, I had no idea what was coming in Wrecking Ball! Seriously, what's the point of capitalising the words BREAKFAST or SATISFACTION? I hope Jeff Kinney won't do this again in The Deep End!

16 Diper Överlöde

Honestly not a big fan of this one. I found it a little boring and I wasn't a massive fan of how this one is more of a story told by Greg rather than an actual journal. The ending was a bit lame in my opinion and the entire monkey paw thing was ridiculous. However, I liked how we got to know more about Loded Diper because Drew wasn't even named in the previous books. Overall, I think this is better than Wrecking Ball and The Deep End, but definitely not as good as Big Shot.

17 Big Shot
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