Top 10 Complimentary Stereotypes

Stereotypes that ironically say good things about the people they are directed towards.

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1 Canadian people are the nicest

At least that's a very good stereotype.

In fact, too nice. Justin Trudeau proves that there is such thing as being "too nice." His extreme kindness is bringing more refugees and terrorists into Canada as well as stripping men of their testosterone. - DoroExploro13

Actually, Trudeau is absolute dictator! He has threatened to deny job-funding to employers with Pro-Life views. - clusium

Yes, their buses even say SORRY when they accidentally crash into other vehicles - xandermartin98

That is so true! Although I've never met any Canadian. - SachiyoHasegawa

2 Japanese people are the best at video games

No wonder why most of their games are famous! You rock Japan! - SachiyoHasegawa

Life isn't about video games!

I thought Koreans were - Dvafan2

They can also be the most annoying...
*cough splatoon cough e-liter lag cough* - mattstat716

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3 British people are the wittiest and funniest

Those crazy Brits - LeiaSkywalker

Sadly not everyone in Britain falls into that stereotype. The stars of TOWIE have as much wit and use as a chocolate fireguard.

Yes, I am both of these things

British comedians are hilarious. Except James Corden and Russell Brand, that is - 445956

4 Germans are the best scientists

Albert Einstein boys. - Not_A_Weeaboo

A bit reminiscent of the "death doctors" from the Holocaust, but still - xandermartin98

Actually Japan has better technology - Dvafan2


5 Russian people are the manliest

Russian women may be manliest in some people's opinions, but they are BEAUTIFUL in their own way.

Even Russian women are the manliest? That's is less surprising!

Well, if the fact that quite a few of them are straight-up BEAR WRESTLERS who are built like the Hulk doesn't convince you, then I personally don't know what will - xandermartin98

When they aren't drunk - Metal_Treasure

6 Black people are the best at basketball

I'm black, and I'm terrible at basketball - BoyGenius234

Unless you put the hoop by a swimming pool... - DoroExploro13

Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Ray Charles, Shaquille O'Neal, Stevie Wonder, 2-Pac, 50 Cent, Notorious BIG, Childish Gambino, Louis Armstrong, Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Will Smith, etc

(edit: this was supposed to also include the rap/jazz/funk stereotype) - xandermartin98

7 Asians make all of the best types of food

Pad thai, curry and rice, stir fry, kalamari, egg rolls, pot stickers, etc - xandermartin98


SUSHI! - listotaku17

The pho king good food pho!

8 Italians live off of pizza, pasta and salami sandwiches

This is me I cnat tell you otherwise. this is so true haha

How is this a positive stereotype - YOSHIA2121

Is this a compliment? - Metal_Treasure

This is true enough for my sister, at least - LeiaSkywalker

9 Brazilian girls have the nicest butts

Google up "Rainbow six siege caviera," and you'll get the idea. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Really? - listotaku17

It’s true - MegaSoulhero

10 French people have the best cuisine

Maybe. Just maybe.

I think that all foods have the best cuisine! 😋

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11 Australian people are the best hunters

What a load of crap about knives. Obviously you know nothing about Australia.

Not all Australians go hunting.

Xandermartin98, what a load of utter rubbish!

Those who learn to hunt would probably learn the best in a place like australia, as well as some dangerous animals, we also have bushland that while uncomfortable, can train someone very nicely to live off the land, as Australian bushland is quite often packed with various kinds of sustenance. - kempokid

12 Asians are smart

Everyone is smart in their own way!

@ElSherlock-I am Asian, and I am very smart, but math is not my best subject

Other people as well as Asians are actually very smart.

I am Asian and I am terrible at math

Why are you saying the same comment? You also said something like this on meanest stereotypes list - ElSherlock

13 Americans are the most patriotic

That's half true.

Too much patriotism isn't good for any country in the world. You should always still be able to see pros and contras, and criticize what needs to be criticized. And you need to be aware that there is more than just your culture. No matter which country it is about, I wouldn't exactly call patriotism an all too positive thing. - Martin_Canine

Ireland is more patriotic. That is a fact, not an opinion.

I think most of us are about 90% patriotic and that adds up to being too patriotic, and stuff? I don't know - LeiaSkywalker

14 French people make the best wine

I thought Italians make the best wine.

15 Japanese people make all of the best animated pornography

You mean hentai?

This is true

16 French people make the best perfumes

Non French celebrities makes very good perfume as well as French people.

17 French people are the best lovers

I don't mean to be rude, but no.

18 Jewish men do not commit rape

I'm a Jew and this is wrong. Harvey Weinstein is a Jew for pete's sake! Same thing with Jared Fogle and Woody Allen - 445956

19 British rock artists are the best

This is true. Queen, Royal Blood, Muse and a bunch of others - LeiaSkywalker

Nah doesn't matter where you're from there are to many awesome rock stars from around the world.

