Top 10 Worst Things Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid Has Done

This is a list with some of the worst mistakes Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid has made, be it in books or movies. I would like to thank egnomac for inspiring me to make this list because his lists have a similar structure as this one, and they are quite in depth with its subject matter. You rock man.
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1 Tormented the kindergarteners as a safety patrol member and got Rowley in trouble for it (Diary of A Wimpy Kid book and movie)

In the book, Greg has to walk the kindergarteners home because Rowley had to take a pop quiz. Greg Heffley forgot his raincoat, so Rowley gives Greg his raincoat, and when the latter walks the kindergarteners home, Greg chases them with worms on a stick. Unfortunately, Mrs. Irvine catches Greg tormenting the kindergarteners, but thought Rowley was doing it because of his raincoat. Rowley ended up getting expelled from the saftey patrol as a result and was forced to apologize to the kindergarteners for something he did not do. In the movie, Rowley had Greg walk the kindergarteners home because he did not want to get his arm cast dampened. When Greg is walking the kindergarteners home, he notices a red pickup truck about to drive by him, and he thinks it's the teenagers that tormented him on Halloween. So Greg makes the kindergarteners hide in a manhole so that the teenagers wouldn't see him or the kindergarteners. As it turns out, it wasn't the teenagers driving that red pickup truck, and much like the book, Mrs. Irvine though Rowley was tormenting the kindergarteners and the latter got expelled from the safety patrol. In both the book and movie, Greg tells Rowley the truth, and their friendship went downhill from there. Greg ended up getting expelled from the safety patrol and Rowley was promoted to team capitan.

2 Racked up an expensive smoothie charge on Mr. Jefferson's country club bill (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days book and movie)

In the book, Greg and Mrs. Heffley were in the middle of their Reading Is Fun Club session and Mr. Jefferson stops by their house and informs that his country club bill had an $83 smoothie expense, and holds Greg responsible. Greg had no incentive that you can get charged for ordering things at the country club, and when Greg and Rowley ordered all of those smoothies, they wrote down Mr. Jefferson's account number and didn't think it was a credit card number or anything like that. Come Greg Heffley's birthday, Mrs. Heffley confiscates the former's birthday money to pay off Mr. Jefferson's smoothie bill. In the movie, Greg walks in to the country club without Rowley inviting him, and overhears Mr. Jefferson complaining about the expensive smoothie charge on his bill. When Mr. Heffley comes in to give Greg his sunblock, Mr. Jefferson tells the former about Greg racking up a $260 smoothie charge on his country club bill. Mr. Heffley pays the bill and takes Greg home.

3 Threw apples at Patty Farrell during the drama club's production of The Wizard of Oz (Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and movie)

In both the book and the movie, Greg is casted as one of the trees during the middle school's production of The Wizard of Oz. Barely midway through the play, Greg starts to throw apples at Patty Farrell, who was casted as Dorothy, and that pretty much ruined the show.

4 Played Rodrick's heavy metal CD at full volume while his parents were asleep (Diary of a Wimpy Kid book)

When everyone in Greg's nuclear family goes to sleep, Greg snuck downstairs to play Rodrick's heavy metal CD in the family room's stereo. The music was played at full volume, but Greg's headphones were not plugged into the stereo and that alarms Mr. Heffley, who immediatley scolded at Greg for his wrongdoings and revoked his video game privileges for 2 weeks.

5 Ate nearly an entire gingerbread house that was supposed to be for Christmas Eve dinner (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules book)

In the year prior to the book's timeline, Mrs. Heffley made a gingerbread house and forbid everyone from touching the gingerbread house until Christmas Eve dinner. Impatient as Greg is, he snuck downstairs every night and nabbed a small piece of the gingerbread house so his mother wouldn't notice. He was clueless to how much of the gingerbread house he has eaten until Christmas Eve dinner, where the gingerbread house looks like it was destroyed. As you would expect Mrs. Heffley accused Greg of eating the gingerbread house. He tried to deny it, but it didn't help him out of this situation.

6 Smuggled fake Mom Bucks behind Mrs. Heffley's back. (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules book)

When Greg was at Rowley's house playing board games, he notices some familiar money sticking from one of the board game boxes. He sees that it's the same money that his mother uses for Mom Bucks, and he took all of the money from Rowley's board game. Later in the book, Greg pays Rodrick $20,000 in Mom Bucks to get his old research paper from when he was in middle school. The following day, Mrs. Heffley discovered Greg's counterfeit Mom Bucks when Rodrick attempted to cash in all of the Mom Bucks Greg payed him with for a used motorcycle. Mrs. Heffley's suspicions start to rise because Rodrick has not earned any Mom Bucks on his own. Rodrick directed Mrs. Heffley to Greg's secret stash of Mom Bucks that were hidden in his mattress. Since $100,000 were not put into circulation, Mrs. Heffley confiscated all of Greg's Mom Bucks, both counterfeit and legitimate.

