Top Ten Classic Examples of Nightmare Fuel from the Tom and Jerry Franchise

The Top Ten

1 Heavenly Puss from Tom and Jerry

Just the premise alone of Tom faced with the possibility of spending an eternity in hell unless he can get Jerry to sign a paper forgiving him for all his past misdeeds is terrifying in enough but adding in the scene in heaven where a bag of kittens where drowned by their owners just makes the episode all the more upsetting. - egnomac

2 The Many Uncanny Faces from Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The characters faces looks like their eating at your soul when you look at them. - egnomac

the funniest thing in this list

3 Tom's Death In The Two Mouseketeers from Tom and Jerry

After Tom fails to stop Jerry and Nibbles from stealing all the food from the banquet that he was suppose to guard we get a scene where Jerry and Nibbles are happily strolling around after stealing food then they see from afar as Tom is being executed thankfully they don't actually see Tom get beheaded but we do see the guillotine drop and Jerry and Nibbles shortly mourn Tom's death then they go back to what they were doing as the happy music plays as the short end. - egnomac

4 Jerry Himself In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse from Tom and Jerry
5 Invasion of the Body Slammers from Tom and Jerry Tales
6 Blue Cat Blues from Tom and Jerry

Put it at #1 because this was the show at it’s darkest

7 Fraidy Cat from Tom and Jerry
8 "Don't you believe it..." from Tom and Jerry
9 The Alley Cats In Mouse in Manhattan from Tom and Jerry
10 Tom Getting Hypnotized in Haunted Mouse from from Tom and Jerry

I love that scene a lot in 1962

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