Queen, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Muse and much more great ones! - Userguy44

20 French people are the richest

I never heard of this but I know that people in Luxembourg (a neighboring country) are actually the richest in Europe - Metal_Treasure

Which is also why they waste so much money on fashion shows and the like (very unfortunate but true nonetheless) - xandermartin98

21 Women do not commit rape


Women are just as bad as men.

Nicht richtig! - BorisRule

NOT TRUE - 445956

This is a list of "Complimentary Stereotypes", meaning that this isn't someone spouting this out as fact. In other words, don't take a list on STEREOTYPES so seriously. - The_Crimson_King

22 Black people make all of the best rap, jazz and funk music

Great list, which is unusual for you. - BorisRule

Because they INVENTED it - xandermartin98

23 All of the best vehicle engineers are German
24 Autistic people are the most creative

I'm Autistic and I'm very creative!

This is true for me. I write stories and scripts. - Ilovestephanie

Um well kinda

25 Nerds are always smart

Nobody should EVER be labelled a nerd! - clusium

26 Japanese people have all of the most advanced and ambitious technology

It's not only Japan but South Korea too. - SachiyoHasegawa

27 Black people are the least racist

Some Blacks are racist, some not. It depends.

How many black people in recent years say that police are purposely killing black people, saying that if you don't support them makes you racist. it is actually a fact that blacks are just as racist as whites - RustyNail

Okay, that's just not true.
I don't care if I'm called out for saying this; but that's a double standard. - mattstat716

Back in the 50s, that's the truest thing ever.
Now it is not true. I'm not being racist. - 445956

28 Louisiana makes the best fried chicken on the planet

Can't help but laugh

Popeyes: Louisiana fast! - Not_A_Weeaboo

Especially African American! 😂

29 South Koreans are good at video games (especially Starcraft)

And league of legends. - Not_A_Weeaboo

30 Gays are kind

Gay people can be full of themselves.

This statement is completely DISCRIMINATORY!

It's a shame this stereotype is false, I've seen some very rude gay people before.

Believe me... I have heard this phrase so often. - Martin_Canine

31 Germans love the 80s

How is this a complementary stereotype? I don't get it!

32 Women are more mature than men

More likely true, but it depends!

So true it's hilarious (and this is coming from a guy).

SEXIST - 445956

33 Singaporeans are the richest

Case in point, Crazy Rich Asians - PerfectImpulseX

34 Black men look best when bald

Not really.

35 Italians are the toughest and strongest people

In a very arrogant and just as aggressive as an Italian stereotyped group.

Damn right we are! - LeiaSkywalker

Yes, My Half-Italian father (Born in Australia) would yell at me for not finding a pen! I needed to do my homework! He wouldn’t help me find it. He just made fun of my organisation when they’re mum’s pens NOT MINE! and another time I was eating a sausage and it was COVERED in tomato sauce (ketchup) and he called me a wuss for not liking having that much tomato sauce (ketchup) on my sausage. Italians are tough but too tough their parenting sucks worse than having an Asian dad

36 Mexicans make the best foods

Tacos, Burritos, Sopas, Horchatas, Takis - Not_A_Weeaboo

37 Furries are creative and good artists

What - LeiaSkywalker

Absolutely! #FurryNation represent!
Check out my new subreddit r/BreadTapedToTrees

38 Asians are good at maths

Not true. I’m Asian and math is my ABSOLUTE worst subject at school

Dude, we get it! You're bad at math and you're Asian. Jeez, you're not a parrot. - BorisRule

39 Germans are very sexual
40 Swedish people are beautiful

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

41 Chinese people are the best at martial arts

NOT TRUE. I am Chinese and I don't know martial arts

42 Canadians say eh after everything
43 Men are funnier than women

I'm a woman and I think this is TRUE.

44 Men are stronger than women

There are plenty of beautiful women in the world who are either just as strong, or other wise, more stronger than men.

45 Women are better housekeepers than men

This is true!

46 Asians all know Kung Fu

NOT TRUE. I'm Asian and I don't know martial arts

47 French people are the sexiest

American guys are very sexy.

48 Jewish people are the smartest with money

What about Asians? They are ALWAYS obsessed with saving money.

49 Germans make the most high-quality products
50 Black people are the best stand-up comedians

Ahem, John Mulaney anyone? - LeiaSkywalker

Nah, British people are. So what about Lenny Henry, he's a black british comedian - 445956

Assuming Samuel Jackson's role as Jules in Pulp Fiction counts, him too - xandermartin98

Not really true. - mattstat716

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1. Russian people are the manliest
2. Germans are the best scientists
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1. Canadian people are the nicest
2. British people are the wittiest and funniest
3. Japanese people have all of the most advanced and ambitious technology

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