7 Faked having a job at the country club to impress his dad (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days movie)

Greg just came back from the country club, and is informed by his dad that his office is doing a summer internship program, and signed Greg up. Unwilling to accept Mr. Heffley's offer, Greg fibs to his dad that he got a job at the country club when he saw a help wanted sign and a manager hired him on the spot (which is not how job applications work in real life). His Dad believed him, and congratulated Greg for getting a job. The revelation that Greg didn't get a job was when Mr. Jefferson informs Mr. Heffley about the $260 smoothie charge on his country club bill and when Mr. Heffley tells the former that Greg works here, a country club employee chimed in and said that they don't hire minors. In my opinion, Frank should have known that Greg wasn't telling the truth because employees do not get hired the day they apply for a job. Greg was 13 years old during the storyline, making him one year shy from the minimum age requirement for a job. Greg was being vague about what job he got at the country club when he informed his father. Greg was not wearing a name tag, nor was he dressed up for work during the smoothie bill scene. Just another fib that Greg failed to keep under wraps.

8 Called Manny "ploopy" during the Easter sermon at church (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw)

Midway through the sermon at church, Greg decides to call Manny "ploopy", which is a nickname that Manny has called Greg as a way of taking out his frustrations ever since Mr. Heffley threw out Manny's favorite blanket Tingy. When Manny is called "ploopy" by Greg, it's enough for him to bawl so loudly that everyone drew their attention to the Heffleys, even the minister. Shortly afterwards, the Heffleys leave church because of Manny's inability to calm down, and forbid everyone in the nuclear family from using the word "ploopy". You would think that this would show off Manny's double standards, but it's somewhat natural for 3 year old's to not know that they did something wrong until they're punished for it. Basically it was Greg's fault that Manny cried loudly at church and even his mother was mad at him for his wrongdoings.

9 Did a half-assed job mowing Mrs. Canfield's lawn (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days book)

During the story arc where Greg tries to earn money so he can pay off Mr. Jefferson's smoothie bill, Greg and Rowley start the V.I.P lawn service and mow Mrs. Canfield's lawn. Before any of the lawn was mowed, Rowley walked off the job because it seemed like Greg only cared about the profit margin of their business than actual lawn mowing. When Greg mows the lawn by himself, all goes well until the notices dog dropping all over Mrs. Canfields lawn. Then Greg mentions the V.I.P lawn service's strict policy regarding dog excrement, stating that they don't go anywhere near it. So Greg mowed a 10 foot circle around anything that looked suspicious to him. When Greg was finished the lawn, he charged Mrs. Canfield $20 for mowing the lawn, and $10 for designing the flyer. Obviously Mrs. Canfield was reluctant to pay Greg for his lazy work, even after he informed her about the dog waste issue. Greg would have done a better job if it weren't for that strict policy regarding dog waste, and the policy itself seems laughable at face value. It's not like dog waste is capable of damaging the lawnmower's wheels , blades or motors. Greg could have easily cleaned it off from the lawnmower, but it's obviously implied he is too lazy to do so. Also it's not even mentioning that he charged Mrs. Canfield $20 for poor quality lawn mowing and charged her an additional $10 for a flyer she did not ask for.

10 Pretended Chirag Gupta was invisible to get a rise out of him (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules book and movie)

When Chirag Gupta came back to Greg's school, he and a couple of other students pretended he was not here by saying that they miss Chirag or that "it must have been the wind" whenever Chirag talks. The last straw was when Chirag told Rowley during lunch that he can have his corn dog if Rowley acknowledged Chirag's existence. Then Greg told everyone that there was a floating corn dog in the cafeteria and ate Chirag's corn dog in two bites. When Mr. Gupta calls Mrs. Heffley about what Greg did, Greg denies making the joke when he was confronted by his mother, and was forced to apologize to Chirag, which was easier said than done for him. Afterwards, Mrs. Heffley was mad at Greg for lying to her about the joke, and threatened to ground Greg for an entire month if he lied again. The "Invisible Chirag" joke is a plot point in the movie, but Greg doesn't get reprimanded for what he did.

The Newcomers

? Almost get Rowley's dad arrested (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Movie)

Greg was trying to use his Ladybug to reach home, but the home button didn't work, so Greg presses 911 by accident. Later, when the police arrived, Rowley's dad opened the door and the policeman said "He's got a knife!" and tackled Rowley's dad. After that, Frank picked up Greg and took him home.

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11 Broke Rowley’s arm and never apologized for it (Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and movie)
12 Tricked Rowley (Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid)
13 Forget to tell his family or more specifically his father about the spider in the bathroom (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway)
14 Scrape up his dad's brand new car (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever)
15 Fighting Rodrick over a chocolate stain in church (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Movie)

Rodrick placed a chocolate bar on Greg's seat in the car, then their mom covered it up with her sweater for church. Later on, when it was time for the Heffleys to walk to the bima, Rodrick exposed the stain and a little girl thought Greg pooped his pants. Greg tried to tell everyone it is chocolate and licked it, but it grossed out the entire church. Greg and Rodrick beat each other up in front of the church, causing them to be banned from the trip to Rockin' Rapids. If there was no chocolate stain, then Greg and Rodrick would go to Rockin' Rapids.

16 Helped Rodrick at the party (Rodrick Rules Book and Movie)
17 Caring about the video game convention over his family (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Long Haul)
18 Didn’t tell his family about Juice Box (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Deep End)
19 Pranked Rowley by putting a dumbbell under a pillow (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules)
20 Sent an email on Mr. Jefferson's work account (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days book and movie)
21 Put a magazine in Rodrick's backpack and got him grounded (Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie)
22 Escaped the town park as a volunteer for cleaning it and got Billy Rotner in trouble for it (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School)
23 Attempted to marry Heather Hills even though he's way older (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days)
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