Most Dangerous Places In Vienna, Austria

The Places to Avoid in Vienna (Ca. 2 Million People) A Rather Calm City, but there definitely are dangerous Areas too.
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1 Rennbahnweg

Whoever wrote "Avoid the Place, especially near the Underground Station, they kill for a phone." was obviously never in Vienna. There are very few murders in Vienna as a whole. There is no place in Vienna where it isn't much more likely that you will die from a heart attack or stroke than a murder.

Vienna is the city with the highest quality of living in the world for the 6th or 7th year in a row now, and that is for a good reason.

I live in Vienna for 8 years now and ima tell you. Don't go anywhere at night except Graben and 19th district. If you are a tourist 100% avoid Rennbahnweg

Rennbahnweg is located in the North East in the 22nd District. Loads of Brutal Robbers and Burglars, Avoid the Place, especially near the Underground Station, they kill for a phone.

U gonna die there

2 Favoriten

10th District has a very good transport connection with the touristic center which makes it worth considering. Crime rate is low everywhere in Vienna, but unfortunately you can see drug dealers by the train stations in many other districts, too.

The 10th District in the very South. It is the Districts Center, ok at Day Time but Really bad at night Time. Many Stabbings and lots of Drug Trafficking here

Full of drug dealing everywhere. It feels like you are in Africa.

Lol your all crazy there aren't gangs in vienna. I'm from vienna and I can garantuee you that you are safe in every area at day, you should avoid the Praterstern at night though (at day there's lots of tourists there but I wouldn't recommend going there at night)

3 Aspern

It's a part of the 22nd district and actually very dangerous. Numerous of bloody murders, street fights and drug dealers. Watch out there!

Lots of robbery and dangerous people. Most of the restaurants are for washing money. Would definitely not recommend to visit this place

Just don't go there

The only place in the 22nd district that you should stay away from

4 Fünfhaus

A Part of the 15th District in the West. more or less a Dump. Drugs and Gangs here.

5 Simmering

Super dangerous, tons of crime, and BANKRUPT. Don't go there at night. Avoid having cash or any valuables on you. Corrupt police force. Sometimes it's better not to stop when they ask you to. But anyways, Simmering sucks. By the way, if you're moving to the Gasometer, bring a gun... You're gonna need it...

Can confirm the Chechen gang thing. Stabbings and violent muggings every week. The media has stopped reporting it because it has become so frequent. Gasometer area is the worst. You better bring some sort of weapon.

A gun?
I'm living here for 24 years and never heared a gunshot. You are a lier and nothing else.

I remember when we were rreturning from Wien to Bratislava. A Chechen gang was there. Nearly they attacked members of our group

6 Leopoldstadt

Blood thirsty Jews come out and drink the life force of the Goyim in this district. Your wallet will never be safe from them as their thirst for shekels know no bounds. Beware of the evil demonic jew in this area.

Used to be the most dangerous place in the Country but it's calmed down now, still a fatal area though, near Praterstern Station ther is lots of Poverty and Many Homeless People.

There are many gypsies all over the streets at all times including in the middle of the night. They never clean up the messes that they make and just throw their trash onto the side walk or the streets

7 Praterstern

Ok but unpleasant even during the day, in the evening, especially after 8pm when the only large Billa supermarket in Wien is open until 10pm, the place is a hell on Earth. The scum from all over the world is present. Drunks, drogged, dealers, beggars, thiefs, wolfpack like gangs hanging around. This is the heritage of multiculti world we live in... not good

Very dangerous filled with drunken scum bags. No wonder there is a police station right near there.

Lots of gangs

8 Brigittenau

The 20th District. The entire District is a chaos, with the highest rate of Murder in the City, but then again there are nice places as well.

9 Ottakringer Straße

Avoid eye-contact, a wrong look and you get beaten up.

Dangerous at night

10 Karlsplatz
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11 Meidling

Along the Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel, at the border to the 5th District, this Place is terrible with loads of gunshots to be heard and police sirens constantly on. Beware.

12 Großfeldsiedlung

A large area where people live in the North of the 22nd District near Rennbahnweg. Burglars Muggers and Robbers roam around here

It's actually the 21st district. It's a very nice part of Floridsdorf, just like a little town within a big city.

13 Josefstadt
14 Innere Stadt

How can this website allow such crazy lies? Innere Stadt and pot holes? Who is on crack here?
Murderes? Bloodthirsty Jews? Gangs?
Its amazing to me that this nonsense is actually printed here.

Horrible Website, but you know what...
Intelligent educated people know that this is a lot of fake news. And who ever believes all these redicioulas
fantasies deserve to believe it, just stupid radical and bad criminals with probably an mental condition.
Seek help please

Very poor and desolate area. The "murder capital" of Austria. Shootings are common, as are knife fights between rival gangs. Restaurants there are mostly mob meeting places. Avoid at all costs.

There are no paved walkways there. Just dirt, with deep potholes and quicksand. Snakes are common, some venomous. The police are there from 9 to 5. After 5 the strongest man rules.

Yeah, you gonna die there.

15 Hernalser Gürtel

A Road along the 16&17 District, the Gürtel seperates the Inner and the Outer Districts. Poor Part of the City with lots of Crime.

16 Breitensee
17 Heiligenstadt

A Dull Area of the possibly richest District in Vienna, the 19th. Heiligenstadt is in the South of the District, and borders to the 20th. Lots of Muggers here.

18 Schottentor
19 Floridsdorf

A rule of thumb should be to not cross the Danube. There is no real reason to visit the 21. District it's a sad "workers district" without many attractions. Its not dangerous at day but at night you will see the worst people of the city there, its very unlikely that someone is going to physically harm you but burglary is common here. People can be also very unpleasant to Tourist there so I wouldn't ask there an 60 year old Viennese man to help you they are known to be grumpy. But if you want to see where the working class citizen live and want to experience all the different cultures than it could be worth it to visit the 21. District, just get there on day.

20 Wienerberg

Similar to Stockwell in London. Nice Parts and Run Down areas. Not the best place for a walk at night.

21 Ottakring
22 Karl Seitz Hof

21st district. Dangerous place to be

23 Nordrandsiedlung
24 Autokaderstraße
25 Pötzleinsdorfer Straße

In the morning until 6pm it is actually quiet nice but at 8 pm it just turns around a lot of blacks from Nigeria,Sudan,Trinidad etc.
A lot of stabbings between blacks and home invasions ,the black youth are always carrying knives, a lot of stop and search by police and you will see black teenagers wearing ski masks be carefull!

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